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    Sorry for the delay

    Where is the banlist?

    Remove insurance will made the game better

    Ah i miss the most important point 9 ) made player like u leave the game. This is NOT supposed to be a game for people that have fear of ANYTHING. (Hardcore, realism u know what that word mean? go back on hello kitty shooter)

    Remove insurance will made the game better

    IT's a point but, go scav, kill dummy scav (easy now), collect 4/5 weapons and go in and fight!
  4. In many aspect i think this will improve the game. 1) More realism : no more people looking into wall or bush or ground try to bug stuff. 2) Less advantage for team. Nowadays if a single man from a team survive a fight he can BUG/glitch every stuff of their team member. this give a lot of (UNREALISTIC) advantage to team. 3) Better economy : especially clan or teamplay will lose more stuff because if single pmc of a team survive he can't bug all the stuff and had to choose if going out with teammates stuff or loot enemy stuff. 4) More balance : as per 2 and 3 game will be more balanced in progression and money earning from organized team and soloers. 5) More hardcore : well u want an hardcore game? 6) More weapons use : with less stuff coming back and with less money people had to use weapons looted in raid instead of just sell them. 7) Impossible own gear glitching. Sometime when u kill someone u can glitch your stuff and use your victim stuff... again no realism. 8) Game abuse : well myself too enter raid with scav insured vest and as soon as i get a new rig i drop my vest in ground sure no one is going to loot it. Well with this trick i exchange black rock for AK and have infinite scav vest returning from insurance. I think the game will be really really more intresting if when u enter a raid u know that if u want to bring stuff home u need to carry it. Brutal hardcore realistic shooter. right?

    Factory invincibly


    [DISCORD ITA] la comunity l'ha preferito a TS3

    We mi potete riabilitare? Anche in sola letture sui canali testuali va bene. Grazie

    0.10 patch WIP


    Way to get Good Fps

    True, worked for me like a miracle. There's a topic in another forum called gunfight freeze where there's a possible solution to gunfight freeze.

    Graphics Card Suggestions?

    I've a 1080ti and the game run CRAP.
  10. Really, u dunno how many stop play this game (including myself) because the game simply run BAD (Ryzen 1600x and 1080TI) on ANY graphics details and bug in some way every game i played till i simply give up. U can lock this thread and say it's a beta but take note of my suggestion because the state of the game right now is : broken. 90% effort on netcode and optimization, even a change of engine if necessary.
  11. Interchange just broke game economy this patch is useless.

    Turn off AI scavs on all maps?

    This will turn the game into a farming fest.
  13. This is a survival, and the aim is to survive and exit a map with some gear. Many, too many farm keys and items just running around with hatchet or knife doing MORE MONEY in LESS TIME than people that play the game ''normal'' This destroy : 1) immersion 2) economy of the game 3) fun 4) challenge My suggestion is move precius items to area guarded by scav from the very beginning of the match, far from spawn area. I would like that at least 2 scavs spawn in the office at start, 6/8 spawn at dormitory etc... this will improve a lot the game in every point.

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper performance fix ?

    So they confirm, AMD issue but don't confirm a fix right? Hackers, netcode and optimization are the 3 key value that BSG had to work on seriusly fast if they don't want this game to die. Nobody care about new weapon when those 3 key value are set to BAD.

    PVP event has started!

    It's just a spam granade and spam RSSAS with termal scope... see you after patch.