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  1. HillBillyDD

    Game stutter/Lagg when Scavs spawn

    because you hear the scavs.
  2. HillBillyDD

    Hackers are back

    Oh no. There are cheaters on Labs. Right before the latest patch they weren't even trying to hide. Probably a trial account. I would love to name and shame but I won't. I can tell you that the name implied low intelligence and that they didn't care too much for their account. The characteristics of someone likely to cheat.
  3. HillBillyDD

    New massive frame drops every 10 seconds

    It could be server side. It seems the game will freeze up when its waiting for packets. Like when the scavs spawn in. Also I would check your page file and hard drive space. SSDs will fill up quickly.
  4. HillBillyDD

    New massive frame drops every 10 seconds

    it's not new
  5. HillBillyDD

    So I thought the hacker claims lately were bs...

    The last few days they've been blatant when there on a scav run.
  6. I know some shots didn't register. I used a 60 round of BP and the a 30 round of BS. It was on Interchange under Idea, I was just inside the entrance by the bus with the key and he was by the first tent. He wasn't far and an easy target. I almost emptied the 60 round in his back the swapped to the 30 rounder. After I emptied that, I was so astonished that I forgot to reload again. So even with the bad hit registration 37 shot did register but for only 132 damage. That's what I don't get. He actually went prone 3 times. Each time a thought he was dead. He would lay there for a few seconds then get up and looked around again. I hear there is some bug that you don't take damage while going prone. I'm not sure if that is true but why not there's a bug for everything else.
  7. And this was with BP and BS ammo and only one guy. You need a belt fed gun in this game to kill someone it seems. Also I know I didn't miss half the shots. The hit registration is terrible.
  8. Open up an item case and then drag the same item case into its own inventory window. It will let you drop it in itself.
  9. HillBillyDD

    Huge ban wave

    Well lucky for them they're having a sale right after the ban wave
  10. HillBillyDD

    Filled with cheaters

    You're theory only works if you assume that they banned everyone who was cheating. Most likely they only caught a small percentage of the cheaters. In that case your numbers are way off. I wouldn't claim facts when you omitting them.
  11. with names like (this is an example not an actual name) IIIlllIIIllllli. A little blast from the past for those who know.
  12. I'm just wondering the logic. This game pretty much sucks now.
  13. HillBillyDD

    A noob goes to factory...

    wall hacks and aimbot. he knew right where you were and looks like an instant headshot. Probably didn't expect you to survive
  14. HillBillyDD

    Where to find Gzhel armor?

    scavs on woods map
  15. HillBillyDD

    Are overseas players VPN'ing US servers?

    looks like a little speed hack