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  1. Yes, everything you own will be wiped and reset back to how it was when your first created your character. The only thing you will retain this time around is the trader loyalty levels.
  2. ShiroTenshi

    EFT ‘Self Balancing’ Economic Model

    That is a pretty good question. There are a couple of things we know the overall plan for, but not how they will implement it and i think this is one of those things. We know NPC trader stock and prices will also be affected by resupply chances (Not everything will be restocked regularly or in the same constant ammounts). We know Traders will not all be available at the start of the game, and will have to be unlocked by searching and finding them in the raids. We also know that NPC traders will be able to run out of money, get sick or even die. Lastly, trading is moving away from just NPC based into player trading with the auction and flea market, eventually even player owned stores. These could serve as an alternative to NPC traders increasing the prices too much due to high demand.
  3. ShiroTenshi

    Hey all :)

    Welcome to Tarkov! Remember that right now the game is still unfinished, so there are bound to be issues, but it is still pretty fun to play. We also just recently made a 'LFG' section so if you ever want to team up, post there.
  4. ShiroTenshi

    When will you IP ban hackers

    Guys, i understand the frustration but the DEVs have a plan. We have only seen part of the planned Anti-Cheat countermeasures. Nikita has stated that the plan is to have 2 ACs running in tandem. The first one being the in house one they are making right now, and the second being a third party option. Right now we don't know what the third party AC will be, nor do i think they should announce it ahead of time and let the cheat makers make preparations for it. All we know is that it is in the works and the battle against cheaters is still constantly ongoing. And yes, AC bans Daily and Bans take up to a week isn't a contradiction. It means that evidence is collected for some time, then reviewed before a ban is applied which can take up to a week, but actual bans happen every day. IE, every day there are people who find themselves at the end of this collection and review process. Please remember that there is already an Anti-Cheat in place. It might not be perfect but it is doing it's job. If it wasn't, that guy wouldn't be on his 10th account. Please have a bit of faith in the DEVs and the plan they have. They do care about the hackers but it is not a simple or fast fix. #locked.
  5. ShiroTenshi

    When will you IP ban hackers

    @jukeboxknox IP Bans are a grossly inefficient thing. Specially in Europe. I understand the frustration but these days it's as simple as unplugging your router for 5 minutes and you get assigned a new IP when you boot it back up again. I understand and agree there needs to be a solution for repeat offenders, but at this moment IP banning would only really catch a small part of people still running on old internet systems.
  6. ShiroTenshi

    Best starting weapon for lvl1 traders?

    SKS, VEPR in 7.62x39 Can't go wrong with that. SKS is probably the most stable out of the 'box' but i like the extra 10 rounds of ammo a Vepr can hold.
  7. ShiroTenshi

    Fly hacker

    Hello! The DEVs are not taking manual reports of suspected cheaters at this time. In the future it is a possibility but not right now. We also do not allow naming and shaming on the forums. Please use the search function before creating a new thread, as per the rules. Kind Regards. #locked
  8. ShiroTenshi

    need friends on pc

    Hello! Please refer to the clan section to find others to play with: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/40-clans/ Kind Regards
  9. ShiroTenshi

    Please read this

    Community sites are managed by the community. BSG does not have any connection to these, nor can they tell them how to run things. If you have an issue with a community, please keep it to PMs or within that community as it is not related to BSG or the game. Please do not bring drama onto the Forums. Kind Regards. #locked
  10. ShiroTenshi

    speed hacker

    Hello! The DEVs are currently not taking in manual reports of suspected cheaters. Please use the search function before creating a new thread, as per the rules. Kind Regards #locked
  11. ShiroTenshi

    Game is too unfriendly to new players

    Uhh.. The front page? Now, it's not only an RPG but it's in there so you can, at the very least, say it has RPG elements. Also, here is how Nikita himself described the mix of elements in Tarkov. And this isn't the only interview in which the DEVs describe the game as also being an RPG.
  12. ShiroTenshi

    ¿Forbidden Software?

    Granted there can be false positives, the whole process of actually banning someone is carefully monitored to ensure that they are not acted upon. Devs have stated whenever they ban they do so only after having enough proof of foul play that they feel confident it could hold up in court. They won't share this evidence, even with the banned person, for security reasons. You could, theoretically, have access to this info. You would need to take them to court, but at that point the cost far outweigh the gains.
  13. ShiroTenshi

    Why is the game so focused on teams

    Right now, The Squad System. No One if forcing you to play solo. That is your choice. You have the ability to squad up and even the odds at the very least. Eventually, Karma system will make it so that people at least have to consider if they want to engage you first. And ingame voice will enable you to talk your way (possibly) out of more tricky situations. I myself play solo most of the time. but i know that is a choice i am making that will make it harder on me. Same as you. Even if you don't have that many friends, there are clans and communities with teamspeak and discord servers that you could join to get team mates. If you choose to, it's not hard to find people to play with, Not at all. But as i said, it is a matter of what you choose to do, the game isn't forcing solo OR group play on you. It is just giving you several things to choose from each with it's own pros and cons. Solo - More loot potential at the end of the raid, play as you want. But higher change of getting killed by other players as there are more of them Group - Safety in numbers makes it more likely you will survive and win fights. Less loot potential at the end of raid and the added necessity to coordinate with your team mates restricts how you can play. Risk of teamkill in event of poor team mates or communication.
  14. ShiroTenshi

    Why is the game so focused on teams

    Well that is the choice you have to make though. You understand that as a solo player you will be playing against teams. You have all the tools available to you to turn the tides back in your favor, what remains is the choice to use them or not.
  15. ShiroTenshi

    Why is the game so focused on teams

    To be perfectly honest, they have advertised this game (since 2016) as more team oriented since the start. They have also said that playing Solo will be an option but that it will be increasingly hard. It's possible but it is adding another layer of difficulty to the whole thing. I will admit it is not information you will find right at the front page but it does exist. It is entirely up to the customer to make the choice if he wants to brave the odds or not, but please take into consideration that right now there are missing features that will affect gameplay (like Karma, ingame voice chat and persistent health to name a few). The DEVs have already stated that they plan on giving SOLO players a fair chance at playing solo but we do not yet know in what way. Also remember that just because you see someone it doesn't mean you have to engage them. You need to consider if it's worth engaging someone or a team. There's no shame in living to fight another day. You don't have to engage those 5 man teams if they haven't seen you already, just hide and wait them out. Not as exciting but certainly increases survivability.