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  1. Sweet! Thank you for the update!
  2. Great! I am glad someone does... I think all of us are tired of waiting for game development updates.... Just kidding - We like reading lore about a game we actually want to play.
  3. The new community manager for Escape From Tarkov

    Welcome @blackb1rd! Hope to see the community build even further under your advisory.
  4. Last wave

    Most likely not the case, but if true, most likely because you did not sign the NDA in time.
  5. Last wave

    BINGO. This is my thought process. Last day of Alpha is this Fri or Sunday...
  6. Last wave

    I hear people asking when they will get their Device ID if thats what your talking about. I have not received mine yet either. I have not had enough time to research the topic so I hope someone could give you this answer soon. Best to check Alpha thread.
  7. Last wave

    Did you get into the Alpha?
  8. Last wave

    I feel you Rob, sorry man. Hope the beta is soon!
  9. Last wave

    Great. A lot faster than I thought. Hope everyone has a fun time testing. If you checked your home page profile and it does not say your in the Alpha, your most likely going to have to wait for Beta. Wonder if EOD is going to be removed from pre-order, or if it will say. We will see.
  10. Fourth testing wave

    I don't know if you should be giving out this kind of information... If your in the Alpha and have questions, go to the Alpha Testers Page.
  11. Fourth testing wave

    Says on twitter. Reference: next wave tomorrow most likely.
  12. Fourth testing wave

  13. Fourth testing wave

    You pre-ordered the game on July 31st but it did not roll over to your account and process until Aug 1st. Thats what counts.
  14. Fourth testing wave

    I am in the same boat as you lol. I reordered July 31st but it says I ordered Aug first. So yeah, we ill be in the next wave since it says we per-ordered Aug first...
  15. Fourth testing wave

    Whats the list of options you have on the right of it?