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    Post Release Wipes Thoughts?

    Once we have all the content, traders and skills. In my opinion It would be in the games best interest for the leveling process to become significantly slower. If it fell in line with more traditional mmo/rpgs in regards to leveling it will keep players around much longer.
  2. Abulimicsumo

    Idea for leveling up (general)

    So what about when your character dies in raid? The timer resets? So you could play two hours and if you survived you could just do hatches runs/suicide?
  3. It does spawn in the third floor of factory. Right below the jacket that is hanging to the left of the door. Seen it there several times.
  4. Abulimicsumo

    FENCE item duplication?!

    The influx of armor at fence is directly proportional to the new changes in how armor is repaired.
  5. Abulimicsumo

    Maps are useless now

    I believe when people were able to choose the spawn there was a chance for there to be too many pmcs spawned into one side of the map. Leaving one side a deathmatch and he over side a ghost town. For example having 10 people spawning on Riverside on shoreline. Leaving village a ghost town
  6. Abulimicsumo

    caught two scumbags glitching

    Wait for it...
  7. Abulimicsumo

    dying of dehydration in 60 mins

    Time is supposed to be sped up by about X7. I would assume running around with armor a helmet, a rifle and a backpack for 7 hours would deplete your body’s water supply substantially. The mechanic is most likely a place holder but definitely needs some polishing regardless.
  8. Abulimicsumo

    Deployment Alert Sound

    Glad it is not just me.
  9. Abulimicsumo

    Ragman stole my backpacks!

    Hey. You can drag and drop the desired items.
  10. Abulimicsumo

    Official Trading Thread

    PM sent
  11. Abulimicsumo

    Cannot loot Rigs, Packs, or Armor/helmet

    Definitely a bug, there is no skill that dictates if you are permitted to take certain things from the dead. Does it flash? Or snap back in place? I have had those two things happen on rare occasions. But it has never happened two raids in a row. You should consider submitting a ticket, and reinstalling the game.
  12. Abulimicsumo

    car batteries...where?

    Go to interchange, and search the supermarkets. specifically OLI is where I frequently find them on shelves. I have had more luck towards the back of the stores if that helps.
  13. Abulimicsumo

    #rip tarkov

    Ubisoft shill detected.
  14. Abulimicsumo

    Registered Game Question

    If you upgraded (paid the difference between Standard and EOD editions) then you will not receive another key, your key is simply upgraded. You must reset your profile (and lose all current progress and items) to get access to the benefits of the upgraded edition. Unless you bought the EOD edition separately instead of upgrading. In that case you should receive a new key.
  15. Abulimicsumo

    Trading for dogtags broken?

    I am pretty sure you have to drag and drop the dog tags into the “fill” area one at a time.