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  1. AdhesiveTeflon

    like wtf is this garbage game

    At least you were able to load the game. I can't even get in a raid without a 50/50 chance of crashing and not even letting me restart or shut down my PC. The lack of QA/QC is astonishing.
  2. AdhesiveTeflon

    Quest ruin the game/fun

    The quests do get annoying to do wipe after wipe, but I understand why they're in there - even if the flea market makes some of the item-related quests obsolete.
  3. AdhesiveTeflon

    Average Wait Time For Upgrade?

    I thought so too, but with the way things are looking, I wouldn't doubt if some accounts still needed to be reset.
  4. AdhesiveTeflon

    Average Wait Time For Upgrade?

    Reset your account in your profile.
  5. AdhesiveTeflon

    Shoreline is DEAD

    I'm always hearing massive fighting in/around resort during days raids in the hours when people are home from school/work. Night raids are always barren though.
  6. AdhesiveTeflon

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    Anybody who says camping is a problem shouldn't be playing this game.
  7. AdhesiveTeflon

    FPS or performance limiter used by BSG?

    Because the difference of FPS between two players isn't the cause of the issue.
  8. AdhesiveTeflon

    FPS or performance limiter used by BSG?

    Part of the performance for the online raids depends heavily on the server performance during that raid. The only thing you can really do is to lower your graphical settings and hope for the best.
  9. AdhesiveTeflon

    Dynamic prices are rushed

    Either buy items at a premium because the player is unable to find it in raid or continue to try to find the items needed in raid or buy at normal price from a trader.
  10. AdhesiveTeflon

    Performance Issues

    I have a I5-8600K, 32GB RAM, and a 2080 at 2K res and I struggle to stay above 90fps on all low in shoreline.
  11. Yes it can be used. Whether it's morally right or not is up to you.
  12. AdhesiveTeflon

    Killed by invisible scavs?

    Yes. I was lucky my teammate was with me because he could see a scav at shoreline's road to custom's extraction when I couldn't. I also noticed during that raid I was getting a lot of object not rendering code errors in the console.
  13. AdhesiveTeflon

    An example of why I'm leaving the game

    Factory - where you can turn any corner when spawned in and see another PMC spawning.
  14. AdhesiveTeflon

    tarkov realism btw

    Yea, bullet damage definitely feels like it changed or the hit-reg got worse. Either way, I used to never use helmets, and now I'm actually using them because they're over powered.
  15. AdhesiveTeflon

    Friend from the west help

    Daytime Shoreline was really popping yesterday. There were PMCs everywhere, more than what I'm usually used to seeing on shoreline.