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  1. renderbroken

    How to properly use a flashlight

    Just never thought about flashing my light at them to bait them. I was curious of his tactics.
  2. renderbroken

    How to properly use a flashlight

    how so?
  3. renderbroken

    This game is too ********* hard

    Heyo, I play solo myself and know just what you mean. Best advice I can give you is use your scav every time it is available. Till you get more experience. It will also line your stash with more gear. Take it slow, learn how to properly hide in a bush and know when to walk slow. You will make less noise. Everyone is rolling with comtacs this wipe so they can hear you from a pretty good distance. Especially if you don't slow walk from time to time. What I do is I will get to a position, stop, listen for a bit, then get to another position. Also trying to keep cover between you and possible attackers as much as possible. When you fire unsupressed weapons, make sure to relocate ASAP. This is a lure to other players to come take you out while you are already busy. The VEPR is your best friend. It is cheap but effective as it fires one of the larger rounds that can punch through armor. All at level 1 traders. Last but not least, get Peace Keeper leveled asap. He will give access to body armor the fastest and this is how you will rise your survival changes with scavs. The only scavs that will have the punch to get through your PACA or UNTAR armor will be SKS or VEPR scavs. You just need to bait them and get behind cover, when they walk to attack you, you will be able to get the drop on them.
  4. renderbroken

    To people still using the factory stairs glitch . . .

    Anytime. Glad there are only one set of stairs so they know exactly what I was referring to. Also, I would rather spread awareness so ppl don't waste their time in Factory with such people.
  5. renderbroken

    To people still using the factory stairs glitch . . .

    In a twisted way, I agree. But that isn't saying much as I don't really respect them either.
  6. renderbroken

    To people still using the factory stairs glitch . . .

    Are you comparing the glitcher/exploiters to ISIS or are you are telling me I am wasting my time? or both? lol
  7. renderbroken

    To people still using the factory stairs glitch . . .

    Most likely not lol. But we can work to that end. That is all I am asking of those exploiting/glitching.
  8. renderbroken

    To people still using the factory stairs glitch . . .

    I am not a basement dweller and have many other hobbies. lol Right now I am getting the best enjoyment out of playing EFT. I have ignored all the glitching thus far and tend to stay away from Factory. The only reason I was on factory today was to do a few tasks. Out of the 6 or so factory runs, 4 of them had some dude sitting under the stairs doing callouts. Sure they could have all been the same guy but I doubt it. I think you are too soft on glitchers/exploiters. If the reason is to test and report, well it's been thoroughly "tested" and reported. So those still using it are doing what I already said in my previous post. Which is why I also said that at some point you need to take responsibility for yourself. If you do this sort of thing in something as trivial as a game, what other shortcuts are you taking in life. I appreciate your response but I do have a few things I disagree with. The amount of people complaining about the exploits and glitching is crazy high right now. I do know that the player count is also crazy low right now. If its this low in the US, its low everywhere else. I would hate to be in a smaller community with this problem going on and I would play something else. We know this is happening. You are also making my point in that people will only take so much of this nonsense before just giving up. Also I disagree that we are all here because we want EFT to succeed. Container glitching is supposed to be fixed, but the factory stairs is not. People that knowingly exploit the game are only doing it for selfish reason and don't care if it drives the player base away. These people don't care if EFT succeeds or not.
  9. You are a bunch of selfish, little bitches. You are playing a game that has high risk and high rewards on God mode. How much enjoyment can you really get? Once you cheat, there is nothing else you can really do to progress. I ran a 7 Days to Die server and as admin I could spawn and do whatever I wanted. It straight up took all the fun out of the game and I stopped playing it. So, if you are not playing for fun, then you are playing to be a dick. You are ruining the community, just like the secure container glitchers. Operating under the lie that you are "bringing attention" to the issue. It has already been fixed a few times, a simple bug report could have sufficed. That is the one thing I had wanted to hear from "hewhoshallnatbenamed". That he had tried over and over to let BSG know, to report the issue but never once had he mentioned it. Now how many players, new and old have just left EFT. How many will be back? Hard to say. For those in the US, we can absorb such an issue much easier than that of smaller server communities like Australia. How many of these communities were decimated to "bring awareness"? Some point in time in your life you will need to take responsibility for yourself. You also need to ask yourself if you want EFT to become another near-dead project like Miscreated/DayZ of if you want EFT to be the best game it can be.
  10. renderbroken

    Hacked again

    This looks so boring to me. There was a time I played 7 Days to Die and I had enabled the admin tools on my server to see what all I could do. It straight up took the fun completely out of the game. I stopped playing soon after as it ruined the progressions, the hardship/rewards. Seeing this video of a hacker looks like it would do the exact same thing. The best part of EFT is playing with skill, outplaying your foes, and extracting with the loot. You can guarantee that anyone who hacks gets bored fairly quickly. I hope the new anti cheat works well. I have been lucky enough to not really experience hackers.
  11. renderbroken

    This game is brutal for newbies

    @NinthJake I second not going into Factory alone as you will just be donating your gear. Especially when the other geared players use comtacs and know your exact location way before you even realize where they are. Also, I didnt see what your exact gaming rig specs were. If you only have 8GBs ram then I HIGHLY recommend: https://www.koshyjohn.com/software/memclean/ As EFT is pretty brutal with memory management. Make sure you select the option to auto clean when over 80% full. This completely made EFT playable fopr me when I only had 8GBs ram as I would get terrible freezes. I would get them about every 20 to 30 seconds and they would last about a minute sometimes. With the tool, it will help so much so that the freezes will still happen, just less often and for only like a second or 2. Also, this was the case for shoreline. So with that, I would say as a new player, shoreline was the best map for me to learn the game. To learn the sounds and was big enough that I didnt die all the time. Also, it has enough loot to make a bit of money. It was how I made my first million rubles. If you need money, scav runs on interchange can be quite lucrative. Especially the gm counters and gasans. GMcounters at 17K, Gasans are 11K.
  12. renderbroken


    Not when you get used to use. I enjoy the movement in this game. It feels like there are physics involved. Like you have a weight. When I first started playing it drove me a bit nuts but now that I am used to it, it makes sense. You will start to know what you can jump over an not. It would be nice if there were a vaulting ability. Like in Battlefield 1 for example.
  13. renderbroken


    They adjusted sounds when you wear a helmet. They have been dampened quite a bit. That was the only really difference I noticed with sound. Maybe that is what you are experiencing? When wearing no helmet. Sound is just like normal. (before patch .8)
  14. renderbroken

    IM DONE !

    I had freezes when I only had 8GBs ram. Since moving to 16GBs I dont have the freezes like before. Also, when I was on 8GBs ram I used the app here: https://www.koshyjohn.com/software/memclean/ It will keep clearing ram after reaching a tipping point. There is an option to make it run when ram is 80% full and with how Tarkov is coded, 8GBs just isn't enough. Also, I would close the game out and open it back up every few raids or so. This also helped memory usage. I know we all see the word BETA thrown around but I don't think people really understand what it implies. I have done a fair bit of development and before you finalize your coding, you leave things in an optimized state that allows you to more easily edit code on the fly. I imagine that this is the biggest performance problem plaguing EFT right now and why 8GBs just cannot cut it.
  15. renderbroken

    Trader Standings and Limited Edition

    Not sure what your problem is but when you do get EOD, your reputation with each trader starts out at .20 instead of 0. So this means all you need to do to get to level 2 with your traders is get to the required level and spend/sale enough. It helps a TON. What were you expecting? To be level 4 with all traders when you are level 1?