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  1. ShadowWolf06

    MPT-76 Weapon Suggestion

    The Mpt 76 is the first and only military rifle in the world,who has successfully passed all difficult Nato tests.I think this reason enough,it should be in the game.
  2. ShadowWolf06

    Gaming İstanbul 2018'de Neler Oldu ?

    Helal olsun arkadaşlar
  3. ShadowWolf06

    Yeni Diller Escape From Tarkov'Da

    Türkçenin gelmesi çok iyi oldu
  4. ShadowWolf06

    Soru&Cevap (F.A.Q.)

    Acaba oyun Steama gelecekmi gelirse hesaplarımızı bağlayabilirmiyiz
  5. ShadowWolf06

    2018 Escape From Tarkov Geliştirici Planları!

    Ne zaman tam sürüme geçer acaba
  6. ShadowWolf06

    New languages in Escape from Tarkov

    Thank you guys for Turkish support
  7. ShadowWolf06

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    Is this thing real ?
  8. Eft has the most realistic sounds.
  9. ShadowWolf06

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Good news
  10. ShadowWolf06

    Tactical tomahawk

    Amazing work
  11. ShadowWolf06

    AN-94 when?

    I like Ak style weapons as well
  12. ShadowWolf06

    Add civilian M4s-m16s

    I cant wait for new weapons
  13. ShadowWolf06


    It looks like real