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  1. boxman80

    who is infront of you?

    Ive never met any randoms in game who haven't tried to kill me yet! It would be nice to find out who other players are/were beyond collecting their dogtags. Not sure having user custom jpegs is a good idea though, judging by the offensive and daft names that people use for their character names it's pretty easy to imagine custom images getting out of hand quickly too! Maybe if players were to buy and equip in-game radios it would allow them to do local/direct chat or something?
  2. boxman80

    First EFT Russian Podcast Leaks

    Yea @Ursagi , thank you for the translation, really appreciate it mate!
  3. boxman80

    Looking for group

    hi mate, you're more than welcome to check us out on our Discord https://discord.gg/dycU8Ms. There's a group of about 20 odd of us from UK and EU mostly (but also a couple of North American lads too). All over the age of 20 (20s, 30's, 40's and even 50s!) and have a mixed group of experience from brand new to old hands! We have groups up every night 7pm-1am (BST/GMT) and also play other games together. The core of the group have been gaming together since 2002 so were not some fly by night group either. Add me on discord @[BSB] Box#2027 Hope to see you in game soon mate.
  4. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Got a few new guys from North America (East coast) now so active around East coast times too.
  5. boxman80

    whens the fix coming??

    I'd have to ask who's really "whined" up looking the dipshit or fool here son? Come on, take a break. Just reading your last few posts has me cringing out of my chair. Are you really as daft as your posts make you sound or just a troll??? I appreciate it's frustrating but either get bug reporting and being a more productive part of the testing phase and development process or put the game on the back burner till its more polished. There is no in between. Spouting off and moaning with made up statistics and crying about every little thing you don't like is like white noise.
  6. boxman80

    First EFT Russian Podcast Leaks

    The player stats & rating system probably. They talked about it going on like a webpage showing stuff like K:D, raid average etc and ranking players accordingly. Not sure what purpose it will serve long term.
  7. boxman80

    whens the fix coming??

    ahhhh so maybe that is what this is all about then......
  8. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Welcome to all the new guys who've joined us this week - reckon we're actie with about 30 lads now playing. Means we usually have at least two raid groups up every night from 7PM (BST/GMT). Also have players on through thte day too .
  9. boxman80

    Pre-Saved Loadouts

    i'm not sure this should be included actually, part of the game is to prepare your kit. A one click "buy all" just seems a bit to console shootery for me, sorry. Part of the game for me is the prep and management of gear. While i understand that the endless clicking and cycling through trader screens at the moment is quire frustrating, i think its part of all of this. Plus im not sure how having pre-prepared loadout macros would tie in with the long term plans of having physical traders where you may have to actually physically go to different locations to get your kit. Not that i think that adds anything to the game, but I can't see a quick "buy all" option being made available if that's the ultimate plan.
  10. boxman80

    Corporations i.e clans

    100% agree clans/organisations needs to be a thing in Tarkov. I persoanlyl think the biggest advantage of clans is to be able to be able to use some kind of clan graphic/insignia on uniforms and helmets to help identify team mates in game. For example clan arm patches depicting the unit/organisation, a logo on the backs and/or fronts of helmets, a patch on rigs and chestplates - these would all be nice touches. Even the ability to kit out members with a clan uniform would be good. Beyond that It would be nice to have a clan armoury or store location to tool up your team. Another good feature for clans would be the ability to have a communal fund too.
  11. boxman80

    Scavs Screaming in agony

    I actually really love how the scavs scream and shout - its a nice touch, even a little comical at times! But yea, might be a nice idea to have them suddenly silence if you pop them again.
  12. boxman80

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    @[BSB] Box#2027 please verify @[BSB] Box#2027
  13. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Excited by the 0.10.2 patch notes and very much looking forward to 0.10.5 too! Come find out what we're all about today! All decent people welcome - skill and experience not an issue.
  14. boxman80

    Looking for a group or other players to play with in general

    Hi mate, still looking? i've tried adding you on Discord but didnt seem to work - anyway, we have a regular group of around 25 lads in total, mostly in the UK and EU, regularly playing (groups on every night). It's a mixed groups depending on whos online each night (between 7pm and 1am are peak hours) ranging from brand new to very experienced and we try to mix groups up a bit, help each other out and generally play as teams. Groups vary in sizes depending on what people are looking for but everyone is really cool and relaxed. All the lads are over 18 (ranging from early 20's all the way up to 50s!) and were always open for decent lads joining us. Anyway if you're interested add me on Discord @[BSB] Box#2027 server is here:- https://discord.gg/dycU8Ms