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  1. Violetta

    Bans for using forbidden software

    And throughout most of the time of the existence of EFT, banning has been done manually through stat-tracking. This includes background processes. When a cheat says Undetected, it means that whatever anti-cheat in place doesn't see it as a cheat and auto-ban.
  2. @eftballistics I hope you realize the buy/sell prices were stated multiple times by the Devs to be only temporary so people can get their hands on what will be expensive and rare gear when the game is in full release. The stuff you can buy now, a lot of it you won't be able to at all on the full release. Arguing for this nerf is rediculous, why make it harder for us to beta-test this game and all the equipment that is going to make it into full release but may not be as easy to aquire? Woosh.
  3. Violetta

    In raid collection of Intel

    Not when the UN faction becomes a thing and they have their own set up random events, quests, ect. (having to interact with them). Most of the UN in Tarkov I believe are perceived as English speaking only.
  4. Violetta

    We need Kill Cam

    great argument 10/10 would kms again It does seem weird in a video game like Tarkov trying to be hardcore, but I think it would be a welcome addition if they do it right. Only able to view how you died after the entire raid is over. No ghosting, everyone's happy.
  5. Violetta

    How to properly use a flashlight

    I've had them shoot at me through a wall because I had a laser on, I turned it off and he stopped tracking but still shot in the original spot. Maybe it was a fluke since all Scavs have ESP and aimbot.
  6. Violetta

    How to properly use a flashlight

    You didn't know that Scavs are alerted by flashlights and lasers?
  7. Violetta

    Little birdy told me

    Why not Interchange?
  8. Violetta


    When you get shot in a limb due to fragmentation there is a chance other body parts will take damage, and in the case of heads, the chest can take damage and he could have possibly died to that taking it. Also you can chose what body parts to aim at with aimbot, so you're not suspicious only getting headshot kills. And that after-death statistic menu never shows correctly anyway.
  9. Violetta

    Ban system

    Basically yes they ban manually but their "anit-cheat" does have some detection to it, but probably mostly just statistical logs. It won't automatically ban anyone though. inb4 this gets replied to saying we have a working anticheat #locked #answered
  10. Violetta

    What the *@$#?

    This game pretty much requires more than 8GB of RAM on any setup right now. The game also runs faster on systems with Intel processors and Nvidia g-cards. Oh well, you'll need 16GB of RAM eventually anyway.
  11. Violetta

    Ban system

    nop MAC addresses (or hardware ID) is tied to the motherboard. Not only that you can easily change your MAC address with simple programs. Banning based on MAC addresses is pointless.
  12. Violetta

    Rarity of keybars and docs-case

    The docs-case is rewarded by a quest from Prapor. One of the Punishers, I believe.
  13. Violetta

    Bizarre game-breaking bug.

    This issue has nothing to do with load times. OP - so you're launching EFT through Steam to have the overlay? Try closing out of Steam totally and launching it normally through the launcher (no Steam integration).
  14. Violetta

    Questions regarding 0.9 patch

    People whining for a wipe just don't want to play a game where others have advantages over them even though they know very well none if it matters, it will get wiped eventually again, as we're here to test a game in beta. How can anyone test in higher levels if once a glitch is found their whole account is wiped? This game isn't fully released yet, the playing field is not going to be level. I'm nearly done grinding quests to see how difficult they are/should be for rewards just like everyone else, and it takes FOREVER to level Strength and Endurance right now (after the initial wipe right after .8 because just like now, everyone complained so they wiped AND nerfed.) Just because an exploit and glitch is found, and beta testers used it, doesn't mean everyone should be punished by starting totally fresh, resetting their progress. In order to fully test EFT, people need to be able to get to the higher levels of soft skills and PMC levels. So what if it was done with an exploit? And no I don't have maxed Strength/Endurance from the exploits that went around... being Devil's advocate here is all. But I've found some glitches that allow you outside a map to do it, and other exploits too. Keeping my progress helps with finding this crap - especially in Strength for higher jumps and faster run speed. tl;dr - A wipe is not necessary or beneficial for anyone before patch .9, or even .10 for that matter. (not 1.0)
  15. That is not the true IP address of the game server. It is masked. At least it should be for any decent game, I'm sure there's obscure games out there that some guy hosts it and never set up a VPN for the server. You can get the masked IP address very easy, yeah that's literally what I said, it's just not the true IP.