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  1. AdhesiveTeflon

    What should I upgrade?

    This game eats RAM like Google Chrome. I'd suggest getting an additional 8GB of RAM at the moment.
  2. Where in any of my posts did I say anything about getting shot? Your argument is that there should be an ability for one player to grab and disarm another player. I'm agreeing that's all fine and dandy but there are also counters to people trying to take your rifle away from you as well that doesn't involve shooting nor being some MMA one-inch death punch expert. I'm not arguing that the barrel of any weapon will be pushed when coming across another object. I'm also saying that those videos are dumb. The guy holding the rifle is limp-wristing and employing zero countermeasures to the second person that's trying to grab the rifle.
  3. AdhesiveTeflon

    Could any of these be added? What are your thoughts

    I think adding attachments [that fit like flashlights] to the picatinny rails on the helmets would be pretty badass. I'd stick 4 flashlights on my weapon and 2 on my helmet for shiggles.
  4. I agree with the OP for the most part, but there has to be a way to counter the barrel grabbing (and there is.) The issue with those specific videos is that the rifle-welding opponent is just standing there limp in a very controlled environment. If the video has more of a situation of letting a trainee(s) loose in a MOUT or wooded setting and letting them duke it out with multiple instructors like the USMC black-belt MCMAP program then that would be a better example.
  5. Keeping distance would be the [obvious] first counter but there are circumstances where that's not possible. In cases like room clearing, doorways, furniture, and other extreme CQB situations there are counters to people grabbing the barrel of your weapon.
  6. As long as there's counters to the opponent grabbing the barrel as well. There can't be one without the other.
  7. AdhesiveTeflon

    What's the meaning of submachine guns in this version?

    I've got this fully semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle with a 100 round banana clip and a chainsaw attachment I can sell ya .
  8. AdhesiveTeflon

    Let's talk about realistic movement.

    I don't think it's so much the "A" and "D" strafing, rather the ability to instantly change your direction of movement.
  9. AdhesiveTeflon

    What's the meaning of submachine guns in this version?

    Depends which contractor company you go with. Triple Canopy requires at least like 6 months of a combat tour before you can even sign up with them (at least they did 2 years ago, not sure about now.) FMJ [standard issue] 9mm is a pistol round....why are we even talking about it's effectiveness on penetrating armor? A round does not have to penetrate armor in order to effectively take a person out of a fight either. I'm pretty sure there's more stories of 9mm taking out an opponent than not. I bet you there are more cases where pistol rounds effectively stopped an attacker whether they were armored or not. Nobody cares to write a story on the ones that are dead because we expected that they would die. You sound the exact same way in every thread.
  10. Have you found a specific gear set that you like running with? A lot of people just grab the "highest end" gear without knowing how to make the best use of it and end up unintentionally handicapping themselves. My S/R is over 60% if I recall correctly but without a 7.62 AK and comtacs I'm basically a dead PMC.
  11. AdhesiveTeflon

    Like a scene from a horror movie

    F.E.A.R: Escape from Tarkov
  12. AdhesiveTeflon

    Gear Fear

    Might not be focusing on killing, rather they're doing quests. Some of us don't care to wear armor either (usually by the time I need strong armor, I'm a dead man anyways.) I normally just run a paca, no helmet, and a fully modified 7.62 AK.
  13. AdhesiveTeflon

    What's the meaning of submachine guns in this version?

    I would very much rather use a SMG than a AK74N.
  14. AdhesiveTeflon

    Hatchlings vs Helmets

    Yea, I would love if body armor protected my team mate's legs too.
  15. AdhesiveTeflon

    Bronze Pocket Watch

    Yea we've done it before the wipe and we got it out of the first UAV but we've checked a bunch of times (spawning swamps and running straight there) and SAS drive still not there.