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  1. Just remove scavs & add more loot.

    This has been brought up several times already, to which the DEVs answer each and every time has been a resounding 'No. AI will not be removed, it will be improved.' Please make sure to use the search function before making a new thread, as per the rules. #locked.
  2. team vs. solo

    @beBULLE Please be aware that while there is an interview of a DEV (Nikita) saying that there will be raids in which there will be some things that require more than one person, we don't know exactly HOW this will be implemented. It could be that it's not related to being able to extract from the raid at all, or it could be that extraction is locked until some sort of action that requires 2 players is done. At this point there really isn't an answer to your question as the DEVs have not really gone into detail about every single map or mission. Also, please be aware that the current state of the game does not represent the final product. It will change, that much i can assure you.
  3. Trader's capped?

    I wouldn't look too deep into it to be honest. The current Economy is only placeholder for when they start implementing the dynamic AI to manage it. Not only will the prices be constantly fluctuating based on the supply and demand, some events will also influence the trader stocks and pricing. I honestly think people rely on traders way more than they realize it is intended to. Heck, i bet most people don't even know that they won't have access to most of the traders when starting out and will have to unlock them through playing the raids. When trading gets more fleshed out with the weekly auction, flea market, player owned stores in addition to the npc traders then we will see a shift in how the economy works and it will be very different from what we currently have.
  4. All vendor fully upgraded now?

    Please use the search function before creating a new thread, as per the rules. #locked.
  5. Answer the question of the Scav - 1

    It would be easy to just shoot him and be done with it. Real easy. And simple too. Sure it would make a bit of a mess, and some noise, but compared to the possible consequences of letting him live or even helping him out it would be the simplest solution by far. However.. If in killing a monster you end up becoming one yourself then where's the point in it? Sigh Helping him out of the hole, at gunpoint with the commitment that at the slightest movement that looks fishy he'll get a double tap in the stomach, is what ultimately happens. Throwing caution out the window for the sake of retaining what is left of my humanity. Some would call it insane, and i don't disagree. But no sane person would be able to survive Tarkov.
  6. Netcode

    Hello The DEVs have already stated that they are aware of the netcoding issue and are hard at work in fixing it. It is a big focus for them at the moment. All we can do now is wait. Please use the search function before creating new threads, as per the rules. #Locked.
  7. Wipe?

    Hello, As per the rules, use the search function. There are already threads about this. #locked.
  8. Wipe news

    Fixed the quote for you. Honestly, While Klean does work for BSG if it's not announced on here first than take it with a grain of salt. If it's official it will be found in the official channels (FB, Twitter, Forums). If it's not there, than it's not set in stone and more of a 'if things go according to plan' kind of thing.
  9. Soon™ Or if you want to get technical, it will come out exactly When it's Ready.
  10. The Wipe is Coming??? Pilgrim bags?!

    Oh no, Wipe IS coming before the Open beta. That much i can guarantee you. Just no exact date for when this will be (though there is an estimate floating around the staff chat, i cant reveal it). We will have updates before the open beta and the wipe will probably come when they add the new reloading and healing animations. Regardless, whenever Wipe come, it will be announced by the DEVs.
  11. PvE version

    Hello As per Nikita, there will be a Peer to Peer version of the game where you will be able to play with your friends against the AI, however this will not save your progress. This will be used mainly for training, learning the map, etc. There will be no PVE mode in which your progress will save. Also: Make sure whenever you use the search function to be at the main forums page. If you use it while in a subsection it will only search that subsection. Kind Regards.
  12. My thoughts on this new 'Hideout' thing

    Hello Please use the search function before creating a new thread, as per the rules. There are already several threads where this is discussed. Kind Regards. #Locked

    Hello I am sorry this happened to you, however there is no way to get these items back. The DEVs are not returning items lost to bugs, glitches or error during the Testing stage. As per the TOS, section 1.6: (a) playing beta games is at your own risk and that you know that the games may include known or unknown bugs; Kind Regards.
  14. How much meters?

    In previous versions this used to be working, and i specifically measured the distance from the T junction of the road to the area around the bus depot by only killing a single scav during the raid. It told me it was a 198 meter kill. This was to give me a way to measure the entire map of customs, to get a feel for how big it really is.
  15. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    This will not happen. They have already addressed this. Not only would i mean that all the equipment would need to be duplicated and adjusted to fit the female model, but the DEVs also don't believe it would be realistic.