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  1. PVE mode , hear me out

    Sorry mate my bad have deleted my comment
  2. Any issues regaining softskills?

    I believe you need to get memory up to elite level as well to fix this problem
  3. RSASS Front Guard foregrip?

    magpul mlok foregrip
  4. Customs Invisible players !

    Luckily it's not a released game then hey. Been playing since the game was released in Aug 16 and I and all the guys I play with at one time or another have been killed by invisible players. In our experience it has simply been desync. With the stress test being carried out it matched the last time we saw it and that was with the massive influx of players for closed beta. Take a deep breath guys and either keep plodding away at the game or take a break for a week or two and come back once the trial keys die out.
  5. 25% Off New Year Event is OVER!

    But directly under where you copied the key it stated only valid until today?.......
  6. Exit Camping

    stand to the side of the door and open it that way throw a grenade in and clear the room most of all good luck
  7. Dogtags! Too easy money!

    I think it should be that only the person who killed the dogtag owner should be able to get money for it.
  8. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ~30fps low fps fix

    thanks for this will try when i get home
  9. Better Before Dynamic Spawns\Extracts?

    Loving the new spawn system, the old system, you always knew the directions you would get engaged from, this new system you're on edge from the minute you spawn in till you die/extract.
  10. New Interchange Screenshots

    Looks great
  11. Salewa problems.

    If you are online in 6hrs or so hit me up on here or in game and i'll happy give you some salewa's
  12. Ghost players, invisible enemy, server reply issue

    Just had the same issue on woods, 5 man team all took damage from an invisible scav, I died to him
  13. I had the same problem last patch and fixed it using this
  14. Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    that's cause .45 ACP is old and boring unless you're an American /putsflamesuiton
  15. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    @Kleanuppguy any chance of something like this happening?