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  1. AdhesiveTeflon

    How to properly use a flashlight

    The AI will react to a flashlight shining in their face. It'll give you a few moments to aim before they leg meta you.
  2. AdhesiveTeflon

    How to properly use a flashlight

    1.) Mount 3 to saiga shotgun 2.)???? 3.) profit
  3. AdhesiveTeflon

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    @J-McIntosh LOLOLOL
  4. AdhesiveTeflon

    What is realistic gameplay ?

    You get shot and it actually hurts you. That'll make you second guess your movements.
  5. LOL my friend knows when I die. My neighbors probably know too.
  6. Then stop talking like it's hard to get roubles in this game and that you need to spend time to get anything.
  7. AdhesiveTeflon

    Why do Tglass (Tactical Glasses) Weigh 1kg!?

    I'm surprised when I come across a player with the yellow goggles. I was playing shoreline against a friend of mine and he was wearing them....and as you can imagine what happened next.
  8. AdhesiveTeflon

    Where to find Gzhel armor?

    I've noticed scavs spawn with them ALOT more this patch than before. I've found 5 this weekend (not including forts.)
  9. Shoot. I made over two million rubles in one day with a silenced vepr with a PT-06 sight, and a paca. If you guys can't do that then I don't know what to say. I'm not even that good in this game and I probably spent more on water bottles than on ammo.
  10. I don't mind the loading screen. I just look at instagram models :). I would love them to fix the massive performance issue with shoreline though.
  11. AdhesiveTeflon

    This game is too ********* hard

    Google up a map and pull it up on your phone or secondary monitor. This is a must for learning, especially when you don't have somebody experienced to help you. Turn your monitor gamma/brightness up, make sure you pack some fluids, go into woods, customs, or shoreline at night in offline mode, and learn how the scavs operate. Then pop off a few rounds at them while you're at range so you can see how they react when shot at. Then get closer so you'll see how they react to you being in their line of sight. You'll start picking up scav patterns so you can adjust your gameplay style when you're online. Then go online into a night raid with fluids, and with the knowledge of your offline scav exhibition, wait in a bush by some scavs. Not to close so you'll get spotted by them and not to far that you can't see anything. And then just observe. Maybe pop off a few rounds if you're willing but try not to engage if you can't kill your target in a few clean shots because chances are, they'll massacre you.
  12. AdhesiveTeflon

    Face hit box

    No, not all face shots are fatal in real life, but they hurt like hell if they don't kill you. Shoot, you might want to be dead if your survive a face shot but I can guarantee you that you'll be out of whatever fight you're in if you survive a face shot. The game does implement a blacked out head at least if you survive a few shots to the dome with a helmet. Do you really want the devs to develop a physics system from scratch that will take into account the trajectory of the round in and through the face when they can't even get the performance in shoreline working properly? But again, the face is the face and the game is a game. It's not like the face hit box is magically bigger or smaller for two different players that don't have helmets. You're also playing with a bunch of people who have most likely played shooters in the past where they've gotten used to aiming at the face with a mouse and keyboard, sitting safely in their chairs in front of a computer. They've conditioned themselves to aiming at the face because they're used to it.
  13. AdhesiveTeflon

    Face hit box

    Still not understanding why face hit boxes need to be smaller. A face is a face and the face hit box should encompass the face. Kind of like, ya know, a real face? If I get shot in the face I don't expect my arm to take damage. Your arguments are on why people aim for the face. If people aim for the face in a game then let it be. It's not real life, you're not fighting for your life in a game where one round shot can guarantee a lot of pain if you're not dead. If you want to aim center of mass, then you aim center of mass.
  14. AdhesiveTeflon

    Spawn Killing by Same Team

    That would actually be helpful so I don't have to run around shoreline to kill scavs.