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  1. Hamm

    Help with christmas gift

    imo if you buy EOD you should still get the keybar and item case..or at least a keybar.....youre paying $150 for a beta yet you dont get a nice reward? but you do if you bought it last year.....not really fair, especially since i missed the deadline by like 6 days.
  2. Hamm

    dolphin diving...

    I wonder which streamer encouraged players to macro a prone stand prone stand....Its getting ridiculous. shouldnt be allowed to do that. fix it oh ya.....thanks kotton..
  3. why do you think people are playing this game right now? because of its PVP aspect...basically making PVP no fun will result in nobody wanting to play besides who BSG pays to play the game or 50 year old veterans that want to relive what they did
  4. Hamm


    Word on the street is this game is going to make the best ammo and best armor only for barter........ Heres my question..... Why? Some of us dont have the luxury of playing tarkov all day. The only people who like this idea are the people that can sit on tarkov all and day and night and grind for those items that will be requested to get the best armor and the best ammo. Thats not fair at all for the rest of who have to leave the house and go an actual job. Its not going to be fair for those of us who are trying to do the tasks to get the best ammo and armor to make it an even playing field when you got people who already sat up all night playing a fresh wipe so they will already have the things that are 10x better than most. And when we do unlock that ammo for the task now youre telling me i have to go out and get the items to barter for ammo and armor? Some of us like to just buy our gear buy our weapon and go out and pvp while we have the time. The game isnt in a current state to do somthing like this. Say i actually spend the time going out raid to raid collecting the item just to die to a scav leg metaing me, or the armor bug where it doesnt even seem like you have the gear on. or shooting blanks with the best ammo i just spend time going out and gathering the items needed to barter....And like i said before, not going to be fair if i go out with semi decent things i just spent the time to barter for to someone who has 10x the better armor and 10x the better ammo because theyve been playing all day and night.
  5. all i needed to see what anti cheat improvement, now this is a patch ill be looking forward to
  6. OP....stupid idea. every wipe they do they should leave the memory alone. every year when i grow an age i dont need to examine things that i already know what they are. For future wipes they should do what they did to the rep for traders but and just leave the memory alone. having to re-examine things iv done 3 times now is dumb and tedious, and a waste of my time. you want to examine things, reset your account everytime you want to hit the examine things
  7. even after a wipe you shouldnt have to examine things. i find it very tedious and a waste of time. doesnt happen in real life shouldnt happen in a "realistic hardcore realism video game"
  8. Hamm


    i just cant wait for NBA 2k19 but also i support OP.
  9. Iv gone for Eagle Eye about 8 times now and the SAS disk near the rock passage is never there...Happening for anyone else to?
  10. youre the type of player that will slowly kill off this games player base, not everyone has the time to go look and scavenge for things for there gun, Not everybody is a streamer and can play 15+ hours a day, or is 15 years old on summer break...some of us actually have to leave the house and go to a job.....you want ultra hardcore realism go join the military and go to war....but guess what, people in the military can probably buy whatever optic they want, they dont go into a war zone saying, lets search this box because i need a sight for my gun FUN >>>>>>>>>>>>> REALISM
  11. Hamm

    IDEA nerf?

    wasnt OP at all, if you found the rare key you should be rewarded for it and be able to collect a good amount of money
  12. ya lets make everything cost a ridiculous amount of money so no one will want to bring any good gear in and we will just be all hatchlings running around...great idea OP.......NOT
  13. Hamm

    Presistant health?

    prolly cause they are retarded. you die in raid, you have to buy a new copy of the game.
  14. Hamm


    youre an idiot.
  15. Hamm


    i didnt say remove it you clown. learn to read.