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  1. AdhesiveTeflon

    Is Playclaw allowed?

    At the moment, yes. In the future, unknown. It's almost impossible to enforce since there's a lot of monitors that are coming out with built-in options to enable crosshairs.
  2. AdhesiveTeflon

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    Starting this late into a wipe is hard for somebody that's new to the game. You're probably going to have to run 7.62PS on an AKM to win firefights with anybody that has armor.
  3. AdhesiveTeflon

    high end guns mean nothing

    I raise you one woods raid at night with no NVGs, we'll see how well that saiga does .
  4. AdhesiveTeflon


    Call in an airstrike. Have them send all the bombs.
  5. AdhesiveTeflon

    Comtac Skill

    Covert moment already does this, but not exclusive to comtacs.
  6. AdhesiveTeflon

    The BIG Wipe

    Fort/M4 ALL the PMCs!
  7. AdhesiveTeflon

    Vaulting jumping system should be considered

    Maybe the PMC has little legs?
  8. AdhesiveTeflon

    Bushes and Bravo scope

    Bravo scope actually is the way it should look on a rifle with a long buttstock like the RSASS.
  9. Nothing like running into a group of Gen4 or fort players and you only have an MP5. Time to run! LOL.
  10. Both videos show SMGs that fire a 9mm pistol round with the exception of the HK33 that only fires a 5.56. Both videos show a range of well under 40m (131ft.) It looks like they're at a range of no more than 15M (50ft). Regardless, the SMGs are 30 round mags and hit 7 bottles in a line that aren't moving and the people shooting look fresh and not like they've been holding up a full size carbine or assault rifle for hours on end either. Hitting a human sized target at 100m on full auto is possible, but that doesn't mean it's efficient. "Hitting" being the key word here. For an actual PMC, hitting a target at 100m with at least one round out of a 30-round magazine shouldn't be an issue. For the normal person...well....some people can't even aim inside a toilet/urinal.
  11. AdhesiveTeflon

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    Ummm maybe don't get shot in the head? An SKS or VEPR you grab off a scav will have the same outcome.
  12. This time you were actually semi on-point. Stresses of combat =/= a game. All the videos you've shown were all out of combat. You're right that the recoil looks "manageable" in the middle of the magazine dump because our bodies get used to the recoil and thus we compensate for it. Not all modern militaries use rifles that are full auto. The US military hasn't had a standard-issue full-auto rifle since the first generation of the M16 back in vietnam specifically because it's a waste of ammo. Instead they have squad and platoon-level automatic weapons and the standard issue M16/M4 in single/burst fire. Note: standard issue. The guys that get the cool full-auto stuff aren't your basic infantry and normally don't have the resources available to carry a squad/platoon level full auto MG. The SALVO study in WW2 is based off weapons, ammo, training and tactics that are getting to be a century old. The only thing that from that era that's still in use today is the M2 .50cal and 1911, both with generations of upgrades. The guy "happily emptying a 100 round magazine roughly on target" is assuming they're just dumping it into a sand berm at 10m like most outdoor ranges. Most combat engagements nowadays are at 300m or longer that EFT can't properly display at the moment and that's a HUGE difference. Full auto doesn't really jump left/right as much as it does up, but the majority of recoil compensation is done by our bodies and how we react to it. Obviously the more experience the shooter is the better they will manage the recoil. This is where I think EFT has right, that the rounds flying are true to where the barrel is pointing unlike most games having a cone (in an extreme case: Counter Strike.) Since most engagements in this game seem to be 50M or less like shown in the videos and GIFs you have in your page, I think the affects of full auto fire in the game is fine.
  13. We had something similar called an E-LBV (Enhanced Load-Bearing Vest) that is issued out to everybody but not once have I seen or heard it used since the Vietnam war. Still gotta include it on the packing list though for some dumb reason.....
  14. AdhesiveTeflon

    Update Gamma wipe?

    It's happened before earlier this year where numerous profiles were wiped either by accident or because the data was corrupted. Try putting in a bug report and see if anything gets done.
  15. There's bad magazines that made it through quality control, but I don't think I've ever ran across magazines were I ever had to think "I wonder if this is going to jam on me." No better feeling like drinking 4 boxes of warm milk.