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  1. no you d ride all the time, must be a liberal. whatever you say is correct and theres no other way...be gone snowflake, i hope we can continue this later, i gotta go to work
  2. Hamm

    Tired of the cheaters...

    why do i die alot? because i dont play like a vagina and actually rush towards gunshots... youre just delusional. you must skip over when i 1v4 1v3 1v2 all the time. its ok though little buddy. keep riding
  3. with how much you ride my d and the devs im shocked youre able to walk around. wish there was a block feature because all you do is spew nonsense i hear random noises all the time...maybe there are ghosts on the map Kappa
  4. Hamm

    Tired of the cheaters...

    im not going to get someone banned thats there "anti cheats" job. iv watched it on there discord call...go watch my vods, youll see im good at the game lmao. keep d riding though buddy
  5. this is why gear score or something along those lines need to be put into the game, i play for PvP, and i find it extremely annoying when half the players are naked hatchters, pistolers, mosins, or a shotgun, when that could have been someone coming in just as geared as me. its a video game people, stop being afraid to lose gear
  6. i cant believe people really encourage people to aim at the legs lmao
  7. oh really? cause he seems to be shooting just fine. its called adrenaline. and this is a video game base off "realistic" features
  8. have you ever watched the movie lone survivor thats based on true story if im not mistaken....they throw themselves off mountains and fight with blown off fingers. theres a thing called adrenaline, i dont remember seeing them stop to take a drink while fighting or if they are in a gun fight unable to sprint because they are out of stamina
  9. Hamm

    Healing still BROKEN

    because it isnt just him its happening to.
  10. Hamm

    Late spawns are still a huge problem

    but they "fixed" that problem.....lololololol
  11. Hamm

    Abolish the examine system

    ????? i clearly said, when wipes happen, whatever skill it is to examine things shouldn't be touched
  12. Hamm

    Tired of the cheaters...

    i know someone who cheats, they say there is a cheater in every raid, they just gotten good at hiding it most likely. youd be surprised how many people cheat and know how to get away with it / not be blatant
  13. Hamm

    Tired of the cheaters...

    i like you. way to speak up.
  14. Hamm

    Abolish the examine system

    shouldnt be a thing. when wipes happen, memory shouldnt be touched or whatever the "skill" is
  15. I feel bad when i kill low level players coming in with great gear, i drop it almost every time. Then when i see level 40+ just running mosins/shotguns/pistols, i wish i could piss on there bodies. its sad and pathetic