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  1. Hamm

    Recent crashes and huge loss of fps.

    the games trash
  2. Hamm

    Crashes 0.9 / 0.10

    ya cause the devs have no god damn clue in what they are doing. to busy wanting to add stupid poo instead of fixing major problems
  3. wipes are dumb. and shouldnt be a thing. 2k doesnt wipe myplayer whenever theres an update. theres also no cheaters. maybe tarkov should take notes from nba2k19
  4. Hamm

    Cheater paradise......

    nothing is being done. they dont care
  5. Hamm

    cheaters cheaters cheaters

    cant beat the cheaters, join them... i can respect that. iv stopped playing tarkov all together because they are idiots and dont listen to people. instead they would rather listen to dumbass Klean and his dumbass ideas
  6. Hamm

    cheaters cheaters cheaters

    lmao there is 0 improvement to the anti cheat
  7. Hamm

    cheaters cheaters cheaters

    so instead of listening to the people about mass amounts of cheaters and fixing the anti cheat as a top priority they put weapon mods and other useless poo in the game ....... good logic
  8. Hamm

    cheaters cheaters cheaters

    the devs dont care lol. the cheaters are buying copies of the game and buy more copies during the sale for when and if they get banned. its gross and the game wont last much longer......but hey we got cool new mods that make the AK-74n/m a laser beam and a mosin .. i guess that should mask getting cheated.. maybe they can get some more of Kleans dumbass ideas and put them into the game
  9. Hamm


    Thats fine. but im not worried about the insurance, im worried about people getting away with cheating
  10. Hamm


    that just means they play more and can afford it. so they should be rewarded with somthing like that
  11. Hamm


    no not really. the only way insurance should cost more is if peacekeeper/ragman/mechanic offer a couple hour for your return or make it cost more if its end of raid return
  12. Hamm


    nobody goes around looking into bushes for dropped gear. most of the people ditch there gear outside of the fence or inside a wall so no player will be able to grab it anyways
  13. Hamm


    but they are still getting it back, so whats the point in having to wait 12/24 hrs, i always do therapist so thats what im going by
  14. Hamm

    Too many cheaters.

    i stopped reading when you said tarkov shouldnt be focusing on the anti cheat...... youre really smart man......lets just let the cheaters run rampant and drive this game into the dirt even more than its already doing... but at the same time why would they ban their cheaters when half the games players would be banned no......no its not
  15. Hamm


    you should get your stuff back as soon as the raid timer runs out if nobody found your things.