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  1. 187lloyd

    Where do I report bugs?

  2. 187lloyd

    Where do I report bugs?

    Well cant find a bug forum. Shotguns cannot be loaded. If you inspect the chamber/magazine it actually freezes up everything. Cant drop, change or access personal inventory. Alt + T lets you look inside the well but other than that, you can't really do anything afterwards, but run to extract with a weapon you will never be able to load
  3. Saiga with slugs=free loot. Eats all armor, but easier if you just shoot the legs, so you dont get killed by desync when dude turns around Here is damage chart for ammo, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_8zSZg-viVTZ2bavMEIIKhix6mFTXuVHWcNKZgBrjQ/edit#gid=0
  4. 187lloyd

    someone want to explain this?

    Pretty much desync. Kinda like you know, you shooting at someone, you duck behind cover and die a second or two later. On other person screen you still out of cover he shoots, you die. Yeah, he runs out, you see him, you shoot, but his connection a little behind so some of your shots are pretty much air whiffing, he goes, poo im being shot at, presses mouse button once, you die. Lots of that going on. Almost works as good or better than a lag switch.
  5. 187lloyd

    Weapon Zero

    You are 100% right. I know you were a Marine with different SOP and different weapons training. My whole point is, a proper zero with a proper sight picture and perfect scenario should result in your bullets hitting the target where you place your sight aperture. You zero different sights at different ranges, but for standard and basic explanations here, iron sights should be the basis. I tend to keep my weapon zero'd in game at 100 meters for CQB. Many times I have completely missed my target center mass at 100 meters or less. I dont see where my shots land until I watch my shadow play. I have center mass, with toggle steady aim, and given some situations with desync, A. The shot doesnt register , or B. I see it hit the ground behind my target, or above my target on the side of a building etc. only to have said target in my face with their full auto or hatchet. I can do the same exact scenario with a target 300 meters out and a PSO scope, set zero at 50 meters and kill them. Zeroing in the game is off or should I say, inconsistent. Same for the other game PUBG. Arma 3 is only game that represents the zero of a weapon close to reality as it gets. Still we touch the subject, if we are going to have it in game, majority of soldiers and Marines (those of you who do not know, Marines are not soldiers. They are Marines and they like it that way) need to know it is rarely done "on the fly" because it requires to know where your shots are hitting, and honestly you probably are not going to have tools or time because you are being fired upon. Good old Kentucky Windage is how the game should treat it. You aim too high, adjust your aim lower.
  6. 187lloyd

    Weapon Zero

    Not magically. Nope. But isnt that the point of zeroing your weapon. So you trying to tell me and the rest of the world that 100 to 300 meters you will shoot high due to bullet trajectory on a 75 meter or even a 35 meter target? That our shots would be "high." Yet the military makes you zero your weapon, prior to shooting it, for you to hit targets Center Mass 35 meters to 300 at the range. So all those people who are aiming center mass at said targets closer than 300 meters should be adjusting their aim to hit those targets instead? That is pretty much what you are saying. And I have no idea what I am talking about? So in a video game when I see the dude running in front of me quickly hit page up or down to hit them because that's how zeroing works right? That if I am set at 100 meters and the dude sprinting at me with a hatchet kills me because I wasn't set to 25 and was shooting over his head. In a video game. 1000 meters, 10 meters, 600 meters doesnt matter if someone in front of you 75 or less, ducking muzzle velocity alone going to make the bullet go straight. Not magically lift itself over his head as he running at you because bullet trajectory. You think those kids shooting up the school know about "bullet trajectory." or zeroing. Not a ducking clue. They just know bullets fly straight at close range. poo Marie is running less than 25 meters away from me, I need to aim low at her feet to kill her since I zero'd my weapon for 200 meters and bullet trajectory boy told me that I will hit high.
  7. 187lloyd

    Weapon Zero

    The reality is when you zero a weapon for a certain distance anything below that zero, center mass with proper sight picture and proper shooting technique you are going to land shot center mass. Who the duck zero's a weapon at 100 meters for 300 meters shot? Maximum effective range of the M16 (standard issued Marine weapon) is 1600 meters. Effective key word. Area target 800 meters. Point target 600. So in basic marksmanship terms. You shoot your rifle, unzero'd at a single target 600 meters away, you have a chance of hitting it with some luck because the bullet trajectory is nearing its point target range before you get drop off, wind sheer, etc. You are trying to tell me in basic combat, and MOUT that if Im zero'd at 300 meters and a fucker is standing 75 to 100 meters in front of me, I have to aim low to hit him, not center mass. You must have been a POG or quoting poo you know nothing about. You point center mass at a Daesh with your weapon zero'd at what ever zero you use and shoot over his head at 75 meters. Please. You either ducking high, or worse shot in the Marine Corp. I dont need to look up anything online or trajectory charts. I filled out enough range cards to make your head spin and for god damn sure know how to zero a weapon. Why you think we zero at 300 meters? Because we want to make sure we kill everything 300 metes out and more? No. Would be nice though. We want to make sure we can kill everything 300 meters out and closer. Why? Because we dont want to engage the enemy in CQB or let them get into hand grenade range. As for the zeroing you just for mentioned, ACOG sight at 100 meters. Um basic marksmanship you do not use ACOG or any other sight aperture other than IRON SIGHTS. If you cant ducking shoot with iron sights, you think they going to issue and ACOG? You trying to tell me when I was qualifying at the range, zero'd at 300 meters aiming center mass I should have been over shooting that 30 meter target, the closest target and easiest on to hit because of bullet trajectory? I mean thats exactly what you are saying. 100, 200, 300 meter zero, you WILL not shoot over your target 25 meters to 300 meters. Period. Unless you are a poo shot. Period.
  8. 187lloyd

    Weapon Zero

    I know that when you zero a weapon. You do it for a certain range, mainly 300 meters if you are n the Army. You zero you weapon by shooting at a target 25 meters away, get your "tight" shot group and walk into center mass of the target, until you are constantly hitting the same area. Then your weapon is "zero'd" to you and your sight picture. That means if you are shooting at a target 300 meters away, and you aim center mass and you hit your target it will be center mass or where you are aiming. Here lies the issue with games and zeroing. You can set your sights for 200 meters in game. A player is 75 meters from you, You aim center mass, you end up shooting over their head because zeroing is all messed up in video games. Your bullets, if you are zeroing for 200 meters should not drop off until that 200 meter distance is met, even so with muzzle velocity etc. you bullets still will fly straight as an arrow for anything below 200 meters. In other words only way you going to be shooting over anyones head at 75 meters while zero'd at 200 is you are shitty shot and aiming way to high. I know games go for realism. Reality is, you are not going to adjust your zero on the fly, in combat unless youre a sniper with a spotter. So unless this game has a shooting range to where we can zero weapons it should not be in the game. If my weapon is zero'd to 300 meters for me, because I zero'd it. When you kill me and pick it up, if you are not using exact same weapon sighting as me, ie...placing chin exactly where i place mine, looking through sight aperture where i look through mine, good chance you are not going to hit the target exactly where I would, if at all. That is pretty much why you are issued your own weapon and continue to use that weapon until assigned another one. Make things simple and zero every weapon to 300 meters and then let players adjust fire because your current system and "PUBG" is crap. I could do a video to show you in game, but really dont want to be earholed while shooting a video during a match. Just know that if I zero at 200 meters and shoot at someone 75 or 100, weapon shoots high. Which is wrong. Very wrong.
  9. 187lloyd

    PvP Event

    LOL. I'm sure that is fun, but the "lack" of scavs is what I was referring too. If players dont que up for scavs then there are literally no other things on map to kill other than PMC's. 6 PMC's is max for factory and once they are dead or have killed each other and no one ques for scavs, its nice and quiet in there for next 30 minutes with nothing to kill or loot.
  10. 187lloyd

    Least noob friendly game ive played...

    You are 100% correct not newbie friendly. That being said you can learn just by playing. Best way to obtain loot is a "hatchet" run or scav run. One way I learned was to hatchet run factory, or scav factory. Hide. Hide. Hide. Most players there for quests to kill scavs, PMC's or drop off items for a quest/task. Hide. Hide. Hide. Wait for the gunfire to subside go out about 10 minute mark. Loot until you cant hold no more, rinse repeat. Then take your new gear and go to other larger maps. When in doubt. Hide.
  11. I dont know about aimbot, but bushes are concealment, they dont stop bullets. Trees and rocks are cover, cover stops bullets. Going to have to post video to show more detail. I can tell you if i see you run into a bush to try and hide from bullets im going to light that bush up like a Xmas tree.
  12. 187lloyd

    PvP Event

    Not much of an event...pretty much cleared out most of maps and players. I went to shoreline saw maybe 1 PMC, no scavs. Went to factory 2 PMC's and no scavs. Customs, heard a gun shot. Saw noone. No one playing scavs if there are haven't seen any. Its like a ghost town. I think for future planned "wipes" maybe just keep things the way they are. I am, and apparently everyone else is bored or just waiting for the wipe. It's kind of like DayZ. No zombies and no players, but tons of loot to loot for no reason.
  13. 187lloyd

    Loading taking forever

    I have 16gb of ram its server side. Loading maps and everything else is good though.
  14. 187lloyd

    Loading taking forever

    Anyone else getting stuck at loading screen when logging on? Taking forever to load in to hit any buttons and if I do get in takes forever for inventory to load in.
  15. 187lloyd

    The Rapist for 200

    Its ok there is a bug with the traders right now where when the hourly reset happens they dont restock all their items