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    Hacking has ruined the game

    The amount of good games I have without "hackers" (you mean desync) are far greater than those with desync and personally I haven't even encountered a single death yet where I'm 100% sure it was due to hacks and not just bad netcode. But of course you're right, that one dude that survived due to desync really ruined the game.
  2. Beanslel

    Magazines being lost when reloading

    Still happening.. Lost an AK mag, didn't even drop it on the ground it just vanished after reloading with plenty of room in the vest (single press R).
  3. For me it's not so much lag or low fps, but random freezes of variable length. Sometimes 0.5 seconds, sometimes up to 2 or 3 seconds. In between those, the game does run smoothly. Today I got killed because the game froze for 2 seconds at the exact time that I was aiming at an enemy. The guy just got a free kill because I couldn't even fight back.