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    0.10 patch WIP

    One more step to make the game more skill and less randomness based is to remove the restocking feature and the limited amount of units which you can buy per item. The best ammo of the relevant calibers usually gets sold out within seconds during prime time. This makes it more a lottery about who gets the good ammo and is not skill based. It relies on factors like latency to the server and usage or non usage of buying macros. The ones who do not get the good ammo are at a massive disadvantage in every fight. And not everybody can log in during the middle of the night just to buy some additional ammo. Also a fixed number of items available per restock completely ignores the different levels of demand based on player population. A number might be enough if 10,000 people play the game, but might be extremly short to provide ammo for 100,000 people playing the game. Just remove limited availability/restocking alltogether. There is no skill in it.