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  1. And in your equation you discard every variable that might throw a wrench in your idealized view of how things should work instead of how they actually do. The scenario you propose is only viable on paper, when you get the actual game it falls short. I never mentioned the skill level of the players. That is an assumption on your part. In my example i showed how different decisions based on each individuals skill level, regardless what it might be, adds unforeseen elements that you are failing to account for due to Confirmation Bias. It is meant to show that not everything is black and white as you keep trying to make it seem in your example. Regardless, ultimately it is up to the DEVs. I( think this discussion has gone on long enough. We are all arguing in circles now and i feel like this is the perfect place to stop as some posts are edging dangerously close to rule breaking. Everything has been said and will be left to the DEVs consideration. #locked
  2. ShiroTenshi

    Insurance and people with tight schedules

    Well, the idea isn't bad. I know the DEVs have touched on the possibility of having a mobile APP for Tarkov in which insurance claiming would be one of the features, but i'm not entirely sure if this will go through or not.
  3. ShiroTenshi

    Too many cheaters.

    Sure, go by what the people trying to sell you an illegal product say. I'm sure they are 100% honest and not trying to sell you something by twisting the truth. Meanwhile, every day people keep complaining about being banned.
  4. ShiroTenshi

    What are you working on to get rid of hackers?

    Hello! This is not a cheat. This is a bug that is well known and being fixed. Contrary to what some might tell you, there are not GodMode hacks for EFT commonly available, if at all. Player health and state (Alive/dead) isn't something that can be controlled by the client. There is anti-cheat already in the game and it is constantly being improved, so while we do recognize that there are cheats, the DEVs are also working on it. The plan is to eventually have 2 Anti Cheats working at the same time. For now they are focusing on improving the one they currently have.
  5. ShiroTenshi

    New weapon - K-Banan

    Not enough Tris.
  6. In a hypothetical situation where only 2 players exist and that is set up set up specifically to show the AKM is technically superior. In this regards you are right. Now let's look at what actually happens. A player looking to Min/Max his run, or just not risk much gear, takes just a pistol in his gamma container. Not even talking about the Glock, ANY pistol.. Let us assume, for the sake or argument, that he chooses ammo with an emphasis on flesh damage and not armor penetration. During the run he spots another player carrying an AKM. At this point 1 of 2 things can happen. He either remains undetected, or the AKM player sees him and starts engaging. If pistol player remains undetected: He now has the chance to access his situation and consider what course of action to take. Yes, Pistols have a range disadvantage but that is negated by setting up an ambush in close range where it is much easier to get a kill shot to vulnerable areas. Pistol player can do this, choose not to engage at all, or choose to go after a Scav with better weaponry before returning to attempt to engage AKM player. Assuming he chooses to go for the ambush, he can attempt to close the distance and remain undetected while looking for the perfect opportunity to engage. This would be when the other player is otherwise focused on something else. Engaging or looting an AI, ruffling through a box, stuck in door opening animation, etc. Assuming he decides to try and find a better weapon to increase his odds, this is the end of the pistol vs AKM scenario in which the Pistol DIDN'T lose. It simply wasn't used. If the Pistol player is detected, 2 things can happen. He either dies instantly the first few shots, or the shots miss and he is able to run. Let us assume the shots just barely grazed him and he is still alive, although hurt. He now has two choices. He either runs and attempts to lose his opponent, which at 50 meters is a fair chance if you know the map and how to hide silently, or he goes attempts to set up an ambush in an area that forces his opponent to come closer to him, increasing his chances of hitting vulnerable areas. Assuming he bit the big one instead, well he still has a pistol since it never left his gamma. All of the choices and decision above, coming up with tactics and analyzing your chances, are part of what is commonly referred to as 'Skill'. A skilled player will be able to turn the tides in his favor, an unskilled player will not and will make poor decisions because of it. The problem with your scenario is that it focuses too much on 2 players going head to head, one with a pistol and another with an AKM. This assumes the pistol player already made all the bad decisions before hand if he is starting a fight in a disadvantageous situation. It removes any outside variable other than those 2 players. There are no AI to interfere, there are not third players to come in while the players are distracted, there is no semblance to what actually happens. It is an idealized concept which fails to portray the numerous decisions and actions that lead up to the moment when the fight starts. I can do that too: One player has a flashbang and Hatchet, Another has an AKM and full gen 4 armor. Hatchet players throws the flashbang at the AKM player, blinding him. Hatchet player wins 9 out of 10 times because blind player can only spray around randomly. 'Flashbangs OP, make them more expensive!'
  7. Which i have done, many times before, and have gotten different results then you claim. Makarovs, TTs, Glocks, etc. If you know how to use them you can come out the winner. The same can be said for the AK. In the end what gun you use does not matter, your SKILL does. This is exactly why your arguments are falling flat. They approach the issue with an unrealistic and very idealized view that is just not true. To prove this, your insistence on having examples where 2 players are always of 'Equal Skill' or shoot 'At the Same time' under as if under controlled conditions. This too is an unrealistic and idealized scenario that holds no water when faced with what actually happens. Which should be obvious by the amount of people that have said attempted to get through to you int his thread alone. People you automatically name as 'Casuals' so you can justify why you are right and they are wrong. You have some points i agree with, it is just your so called 'facts' and 'data' that are just plain wrong.
  8. Which is where your argument falls flat, as stated, because this is an UNREALISTIC portrayal of what actually happens. It is an example skewed towards your own flawed bias, because it is the ONLY one you can find that supports your opinion. Something that is mirrored time and time again by the vast majority of the posts you make. Whereas i would rather base my facts on things that actually happen. You speak in hypothetical scenarios, i speak of what actually happens. You can get whatever kind of 'proof' you want if you tailor your examples to fit only your narrative. THIS is the purest example of Confirmation Bias, even if you fail to see it.
  9. ShiroTenshi

    Too many cheaters.

    This is something you do not have any information on, and thus have no basis to make any claims. Let's trust the DEVs on this, the AC has proven itself several times before.
  10. That is the thing, you are putting forth a hypothetical situation that will never happen in Tarkov. What you need to base yourself on is reality not a hypothetical scenario built specifically to support your opinion. That is commonly called Confirmation Bias. The same can be said of your graphs. You show how, in March, AKs were bought more often but you fail to mention that you could then trade 2 AK bodies for a better item (A big backpack, iirc), or that you could trade a single blackrock for an AK (turning ~10k sale value to ~16k). Your graphs show nothing that proves people were actually bringing in those AKs into the raids. On the other hand, what we have is first hand experience, that anyone playing the game right now will confirm, AKs are not the most commonly used weapon. I get more AK74's off of the Scav boss Guards then i get off of players. We see people coming in with handguns and making it out big versus people running rifles, we see a wide variety of weapons being used, out of which i would say the most common is the SKS and VEPR at this point. So i'm sorry, you can speculate all you want but unfortunately reality has proven you wrong. Personally i do agree scavs should have a longer timer, like 30-40 minutes or so (but start the timer when they load into the raid, that way there's an incentive to actually spend more time in raid), but these ideas you have as to why are just not very thought out.
  11. ShiroTenshi

    New patch

    That is because they were posted in the relevant threads and not on a separate topic. And the updated release date for the patch was also posted on that thread as well. And not only that, there have been other update posted to that thread. If we made a new topic for every little update we would have a mess of many many threads spamming the forum, so it is best to keep everything in the same location. Stands to reason that if you are looking for an update, you look on the one thread that is discussing the patch.
  12. ShiroTenshi

    Cheater called [REMOVED]

    Hello! We do not allow naming and shaming of suspected cheaters. Please use the search function before creating a new thread, as per the rules. If they are cheating, they will be banned eventually. #locked.
  13. ShiroTenshi

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    There is the preliminary notes already up in the Beta section, but they will be posting an updated patch notes in the coming days. i know they will be adding some points that are not in the prelim notes.
  14. ShiroTenshi

    New Kind of Hacker

    Hello! We do not allow naming and shaming of suspected cheaters. Please use the search function before creating a new thread, as per the rules. #locked.