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  1. Stuka8

    Some new WIP materials

    Okay i see, but the G3 rendered image i posted was official Battle state upcoming 3d render from WIP more than a year ago. So my point has some meat to it.
  2. Stuka8

    Some new WIP materials

    The G3 has been official WIP for over a year now U have got ur FAL belgium
  3. Stuka8

    Some new WIP materials

    What about the HKG3 devs? Did you forget about it?
  4. Stuka8

    Backend error 1000

    mine is back up,!!
  5. Stuka8

    Thank you Nakita..

    This takes me back to when I just started out playing EFT.. I get such a cold nostalgic anxious feeling.. The anxiety comes from the massive gear fear i had.. Never has a game interacted so much with all my senses before! Thank you Nakita, you are on the verge of completing something in this life that will earn you eternal commendation! Stay strong, stand fast, we will be with you to the very end! .. Escape TO Tarkov! - #escapetotarkov #tarkovlife #winning #dickineedles
  6. Stuka8


  7. Stuka8

    Christmas gift 2018

    where do u redeem ur gifts again? "sorry for the ignorance and laziness not to search"
  8. Stuka8

    Launcher Connection Issue

    Apparently its due to the .11 patch coming in hot?
  9. +1 for me! +2 more players thats not on this forum. (Buddies of mine) South African server would benefit the entire African Continent
  10. Hi So i reported that i also experienced the same buggy inbox issue where none of my trader messages would open. So i logged in today and saw that it was fixed somehow. Great Job Devs! My only concern now is that I still had to claim my reward from the Skiers first mission, and when i opened that mail today it said that i ran out of time. I feel abit hard done by such bad luck, please could you assist in giving me my Rewards. I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance! See attached for screenshot
  11. Stuka8

    Messenger Error

    Same issue here, cant claim my mission rewards