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  1. DaDorn666

    Rare Item?

    I have 3 in my medical container. it came when the coffee and the red pliers and the powerbanks came in..
  2. DaDorn666

    Escape from Tarkov + Razer Kraken 7.1

    the thing is they have gotten a lot better and yes for audio quality they are a lil better but for pinpointing where players are or sounds are coming from then surround is better..
  3. DaDorn666

    0.9 Update

    idk I just really hope that it gets better and more people play.. so many less people playing lately.. I love this game.. I really hope all works out. =[
  4. DaDorn666

    Escape from Tarkov + Razer Kraken 7.1

    I really don't know about that but with my 7.1s I can tell where shots are coming from like behind to the left or infront to the right.. so with stereo at 2.1 or w.e I probably wudnt be able to tell … so idk about all that stereo wud be better other than maybe a little better quality...
  5. DaDorn666

    Escape from Tarkov + Razer Kraken 7.1

    @barricade why do you say that??
  6. DaDorn666

    Escape from Tarkov + Razer Kraken 7.1

    so when you see your sounds devices double click on the headphones... then go to the SPATIAL SOUND TAB.. and select the 7.1 program you have or want.. so I don't have dolby atmos.. I have windows sonic for headphones selected then the 7.1 box checked off.. hope that helpSSS!!!!
  7. DaDorn666

    Escape from Tarkov + Razer Kraken 7.1

    @Stalineczka same with my settings it wont let me hit configure.. but my headphones work pretty well.. sometimes that does happen though that sounds don't come from the right way lol
  8. yes by far the M1A is the sexiest piece of work in the game so far!!! its my beauty and shes a beast!!!!!
  9. DaDorn666


    @Peaslyhello sir Welcome to TARKOV.. where all hell breaks loose every moment of the day.. and its usually raining lmfao =] So on to the point.. We Tarkovians have a mission to test this fabulous game. And make it the best it can be at launch time. Yes there will be wipes.. BUT ME PERSONALLY.. don't mind getting full wiped bc it gives me another reason to play again.. I know some people don't like the idea but that's what everyone signed up for when they pre purchased and play the beta.. I personally don't have close to as much available time as some people and streamers hell I dotn think ill hit lvl 40 and get to test some of that stuff before the next wipe.. Another thing is that they usually don't announce wipes and updates to far ahead bc poo can go wrong and then people will be mad and say the said it was this day and it didn't happen.. and most of the time the DEVS they really don't know until a week or so before hand when they will be ready to update and wipe. but think of it like practice... to get better and then be the best you can be at launch.. hell if you hate they idea of all your time being wiped with a push of the DEV BUTTON don't get to mentally involed just PLAY and have fun.. Shits bound to mess up but that's what going to happen in a beta.. ALL I CAN TELL YOU IS GOODLUCK AND HAVE FUN... and dotn cheat =] WELCOME TO TARKOV.
  10. DaDorn666

    New Geneburn soundtrack "Exfiltration"

    Amazing music... amazing sound recording from the team.. Fantastic Animations.. Quality of detail spectacular// You guys are the best indie out there. Don't let people turn your guys passion off.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.. <3
  11. on shoreline I don't even use comtacs and i can hear reloading and grenade pins and poo from across the map.. the most prominent is reloading of the shotgun... I heard someone reloading from the gas station from beach spawn.. aint that cuteee
  12. DaDorn666

    Pier boat extract??

    what are you talking about new feature??? a new bug feature???
  13. DaDorn666

    Pier boat extract??

    So I'm on shoreline and trying to extract at pier boat like I've done hundreds of times lol but doesn't work now??? The boats here... any clues...
  14. DaDorn666

    What the heck just happened?

    YES when they update the servers they end the server.. if u stay alive when the timer runs out u keep what ever u have one you including stuff you looted..
  15. DaDorn666

    *New WIP Materials*