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  1. Violetta

    make fun of me for being bad

    I find that this game really isn't "fun". It's hard to have fun when so much time and effort is on the line. But join a Discord group, there's a couple great ones out there for EFT and some people just love helping new people out. What I do to have fun is play with a friend and just mess around, don't take it too seriously as this game is full of bs, bugs, network issues, and hackers. I usually do stupid stuff like semi-shotty with tons of buckshot (used to use slugs for leg-meta, now it's face-meta) and 5 flashlights on it with a light-spam macro. Or load up with nades and see how many dudes I can take out "stealthily" with grenades lmao. Hatchet runs for expensive sell-ables can be fun, too if you run across an AI Scav, get some gats and take out some tryhards. And if you die not much is lost, you mostly gain if you store the collectible stuff in your secure container.
  2. Violetta

    EFT steam information

    Elaborate for me please - I want to know why you think Steam sucks. Making a claim like "this is garbage", or "this sucks", with nothing to back it up is an empty and pointless statement.
  3. Violetta

    Quite small question to community?

    Careful with this, mods will lock threads relating to sharing any information on glitches and exploits yet we're beta testing a game where these things need to be found lmao. The old way on Interchange was patched I assume? Cool that there's still more out there I'll have to find them.
  4. Violetta

    EFT steam information

    Steam is the biggest platform for purchasing, downloading, and managing games. I'd love to know how it's so shet... I wonder why so many people use it...
  5. Violetta

    Cheaters are getting out of control!!

    inb4 #locked and #workingantikek
  6. Violetta

    Rework KIBA keys [Idea]

    The devs have stated that hatchet runs are a viable tactic. Level up your strength and move quickly to those spots, watch for the exits if you can't get there. Hatchlings can't put your RSASS's and Fort Armors into their Gamma.
  7. Violetta


    That is not a macro. You can not use Razer Synapse, Corsair CUE, ect. to mitigate or negate recoil no matter what you think. The thing about this massive "macro" outcry is that a lot of people are incredibly misinformed.
  8. Violetta

    Device ID Email Issue

    You guys check your spam inboxes or any and all folders?
  9. I've never heard of even a AAA title banning people for macros easily created by software that comes with higher end mice and keyboards. This should be proof that the concept of Fence is broken, not that these players are cheaters.
  10. Violetta

    HOLSTER/ON SLING Suggestions.

    Then with different sling and holster types you get advantages to draw speed. For scabbards though not sure what advantages you'd have lol
  11. Violetta

    HOLSTER/ON SLING Suggestions.

    Cool idea but it's another thing to have to grind for, lose, or buy. Might just over complicate things for no good reason. Definitely a good counter-measure to hatchlings, though they really only store stuff in the secured containers. Unless of course say a standard issue sling and holster is super cheap and available from Ragman at level 1.
  12. Violetta


    They are working on optimization. It's very well known it's bad right now but some tips are to have at least 16GB of RAM, if you can go higher - do it. This game is super RAM heavy. Also this game is known to favor Intel CPUs over AMD CPUs as well as Nvidia over AMD.
  13. Violetta

    Manual Report of suspicious players (Cheaters)

    I whole heartedly agree with this. Maybe the full release will have a reporting feature but a LOT of these threads on the forums have actual evidence tied with them, they should take some consideration at least. But all of the moderators on the forums are told to just #instalock the threads as they pop up. I think a lot of people feel the same way we do but no one wants to speak up because they'll just get shut down by Mods.
  14. Perishable keys will just induce more hatchet farming runs. People will just farm multiple keys instead of just one, so in a sense destructible keys will just make it worse. This is also unrealistic, I have never encountered a key that doesn't work after used x amount of times. Even locks placed outside in the elements retain their functionality. That stuff is crafted extremely well. Just learn to live with hatchet-runners. The developers have already said this is a viable tactic. The only idea I support in this topic are more scavs on high-loot areas. But with the optimization in the game right now, more AI might really hurt people's FPS.
  15. Violetta

    Dehydration is exxxxxtreme

    How about instead of dehydration killing you within seconds when your drank hits 0, you start losing stamina rapidly and eventually your stamina never replenishes so you can't sprint, and when you have to jump over something a couple points of HP are taken away (maybe from chest/head). This at least will keep our "hardcore" element but remain realistic. I lost so much gear that I earned from a massive firefight with multiple groups because - it was so long into the raid - and took so long to end. I'm on my way to extract and BAM dehydration hits (agreed, my fault though) and even though I guzzled down 3 salewas and an IFAK, I could not limp to extract quick enough. Dehydration effects are ridiculous right now.