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  1. I have not used it.. but yes it deff looks better.. in some aspects.
  2. @TheWay hello all this looks amazing when will there be an English talking tarkov? To explain everything posted here?
  3. DaDorn666

    Surrond Sound not working | Siberia 840

    posts from almost a year ago still helping people today... love it!! haha
  4. DaDorn666

    2018 open beta?

    just so you know its not really an OPEN beta.. open beta usually mean free access... because of how many people play this.. it wont be free to play during beta it will be like some people will be invited to play for free but not many! And no they have not announced any info on the Open beta.. like I said in a post months ago they wanted the hideout implemented, the arena mode working, ragfair operational, and tera labs done before they even think about the ''open beta"
  5. DaDorn666

    Q&A from the "Little update for you"

    I know what im asking for if you actually read what I said.. I said that's the only time I tried lvl 40 stuff was back at .8 before all the interchange item patch and everything since.. and to be honest it did not break anything more people where testing the best gear.. just bc u didn't like it doesn't mean everyone didn't.. a lot of people didn't level to 40 and want to actually try this stuff.. the only thing that was bad about that was bc they changed the buy and sell prices of everything to.. I just want the gear unlocked not the prices to go all stupid!
  6. DaDorn666

    Q&A from the "Little update for you"

    QUESTION.. Will traders be unlocked before wipe so us people that work 60+ hours a week that haven't reached level 40 yet can try end game stuff?? I have yet to try any lvl 40 stuff for the past 3 wipes.. except when they did the trader unlock months ago! Please =)
  7. DaDorn666

    PVE Character

    yes I know they say its planned to almost everything everybody asks them but ya I know its planned. just saying how the offline mode should be.. it shouldn't be its own separate character it shud just be an offline version of your main character. exactly how it is right now just with more options and co op!
  8. DaDorn666

    PVE Character

    this is an ok idea.. but @DanExert is right.. this game is a MMOFPSRPG lol its meant to be multiplayer.. NOW don't get me a wrong an offline mode like the one we have plus all the updates its getting soon with the ability to invite our squad to train.. or to invite new people to help show them the maps wud be amazing I have always said the offline should of always had more options and coop.. so we cud train to our hearts content!!!! but to have the offline its own separate player stats and everything is a waste of the DEVS time to be honest!
  9. DaDorn666

    HUGE FPS drops.. more than ever.

    its crazy Ive been playing for months and never had frame drops and stutters like this.. its almost unplayable wtf
  10. So idk what has happened but every raid I go from 100fps down to 3 fps every 10 seconds.. my RAM is all 16 outa of 16.. this has never happened before when playing why is this happening all of a sudden.
  11. DaDorn666

    Missing in Action Bug

    so this is the first time this has ever happened to me... and this happened to you guys months ago.. why havnt they fixed this poo this is ducking retarded just lost close to a mill rubles in gear
  12. DaDorn666

    Looking for Dondir

    after that he prob rage quit lmfao but who knows... but you are a hero.. id do the same.. clearly knowing he either fucked up big by not knowing or he was trading and did it stupidly lmfao
  13. DaDorn666

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon! 8/2/18

    Beautiful just beautiful..
  14. DaDorn666

    0.10 patch WIP

    To be honest I think there might be wipe if they are adding more skills and adjusting skills. And adding a flea market.. to be honest I don't think I'm going to play as much as I have been until I find out If wipe or not. I really am tired of some of these missions lol I've done them soooo many times.. ive collected over 120 tushonka... I'm seeing God blessed tushonka in my dreams.. I go to store I think I see tushonka.. then some how one ends up in my checkout bag.. I'm worried..
  15. DaDorn666

    More Experience

    So I was talking to some people about making more exp for surviving longer.. The idea is in the stats you have a max survives in a row.. well maybe when u extract say u survived 2 game in a row.. the multiplier at the end wud go from 1.5 times exp to 1.6 times.... then u survive 3 raids and it goes to 1.7 times.. and so on and so on until u die it wud reset.. But for some people I talk to its hard to earn exp.. I feel like there should be more ways to earn exp!! Any suggestion!!