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  1. This is pretty neat and I just noticed this.. does this happen for anyone else.. when u look or inspect a scope either a 4x or 24x or w.e inside the scope u have a still frame of a construction vehicle..
  2. New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    @Natalino Yes.. this looks so amazing I can not wait... Will there be any sale of the game, I want to upgrade to the EOD if there is when this patch comes out?!?!
  3. New players

    Character name Dorn_Omega Description A crazy Ex CIA operative His past Working for the US government, has no family left. How did he get to Tarkov? Took on work within the contract wars Predilections Relaxation, food and woman Friends Not to many.. he was one very close friend that he usually works along side with named T Wounds, and battles To many to count Aspirations To make it through life and settle down one day with a family The greatest achievement that character did One word... Bin Ladin Strength 28 Endurance 27 Accuracy 25 Fighter
  4. Another cheater

    So today I have been killed by this In game name called <something> he has killed me with a headshot while I was in a garage in the custums and multiple other places that is impossible.. I have seen him clip threw walls and go to out of bounds areas.. Just letting you guys know this guys a straight loser
  5. Patch 0.8.0 release date confirmed

    wow when did he post this??
  6. New AK variant screenshots

    jump off it bro
  7. Items like the empty wallet

    lol its ok I'm surprised I remember a lot of this poo anyway lol wasting space with useless information in my tiny brain hahahah
  8. Items like the empty wallet

    money case is 2x3 everyone come on lol
  9. EFT Dev Blog (sound)

    Nope lmfao!!!
  10. EFT Dev Blog (sound)

    I'm American and I love me some sprats lol!!! no need for bread though I eat that poo outa the can!!! -=] lipton tea after !!! keep up the great work guys.. much appreciation and love! <3
  11. The Traders Greed event is over

    I got like 10 million from just playing like a normal person.. but still didn't have everything unlocked..
  12. HAHA that truck is epic though... ill glady put an escape from tarkov wrap on my Subaru wrx sti lol
  13. Ragman - the new merchant!

  14. Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Dorn_Omega Описание A crazy fool with nothing to lose. Его прошлое Drug Addict Как он попал в Тарков? No one will ever know Пристрастия Fancy things and woman Друзья HAHA Ранения и битвы Nam lol Стремления =] Самые значительные достижения персонажа He has one word.. Hitler Сила 28 Выносливость 27 Меткость 25 Инженер
  15. The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    Do we have official news on what is being added next?!?!