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  1. Novidades: Material em Desenvolvimento

    Não é um motivo de dinheiro nem falta de pessoal. Até porque o jogo já estava todo financiado antes de se poder fazer pre-order. É porque durante a fase de testes, a quantidade de bugs e glicthes que os jogadores confundem com trapacadas é elevado. Mesmo não aceitando reports manuais, a quantidade de reports que nos chegam na mesma com videos de 'provas' de trapacadas dá para ver quem a maioria não é e tem a ver com um bug ou glitch. Eles podiam tem pessoal para ver os reports manuais, mas de momento ter pessoal a filtrar os reports flasos dos reais seria um desperdicio de tempo e dinheiro. pelo menos por agora. No futuro já disseram que vai ser possível fazer um report dentro do jogo, ams por agora não. Seja como for, eles já têm um Anti-Cheat a funcionar e fazem Bans todos os dias.
  2. Novidades: Material em Desenvolvimento

    Não. Neste momento os DEv não estão a aceitar qualquer report manual. Seja de trapaceiros ou de pessoal a abujar de bug e glitch.
  3. Patch - Detalhes da Atualização

    Já sabemos. Apenas vai estar disponivel durante a fase de testes. Como esta fase não tem data certa para acabar, entao tambem não há data certa para o limite dos pacotes EOD. Não é assim tao simples, por vários motivos. O principal é que o bug é muito dificil de reproduzir e sem o conseguir reproduzir não conseguem saber onde a falha está. Até agora, de todos os testes feitos com vários coletes em vários dias e em várias situações, eu e outros ainda não conseguimos reproduzir o bug. Até agora apenas há teorias de como acontece e poucos factos visto que nos testes estas teorias falham. o que eles precisão é dos ficheiros .log do jogador quando isto acontece, que raramente recebem porque a maior parto do pessoal prefere vir falar do bug no forum do que ir à página de suporta para fazer report do mesmo. Isto, claro, assumindo que o bug existe mesmo e não é um mito perpetuado pela falta de conhecimento relativa a como os coletes funcionam relativamente aos vários tipos de munição, adicionado ao desync e lag que se tem vindo a sentir desde o teste de dezembro. Existe pessoal na equipa que acredita ser isto, mas estão todos a tentar encontrar o bug na mesma. De momento não há info pública sobre quando ou como vai ser corrigido.
  4. Patch - Detalhes da Atualização

    Ainda não há datas exatas, apenas que iria ser no inicio de 2018 (estamos a falar dentro dos primeiros meses, não semanas). A duração depende dos problemas que surgirem durante o open Beta, e não tem data fixa. O lançamento ofifical ainda está planeado para este ano, mas como tudo pode haver sempre atrasos. Existem alguns posts sobre o EOD, mas não em anuncio próprio.
  5. Patch - Detalhes da Atualização

    Durante o Open Beta.
  6. Ainda não há Game Master para Português.
  7. So no money no items just a knife now what?

    If you truly have nothing but a knife, Prapor or one of the other traders will give you some goodies every 24 hours. Last time i tested it i got gear but i hear they give out money as well. Of course this is based on the overall value of any items you might have in your stash or character so if you still have some useless items laying around get rid of them.
  8. Gun glitch question

    Hello I have edited out the links to the videos as they show the players names and we do not allow naming and shaming or witch hunting in the forum. Also, please use the search function before creating a new thread next time, as per the rules. There are literally already a handful of posts following the same topic that have already been answered. Kind Regards #Locked

    Please use the search function before creating new threads, as per the rules. Kind Regards. #Locked
  10. Weapon bugging

    Hello We do not allow naming and shaming or witch hunting in the Forum. Please use the search function before creating a new thread next time, as per the rules. #locked.
  11. PVE Only Mode

    There's a couple misconceptions in your post that i will try to clear away. Firstly, you are right. The game is not balanced. But to be perfectly honest i don't think they are going for the typical 'balance' most gamers are used to. Tarkov is a place where the odds are stacked against you. Surviving is hard by design, not because of a lack of balance. The DEVs already confirmed there will NOT be any kind of matchmaking. Though you will have a tutorial level to learn the basics of the game so you are not through into PVP cold turkey. Secondly, If you get killed playing by yourself, find friends. It has been brought up several times that the game is more party based. They won't keep you from playing SOLO, but for the best gameplay experience it is best to play in a group. Not only is is easier, but if you team up with someone who is already experienced than he can fast track you through the learning phase and even give you some tips on how to improve your gameplay. Lastly, gear and skills don't make or break your chances of survival. A good player sporting only an AKS or SKS (Available at the start of the game) can take out a fully geared guy with skill alone. You don't have to engage everything that moves. If you are at a disadvantage than hide and wait until the advantage is yours. Pick your fights.
  12. Em breve - RPG de texto do fórum sobre Escape from Tarkov

    É preciso ter no minimo 20 posts no Forum para poder participar.
  13. Game

    GROUP NAME: The Black Division Action: Moving into the city DESCRIPTION: Shiro took a slow, deep breath and held it. The cool misty air filled his lungs, fresh and devoid of any bad scent. It was early morning, the sun barely starting to peek over the horizon. Above him, the canopy of the forest that he was in was starting to come alive with birds chirping. These quiet moments didn't come frequently, and he had learned to enjoy them when they did. "Come on with them long leaks Shiro! You know it ain't that big! Haaaaaa." With a sigh, and the moment now properly over, Shiro finished his business before zipping his pants and making his way back around the rubble he was using for what little privacy it offered. He saw Alexey there, consuming a can of Tushonka. As far a breakfasts went in Tarkov, that was a pretty good one. He forced himself not to visibly grin. "Well, your mother says it's big enough, so..." Yep, he was wide open on that one for a change. Caught in the middle of shoveling even more food into his mouth, Alexey nearly loses it all out at Shiro's comeback. They had been using this half destroyed shack, right smack in the middle of the woods, as a temporary resting place during the night. It was remote (hopefully) enough that we shouldn't be getting any visitors and still had walls to keep from the wind. Well, half of the walls anyway. They had taken stock of their supplies after waking up and clearing the area surrounding the shack for enemies. It wasn't looking good. They had limited supplies and hadn't had any luck finding anything in days as the places they had been to were pretty much picked clean. The plan they had agreed to was pretty simple, head further into town where the chances of finding more gear and supplies were greater. They walked in formation, Alexey in front and Shiro 20 feet behind making sure to bring up the rear by looking around and behind frequently, scanning for threats as best he could. Alexey was the better fighter between the two of them so it made sense he would take the lead. Knowledge, Training and Experience were all things Shiro was lacking in, though he was a fast learner. He had to be. 'Before all masters, necessity is the one most listened to, and who teaches the best.' Shiro remembered reading somewhere. It was certainly true enough now that he had experienced it first hand. Alexey, on the other hand, always looked like he was in his element. He would switch from cracking jokes to dead serious when the moment called for it, and Shiro was fairly certain that even though he had his back to Shiro he was keenly aware of Shiro's every movement and would be able to respond appropriately if Shiro tried anything against him. Shiro understood and sympathized with this. After all, that was just the kind of place Tarkov was. Which made it even more surprising when, a couple of weeks prior, Shiro had woken up with Alexey sitting across the (admittedly small) room from him, casually eating a can of Herring that had previously been one of Shiro's possessions. The fact he had woken up at all was a testament to the cruel nature of the zone. While his impromptu early warning system consisting of old rusty cans on strings, which he had felt rather proud of at the time, had failed him at least Alexey hadn't slit his throat while he slept. Alexey hadn't said anything, simply keeping an eye on Shiro while eating. Realizing he was out of his depth, and that any attempt to fight this guy was probably going to end badly, Shiro had reacted in an unusual way. He chuckled at his own misfortune. 'Mistakes were made.' He had said. That had been the start of this strange partnership between the two. As they kept on walking, Shiro shook his head. Reminiscing could wait until they were somewhere relatively safer.
  14. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Glock Hype! My new go to weapon.
  15. Loot - Offline mode

    Quando o Hideout for implementado, vai poder fazer 'upgrade' aos varios modulos do mesmo. Um destes modulos é o tamanho do inmventário. Os upgrades vão ser feitos com items encontrados dentro do jogo.