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  1. sasman789

    scav nerf and late spawns fixed

    did i say that scav's spawning late was an issue? where did i say that?
  2. sasman789

    scav nerf and late spawns fixed

    raider scavs and boss scavs need to be nerfed incredibly. i don't care that you can unload an entire 60 round mag into their chest and they can walk away. i'm talking about the snaping to you from 200 meters away to hit you right in the eyes. it's ridiculous. the only way to beat them is to wait around a corner and just headshot farm. it's just very annoying when you get shot through 3 rooms and instantly get headshotted. and the late spawns that honestly in last 15 raids i've spawned into the raid 5-10 minutes late about 7 times. sometimes more extreme.
  3. it seems like scavs have night vision during night time raids, like you cna be standing in the darkest corner of the map pitch black and they will still snap to you as soon you have a shot on you. maybe it's just me but that's just dumb as heck
  4. sasman789

    I suggest you to fix this goddamn game...

    @MSF_x_Smurf "iTs In BeTa KiDdO
  5. sasman789

    is this a hacker?

    it's processing and taking forever sorry finished now @JunkieJoe
  6. sasman789

    is this a hacker?

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EbzZm0lYx4N67CFZxQnFWUDHoYFJLrkh so if you watch the video i unload on this guy and hit him 25 times and he didn't die. i just want to know if this is some sort of hack thing or what?
  7. sasman789

    BSG do not bend your original idea

  8. sasman789

    glitching into objects?

  9. sasman789

    wE fIxEd ThE sPaWnS

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HV1NEdGsviWWUtLpFB_Ipg9vpY1g1smc wE fIxEd ThE sPaWnS
  10. sasman789

    too sad

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NT5oUaKErIqxhcADAmGA9WTE68hPPKJL https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dLSYj6wRYlJCQvBMTcIa_uCV0kugYPLX some examples of why im uninstalling not great examples mostly stupid play but also helmets dont work and scavs can shoot through boxes while looking sideways. see you in a year tarkov.
  11. sasman789

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    it's closer to pre alpha at this point. they keep adding content and mechanics but not fixing anything that we beg them to. it's poo.
  12. sasman789

    scavs killing scavs

    if i'm playing as a scav and other scav tries to kill me or the scavs around me i shouldn't get shot in the head by the one i was protecting right after. it makes 0 sense and shouldn't be a thing. fix this please. it's cancer
  13. sasman789

    hacker or de snyc?

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f83SOhpW_BRsNc_K_Pam-gL9mmAC7Ucd so idk how he wouldve instantly known where i was or why he was pre firing for 20 seconds
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yOYVVoVVelnGPBC6NrkurlacYUc7bqSO
  15. sasman789

    sooo de snyc

    anyone else getting huge amounts of de snyc? i get 40-50 ping constantly but i've been killed by people before they come through doors or when i've been in cover for 5 seconds then die. i'm just disappointed.