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  1. PhoQ

    Two quest suggestions

    Classic escort. Vendor wants to extract his scav buddy, so you need to locate him (wandering) and engage him with in game comms so he doesn't shoot you in the face immediately. Then extract with him to the exit. You could use this for various other questions, such as deliver item to scav buddy, etc. Second idea: While in the middle of a raid, everyone gets the same text from a vendor "hey, i need x thing. it can be found here x. reward for whoever brings it back". Something to encourage everyone still in raid to gather to one location and fight. I wouldn't make it EVERY raid, maybe one in 5 or one in 10 raids. Could also send this to player scavs too. Make it high risk high reward. Ok a third idea...the existing quests where you place a marker and wait 30 seconds. When you place it, it should spawn scavs that KNOW you've place it and now are trying to kill you. It would make the "defending" the marker more better.
  2. Where is the appropriate place to report cheaters/hackers? Encountered my first one today
  3. PhoQ


    Will it be possible in the future to free look more than now? At the very least the character should be able to look 90 degrees, preferably more.. It also needs a sensitivity setting.
  4. PhoQ

    Sight bug

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum. I did not see a bug specific forum. I won't explain the bug, see if you can guess in the screenshot