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  1. Hey guys We greatly appreciate the participation of everyone We've launched new update Please check the game status with the latest version, and let me know if the crashes exist or not P.S. don't forget to attach fresh logs and crashdumps to your messages
  2. How often does crash happen?
  3. so you have 16 ram and on your pc it always crashes on shoreline? Can you clean folders with crashes and logs, launch the game and try to visit shoreline after all please send me the game logs and crashdump
  4. What kind of problem do you have with shoreline?
  5. Probably this is a lack of ram Do you play on shoreline?
  6. Looks like you have 8gb ram - sometimes it's not enough for big locations, try change texture quality to feet into 8gb ram
  7. Hey guys Thanks for your reports We've update our game today (small anticrash fixes) If some crash happen again - please let me know btw packing all files in zip archive will be very helpful )
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    Programming Questions

    It would be more appropriate way
  9. dev-george

    Programming Questions

    I'm really appreciated for your alittle tip. We'll investigate this problem. If you find collision issues please attach a screenshot, which contains coordinates in its name.
  10. dev-george

    Programming Questions

    It's all about programming side )
  11. dev-george

    Programming Questions

    Hi David. 1) optimization: we’ve got several high cpu consuming areas: phisx, animations, amount of objects in the scene. Our main approach is to reduce using all unnecessary stuff. 2) we already made netcode optimization ( on the factory with ping 10-30, the network lag was reduced from avarage 200-250 to 50-70 for gunfire and damage registration). We don’t use native unity high level network in our project. 3) we do use database for data storing.
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    ergonomics affects on all weapon control
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    this wiki article is quiet right the main point is - ergonomics affects on weapon control
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    Imma just leave this here...

    No one has 'special privileges'. Thansk for information. This user was banned permanently.
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    Time unti reaction of a support request

    Hello, Sir. I can help with technical quetions. Please ask them in the corresponding topic.