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  1. XTS

    Pre-wipe hacker bullcrap

    I made my way into resort today, sat in a room for a few min waiting for the guy I could hear unlocking doors to come closer, I made no sound what so ever, a player scav runs up to my room and shoots me perfectly knowing full well where I was despite making no sound at all, he didnt stop to check any other room at all. ESP for the win.
  2. XTS

    Strength reset -- thoughts?

    Imagine jumping for hours at the start of a wipe only to have it reset, baited lul.
  3. Awesome idea, Im going to use my 98 year old grandma with parkinsons instead of a robot tho. Thanks mate.
  4. Put on armour and run/jump? does adding more weight make it faster?
  5. If the op was a potato chip he would be salt and vinegar If he was a city he would be salt lake city if he was a type of water he would be salt water Its obvious.
  6. XTS

    Scav Up Time reverted ?

    Seems so
  7. XTS

    Scav Up Time reverted ?

    Was 7:00 before the wipe/update, maybe due to the traders greed event its back to normal now.
  8. XTS

    Accepting a gifted copy

    Solved the problem thanks for the offer and the advice, great game.
  9. XTS

    Accepting a gifted copy

    Hey im trying to gift the game to a friend, It seems like he needs to download and install the game launcher to activate the code? how can he install the launcher without the email and a link to it? Ill buy the copy when I know how and if this will work.