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  1. Thanks for your point of view. It matters and i think the community is only growing and the game will be ready when it is ready.
  2. Its gloves? What can be special about it? Sorry mate im lost there hehe. I respect your idé tho.
  3. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Looks nice, i have not had the honor yet to try it out. Looks fun to use.
  4. Why take of the gloves tho?
  5. Who cares how long everything will take, the game is great as it is now. Sure lags and problems are around the corner. But every game has its problems or flaws. Even when a game is done and fully released. What we haft to see here is the big pìcture. The game is amazing in many ways as it stands now. It can only be better. I at least hope they take all the time they can and want.
  6. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Awesome game! Grafhics are amazing. The sound..the guns i never thought i would see a game like this for at least 2020/2025 ..but man you guys have done it. I think the biggest and the best i like here is the fact that you cant heal and run at the same time! That is so boring, but it will be changed and that is amazing news. And the mag- reload is a really good change to. And the healing after a raid? Man that is great news as well, it will force people to be more tactical and take longer time to compleat a raid. As now people rush and hope for the best. And that is a really boring play style if you ask me. And if you make that play style it will hurt you after ;D And smokes!! Oh my..that will be a real savior in many ways. And flashbangs, for houses that will be dope and how they work and its effekt will be REALLY interesting! This game can only get better and better! My first 3 days ingame and i have found my full time game. I would like to thank the team for this beautiful game. My full support, peace and love to all of you staff. My apology for bad english spelling.