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    What NEEDS to be fixed with scavs

    Dear BSG, Scavengers are overpowered. If realism is one of the primary goals of the game why are civilians turned survivalists trying to make it to the next day able and proficient enough to shoot like an Olympic marksman? Going through woods I am more fearful and weary of engaging scavs than PMCs. Arguments I've heard from other players are that since armor post wipe has been nerfed scavs are deadlier, but getting killed in 2 shots by a scav with a vepr when wearing full UN armor and the body part I died from was my arm means something is wrong. Terminator scavs is not the right term for them since scavs have better accuracy than the androids in the Terminator series films. Also from what feels around 50% of the time scavs instantly start running when initially being shot at or hit, which is ridiculous when your initial reaction to being almost shot or being shot is shock or confusion, and not an instinct to sprint away, which would happen after understanding what has or is happening. Very Respectfully, Someone who wants Prapor's loot finding dogs
  2. AFgordy98

    Please stop decreasing skill while offline

    Battlestate Games should consider this scenario: you decide to take up playing guitar, and practice for 30 minutes every day. As time passes you become more proficient with the guitar; until you've been seriously injured and cannot practice for 6 months. Some proficiency will be inevitably lost, but the time taken to regain the former level of proficiency is much faster. Have the skills be set to where skill levels are not lost, but experience to the next skill level is.
  3. AFgordy98

    New Weapons??

    If the UN was at Tarkov then in theory almost every gun produced by a member state of the UN has a possibility of being in the game. I personally would like to see more older weapons in the game from the WWII era and even earlier. while ammo would be uncommon, and so would the weapons, but it would be fun to say you downed a fully armed and armored character with a weapon that is 80 years old.
  4. AFgordy98

    Factory Extractions need rework

    When playing on Factory sometimes the extractions are limited to cellars and gate 0. I've looked up countless videos and run around the map dozens of times losing newly acquired loot or all progress made as a scav due both extractions being locked. For the sake of the life of the game I do not want to cross my fingers spawning into factory hoping I can extract at the end of the raid, and if not just due whatever it takes to die. Losing hours on a map due to no available extractions is annoying and praying to RNGesus in something so important and vital to the game does not do well for the life of the game. I want the best for this game, and I appreciate the work done so far, so thank you for your time BSG and keep on crunching through. V/R a player that dies way too many times to scavs, especially now that they have aimbot again.