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  1. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the three guys who group spawned at customs during the full moon a few hours ago and all simultaneously bumbled around while I took 3 straight minutes to pump you all with 43 9mm grach rounds and killed you all, thank you for the boost of confidence. I needed that after getting smeared by silenced m4's all day.
  2. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Again, as everyone is saying, BSG need a professional speaker to come with and discuss the game fluently and concisely. Still have much faith in the team but their communication is sorely lacking both in presentations and between patches. 10 minutes is plenty of time to explain almost all of EFT and answer some questions as long as the individual is prepared to do so. Nikita and team have way too much going on to prepare to that level. PLEASE BSG, for your own sake get a pitch man. Great stuff and keep up the good work regardless EFT is great.
  3. PP-19-01 Vityaz submachinegun

    Sounds like we will be seeing this in the next beta patch that brings in quests! Kleann had stated on his stream today.
  4. [DISCUSSION] - FOV and It's Pros / Cons

    As a 3440x14440p player I find 90-100 to be a really nice spot for my FOV and I would love for EFT to support that. Anything higher and the game starts to look silly to me. It is possible for the developers to increase the FOV and have it NOT effect the zoom level of optics on the weapon as simply as setting hard locked FOV's when aiming down sights like DayZ switched to a few updates ago. But the way that the camera is working currently in EFT makes is so that the shoulders of the player are visible past a certain FOV. That is what is holding back the FOV here not this Ultrawide advantage debate.
  5. M4A1

    That's good enough for me! Thanks for the confirmation.
  6. 2560X1080

    I'm still below post limit so I couldn't make this topic earlier, but I had the same question for 3440 x 1440p. Really hope that'll make it in if not already.
  7. Welcome to EFT - Introduce yourself

    Excellent music taste man! I'm a fellow new-waver myself. ʢ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ʡ I'm just here for the cheeki breeki comradeship and eventually the alpha forums for some more on topic stuff <3
  8. Walkie-Talkies real sounds

    I like how this sounds in Insurgency when teammates are away from you and use their PTT.. Simulates that "radio sound" and keeps it immersive.
  9. Alpha testing, first wave started!

    That's only logical considering we are getting a fraction of the gameworld to play and I highly HIGHLY doubt we'd see them add everything in that amount of time. This isn't supposed to be some glorified demo, and if it is then we have larger communication issues at hand than we already do. Alpha phase = every second of its existence until the feature set is locked.
  10. Alpha testing, first wave started!

    Can someone clarify why we assume the alpha is going to end other than when the game eventually enters beta??
  11. I feel disappointed - EOD and waves thing

    This is the main issue here. Waves are one thing but mixing up lower tier packages among the EOD people goes completely against the pack's wording, no matter their date of purchase. No one in their right mind would infer what the developers have now set as their mode of operation for rolling in the alpha participants.
  12. When will the alpha be released?

    Source? Being able to play this weekend would be awesome, but I expected to wait way longer. EDIT. Ahh, too good to be true..
  13. EoD Family !

    Sup yall! Can't wait to squash some bugs and help polish this game up
  14. M4A1

    Choosing USEC just to be proficient with this beast. I wonder, will we be able to swap out the upper and lower receivers for others like this?
  15. Forum Game [Story time?]