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  1. if you implement this, ill simply load my gamma up with medical and keys, hatchet to the most lootworthy locations, then get a run through and extract. and there is nothing youll be able to do stop me. i only survive 10% of my raids anyways, so far thats about 40 out of 400 or so. and im level 3 in most traders, however, im also suffering from gear fear because no matter how carefully i play, theres always the other players that will somehow not make a sound and shoot me in the back of the head right after i check behind me, or from a kilo away wit ha sniper rifle, feel free to do that read only idea, but i will make a point ot hatchet run even faster and not worry at ALL with getting run throughs, im already dying my way down the level system one gamma full at a time, with your idea ill bring a scav bp or even just a sling in (cant buy mbss's for roubles still) and then loot that way, ill likely never get to a point where i want to run geared, because out of the 20 or so geared runs ive attempted, ive made it out alive only because i didnt meet any combat. and ill avoid combat whenever possible because i know that being optimistic about surviving in this game is absolutely out of any form of reality. the only time i run geared is if i for some reason cant sell it or i need to open up space and im fine with losing it because i cant fit anything else in the stash. the only reason i was sold on this game is because my friends told me it was a looting game, and im a treasure hunter, thats all that appeals to me. take away my ability to save atleast an aks74 or a few pistols or something and ill just hatchet run even harder. also every confrontations with anyone with gear results in me dying, even though i SEE my shots hitting them 90% of the time. id ask for a refund for the game but im doubtful they have a refund policy as this games design is horrible for people like me and im sure thats most people. based on every conversation with people i know, everyone basically hates the game because its just plain bullshit. i just want to have fun, this game has most definitely been 150$ of not fun.
  2. Motzy

    Keeping offline mode, and why.

    you, what? im not addressing anyone in particular. im stating the problem im having with the game and the reason that a solo mode would be far more enticing to a larger player base than just a online mode where everyone is constantly angry and wondering why they even play the game. doesnt change the core elements that are so easily going to turn people away from playing the game. who would win, a loadout with 400k roubles and armor and medical treatment along with a fully kitted out rifle in 7.62 that would literally rip any helmet off any head and cause the head to explode in the real world, or one tappy boi hiding like a cutie in a corner or bush that you can never know was there?
  3. Motzy

    Real talk

    interesting, ive spawned in factory in the past and im not kidding when i said i INSTANTLY died. like, my screen rendered, and i died. i spawned right in front of someone and of course they shot me in the head before i even had a chance to click W or move my mouse. at least it only happened once.. usually i get at minimum 30 seconds to live before being mowed down without having a chance
  4. Motzy

    Keeping offline mode, and why.

    id like for a dedicated offline mode.. because playing against human players quickly has burned me out of enjoying this game. ive spent 150$ on it so im not going to just give up. but its very tiresome to get near extract and then hear *bang* out of nowhere and die, even though im watching every spot i can only to realize they were probably camping in some skeezy little spot like behind a truck where id never have a chance to retaliate. combat is hard enough with the scavs spawning in and walking perfectly silently, then shooting you when youre looting or just walking around minding your own business. players are infinitely more shitty and honestly being slaughtered constantly has severely slowed the rate at which i could even learn to fight back, let alone learn good positioning or how to respond to combat in a broader sense. i generally prefer playing offline and i dont think experience should be lowered or anything, because playing against people si far different than playing against AI. AI are simple, and while they are aimbots who are invisible and silent, they are plain different in terms of game experience than human players. id rather just have a solo mode to enjoy fooling around in and looting as thats the main reason i enjoy the game. i absolutely do not find looting an rsass and walking out of a room to be shot by a geared level 40 player in fort weilding an automatic that id never have a chance against, most of the time, and i mean 90% of the time, i cant even survive if im running fort and the best current gun i can kit out anyways, so id rather have a game where i dont need to worry about impossible odds giving me what is currently a 10% survival rate overall in my statistics, where i feel forced to get a run through as soon as i find something larger than my gamma container. im no longer a noob to the game, i feel i just cant learn much more or play like a complete asshole like everyone else, hell, today i was confronted by two hatchlings after looting marked room, when i was wearing full gear, so i thought id try to be kind like i always do, and i even went around making sure all the doors were unlocked for them, only to die 100ft from crossroads to some player who legged me then dying immediately after killing them to a scav who was 5 ft from me that even my sordins couldnt pick up.. and apparently 20 rounds from a vepr to the chest using a laser sight did nothing but a single shotgun shell he FINALLY hit me with at the end, killed me instantly through my armor. am i just whining to you? i dont know and i dont care, i just want ot enjoy the game and so far, that really hasnt happened. ive gotten out alive from like.. 3 fully geared runs after dying my way to LL3 traders and 1 million roubles in my stash, and yet even then i still have no chance save for getting run throughs that just make me feel like poo. hell, watching the pros has made no positibve effect on my survival rate either.. please just say "duck it" give me a solo mode otherwise i have no reason to think ill ever really enjoy this game.. go ahead, respond with "git gud niib" it makes no difference to me. i understand, dying is literally a part of tarkov. but really, the playerbase that is like me, those of us who have learning disabilities, will play this game, then likely want refunds, well close the game and never touch it after losing a million credits in a day trying to play geared then its back to a week of hatchet runs again to try and MAYBE build up that foundation again.. also, make keybars spawn more, holy poo ive done like literally 360 dorms runs and found 1. and it sucks keeping my keys in docs cases. waste of space. please, have a terrible day. -your definitely not friend who will still open 306 and 220 for you, FWAKWAKKA
  5. Motzy

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Pls Verify @wuffy#6236