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  1. shepperd

    0.10 patch WIP

    Wait is it really going to be release at the end of the month?
  2. shepperd

    0.10 patch WIP

    The hideout really never came true. Does anyone know if the concept to expand and individual stash in the game through guest be added soon?
  3. shepperd

    weapon cases and item cases

    Question is it a glitch or bug that we can't add tarcola or the energy drink for the amour trade into the "lucky scav junkbox" they are both barter item like the coffee.
  4. shepperd

    Huge ban wave

    If you use reshade does that get you banned or lead to a false positive.
  5. shepperd

    Trailer patch 0.9

    Is it still being work on? Also, do you know if they terra labs will be in this patch.
  6. shepperd

    Trailer patch 0.9

    Whatever happen to the Hideout? Also, it wasn't mention in the patch notes, but will terra labs be out in this patch.
  7. shepperd

    0.9 edition upgrades

    Question I reset my account twice this past wipe, in order to keep things interesting. If I do this next wipe after two months of the partial wipe will it be a full wipe or will it result in a partial wipe.
  8. shepperd

    Taking a break until .9

    I agree with you that locking the M995 ammo behind this task is unreasonable. This make M4 useless since the armor change, and yes you can shoot for the head or legs, but the main point is why wreaking the use of M4 so much. I would like to see the 5.45 BS ammo and 7.62 ammo locked under difficult quest as well. The quest to unlock the purchase of 7.62x39 mm BP at LL4 is just handing prapor guns which can be strip to the bone and sold off for money and then turn in.
  9. shepperd

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 1xFactory Key 10x Circuit boards 1xGraphic card
  10. shepperd

    Whats going on with the extraction timer?

    This has happened to me on my PMC and on a scav run, but is it true if the timer runs out we still keep our stuff.
  11. shepperd

    Official Trading Thread

  12. shepperd

    Launchers Awful download speeds

    Is anybody getting and error popping up when you reach 10% download or higher.
  13. shepperd

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 6x red pliers 11x wilson 8x circuit boards 2xRec battery 3xox bleach 3x wiper 2x Wd 40 100ml 3x green filter 7xGm count 2xwallets
  14. shepperd

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: M995 Ammo if possible.