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  1. ShiroTenshi

    Flea Market

    Ultimately, it falls on you to double check the details of what you are buying, specially the price tag. Is it a scam? Sure. But it's one YOU have to accept on your end for it to work. Same in EVE Online, which the DEVs hare referenced as being a title they enjoy and draw inspiration from and it is clearly visible to EVE vets.
  2. ShiroTenshi

    reporting a hacker

    Hello! The DEVs are not taking manual reports of suspected cheaters, and we do not allow naming and shaming on the Forum. Please use the search function before creating a new thread, as per the rules. #locked.
  3. ShiroTenshi

    Game crashes for whole squad

    It can take a few days for them to reply to the bug reports as they need to go through all the ones reported before yours. I personally made a few reports on the 11th and only got an answer to them today, for example. Also, make sure you add session logs to your reports or they are pretty much useless. Most people submit reports but also don't attach the logs, and the logs are the most important thing about the bug reports.
  4. ShiroTenshi

    Am I the only one who sees this?

    Wrong on both accounts. You are confusing predictions with promises. This is a common misunderstanding. What was said were only loose timeframes where it was expected to happen, but nothing confirmed 100%. Hideout was also said to be coming DURING Open beta, not at the start of it. Criticizing is a good, as long as it's done in a constructive and informed way. Your post was neither.
  5. ShiroTenshi

    List of recently banned players

    Obviously BSG is in cahoots with the scavs. They are getting paid in Tushonka and Condensed Milk not to ban them.
  6. ShiroTenshi

    What were the devs thinking?

    Do you actually have a question, or is this post just a rant? Because if it's the later it was posted in the wrong section and will need to be moved. Long story short, they are only sticking with what they have planned and announced for years now. Traders were never meant to stay as they were. They were always going to change and restocks were going to stop being a sure thing. This isn't even all the planned changes. Please don't think the final product is meant to be like what we currently have access to. They even tell you it won't be in the main menu.
  7. ShiroTenshi

    Can't play anymore - Motion sickness

    I feel that might be more of a problem with the drink, not the entertainment.
  8. ShiroTenshi

    *** EFT Newsticker ***

    We plan to install a hotfix today. The game will not stop during the installation process. Changes list: - Fixed a bug of the "Throw away" button, when you could throw away more items than needed. - One of the “invisible players” bugs has been fixed. - Fixed a bug with an incorrect search by an offer ID at the flea market. - Fixed a bug in which an item that was exchanged at the flea market, visually remained in the stash. - Fixed a bug of the flea market interface in which the item sorting remained after being reset. - Fixed a bug of the flea market interface in which the “item sorting” page, remained after being reset. - Various fixes of the flea market interfaces has been added. - The speed of AI response, when bullet hits AI or near it, has been adjusted.
  9. ShiroTenshi

    items disappearing ???

    There is a bug right now that when you discard one item, there's a chance of other random items also being discarded. I nearly lost my Keybar yesterday after discarding a weapon and it was inside a vest in my Gamma. The DEVs know about this bug, but please do submit bug reports every time this happens, with the session logs for when that happened. Every report helps immensely.
  10. ShiroTenshi


    Hello! The DEVs are currently not taking manual reports of suspected cheaters. WE also do not allow naming and shaming on the Forum. Please make sure to read the rules and using the search function before creating a new post. Kind Regards. #Locked
  11. ShiroTenshi

    Scav on Scav attacks

    As far as we know, Karma will not affect Scavs. Scavs will have a reputation system but we don't yet know how it will work or if it is even intended to be like the PMC Karma. Fact is, Scavs live in a 'Dog eat Dog' world. They are willing to betray and murder each other for that better scrap of something. This is pretty much stated in the game and in some interviews/videos by the DEVs. I Don't see Scav on Scav violence as an issue. Scavs are free to play however they like. If that includes killing everything that moves regardless of who they are, then more power to them. Doesn't mean there shouldn't be consequences to this though, but that is from looking at it from a more realistic standpoint. Thinking Scavs need to be punished because scavs should all hold hands and work together is the wrong way to look at it.
  12. ShiroTenshi


    Yep, they are. They have been working on all these issues since patch deployment and feedback started coming back. No info can be given when there is none to give. They are working on it is the only thing we can tell you at this moment. Once you submit bug reports, you will have to wait. The system is bursting right now so they might take a bit but they will get to it.
  13. ShiroTenshi


    They do. Logs are created from the moment you launch the game, not when you join a raid. I understand where you are coming from, but you need to learn patience. You are right. 'This is a Beta' and that means that bugs, glitches and errors are to be expected. They are just part of testing. You don't have the game yet. What we are playing right now is a test build and does not represent the final product. It will change, very much so, and the latest changes are just the tip of the iceberg. If you love the current game as it is now, i am sorry to say this but it's not going to last. Of course they are not final, as they will see several iterations as they adjust it based on how it performs but the overall goal is to make Tarkov hard. Much harder then it currently is. Your feedback is appreciated but i would suggest you go read up on the 2016 interviews so you get a feel for what the game is trying to be, which will be different then what it currently is.
  14. ShiroTenshi

    Ban Wave

    A couple of things: AC Collets the evidence, nowhere have we claimed that it was video evidence from reports. We don't know what kind of evidence is collected but that is what the AC does. I highly doubt the AC is collecting video evidence. Anti-Cheat not banning automatically is actually better because while humans make mistakes, so do programs. By having more steps that needs to happen before a ban, it lessens the probability of a false positive as the whole process has to fail several times and not only once. Any and all info you should be paying attention to is the official info. In this there is no confusion as it has been pretty consistent since the start. However, it is your choice to accept it or not. In this the DEVs have no control, but your acceptance of what they say really has no effect on what actually happens. I understand you might be reluctant due to your own personal experience, but please realize your experience isn't the norm.
  15. ShiroTenshi

    Ban Wave

    Not true. The DEVs themselves have stated many times all bans are manually reviewed none are automatic. The cheaters can say whatever they want but i would rather trust what the DEVs say then what the cheaters say. They don't take manual reports either, which you can find out by spending 30 seconds using the search function of the forum, so being reported by other players is not something that affects the ban process. This is just the cheaters being paranoid, and only goes to further support they really don't know what they are talking about if they can't even get that one basic point right. So, again. There are no instant bans for any reason. This is the official information we have right now that came directly from the DEVs.