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  1. DaDorn666

    Missing in Action Bug

    so this is the first time this has ever happened to me... and this happened to you guys months ago.. why havnt they fixed this poo this is ducking retarded just lost close to a mill rubles in gear
  2. DaDorn666

    Looking for Dondir

    after that he prob rage quit lmfao but who knows... but you are a hero.. id do the same.. clearly knowing he either fucked up big by not knowing or he was trading and did it stupidly lmfao
  3. DaDorn666

    New WIP Materials Coming Soon! 8/2/18

    Beautiful just beautiful..
  4. DaDorn666

    0.10 patch WIP

    To be honest I think there might be wipe if they are adding more skills and adjusting skills. And adding a flea market.. to be honest I don't think I'm going to play as much as I have been until I find out If wipe or not. I really am tired of some of these missions lol I've done them soooo many times.. ive collected over 120 tushonka... I'm seeing God blessed tushonka in my dreams.. I go to store I think I see tushonka.. then some how one ends up in my checkout bag.. I'm worried..
  5. DaDorn666

    More Experience

    So I was talking to some people about making more exp for surviving longer.. The idea is in the stats you have a max survives in a row.. well maybe when u extract say u survived 2 game in a row.. the multiplier at the end wud go from 1.5 times exp to 1.6 times.... then u survive 3 raids and it goes to 1.7 times.. and so on and so on until u die it wud reset.. But for some people I talk to its hard to earn exp.. I feel like there should be more ways to earn exp!! Any suggestion!!
  6. DaDorn666

    Why does 5.45x45 deal so little damage?

    and im saying ive literally never seen that happen in the past 3 months.. anytime I have hit someone in the head they die.. so I must have the lucky connection then///
  7. DaDorn666

    How many people hunt for the white armor at fencer?

    haha good.. now to farm other poo lol
  8. DaDorn666

    Why does 5.45x45 deal so little damage?

    @theroyalfake I just don't understand... how are you agreeing with me??? I said it only takes 1 shot in the head to kill someone.. but you keep saying it takes more then one shot?? this is why im getting pissed I keep saying it takes me 1 shot to kill someone in the face.. u keep saying its more than that.. but you say you agree with me WTF??? Clearly your the one that needs sun.. dam fool
  9. DaDorn666

    How many people hunt for the white armor at fencer?

    haha indeed I noticed It has to be above 6500 rubles for it to be usable for the quest.. if I remember correctly hope that helps narrow it down
  10. DaDorn666

    Any one found the 40mm greande yet?

    ya I found 2 so far this patch lol.. I keep them as lil souvenirs =]
  11. DaDorn666

    How many people hunt for the white armor at fencer?

    lol actually I have noticed on US servers around 6am east coast time that's when I get back from working out and play most days.. I can usually buy stuff from fence if ur quick enough.. don't laligag around lol like I got a keybar and I even messed up once hitting the fill money .. so clearly not that many people on then.. same with the white armor.. ive been searching since start for that black custom forestock for the shotgun for mechanic quest since the patch knowing that ill need that.. so ill keep on eye on fence here and there.. so when im looking for that I was able to grab 2 of the 5 I needed.. but make sure they have enough durability!! happy FENCING =]
  12. DaDorn666

    Why does 5.45x45 deal so little damage?

    @theroyalfake see you clearly said it takes multiple shots to the face to kill someone.. which is soo untrue.. about 20 min ago I shot a guy with a kiver helmut on in the face with a sks and boom dead.. 1 shot.. and earlier I shot a hatchling with a Makarov boom dead one shot in the face.. lol clearly if it takes u so many shots to the face to kill someone either ur completely blind and missing or the desync for u is retardedly bad.. which I suspect the first. =] have a beautiful day in tarkov =]
  13. DaDorn666

    2018 open beta?

    ya it mostly is for stress testing and breaking stuff to kno what needs fixing before release!! =] and to gain more people that get addicted and purchase after open beta
  14. DaDorn666

    Why does 5.45x45 deal so little damage?

    Dude are you dumb.. you said that it takes multiple shots to the face to kill someone.. I have never seen that happen... maybe with desync but like I said when they added the face hitbox months ago.. ive always killed with a headshot.. unless he has a helmet on dude you said or how multiple headshots at point blank are need to kill... I was saying that it was like that many many months ago but since they added face hit box that has gone away.. @Pretzel the other guy theroyalfake said this patch was a huge step back in one of his posts.. I was saying that the games performance has only gotten better for me so how is that a huge step back when shits working better for me and many others? so that's where those fps numbers came in!! hope that clears it up?
  15. DaDorn666

    2018 open beta?

    haha its true though.. they keep doing updates and implementing patches.. if they didn't care we wud be almost near release with a tenth of what was promised.... but all I see is good in the horizon.. crosses fingers =]