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  1. dez1nd

    Transcript of the TarkovTV DevBlog #002

    Pts servers, nice....
  2. dez1nd

    TarkovTV DevBlog #002

    Im very curious, but I expect only dissapointment.
  3. dez1nd

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    This game heading to pay2win system but without real money. You bought sks for 20.000roubles? Im sorry but this is not fair for People which bought helmet for 300.000roubles. So you will not be able to hurt them because of money.
  4. dez1nd

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    Helmets were, are and every time will offer protection only against low caliber bullets, flying shrapnel and ricochet bullets. How different will be kill between onetap kill through helmet or hit into blacked limb which cant be covered? But i think thats this bullshit about helmets are only because it will not be fair fight between pmc with ak47 without armor versus fullgeared pmc with Best armor and helmet.
  5. dez1nd

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    So Nikita should change armor mechanics to protect your whole body because when you wear armor, you want to be protected.
  6. dez1nd

    Quick Q & A with Nikita 2/2/2019

    I dont know what i should think about you Nikita. You are working on realistic game without realistic parameters? Do you exactly know what you want? Or you just want to ruin this game?
  7. dez1nd

    Status Report - January 25th 2019

    LOL another push button for scavs spawning or door opening? I hate you new cool features on maps, because you write about something awesome what change gameplay on maps. But pressing button for calling elevator had samé mechanics as opening door for exits.
  8. dez1nd

    Plány na rok 2019

    Dik za překlad, jsem ale zvědavej kolik toho v letošním roce stihnou. Přijde mi, že mají sice frejery na 3d modely, ale to je tak všechno. Zvuky, animace, síťový kód, tohle všechno vypadá jako by to dělali někde v chráněné dílně.
  9. dez1nd

    Raiders are way too overpowered.

    This raiders should be like bosses and his guards on each map.
  10. dez1nd

    Get over nerves?

    Play with friends or try our sherpas program ( https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/news/id/126?lang=undefined )
  11. dez1nd

    Stack items

    Wait for hideout. Stash what you have now is temporary.
  12. dez1nd

    Headshots different?

    I dont have a problém with that. Headshot with mosin through 6b helmet or sks or ak74m samé results. Maybe lag?
  13. Hmmm voice chat. I cant wait for hatchlings screeming when I broke his legs