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  1. boxman80

    looking for UK/ EU players

    Sorry to post this here but I've seen this pasted reply a few times here and just wondered what's wrong with being in a clan? Our community/clan is also 'just a bunch of guys who get together to play daily'. I'm not being arsey or anything , it just implies a derogatory attitude towards organised clans and communities, again apologies if that's no the case but that's how I'm perceiving it.
  2. boxman80

    Looking for group

    HI mate, not sure where you're from but you're welcome to check us out at BSB Network. There's around 30+ guys (mostly UK/EU based but we do have some NA and other parts too) on daily with at least 2-3 raid groups going. We're all adults (20s and well, well above!) the only thing we ask is you play as part of a team, play fair and enjoy a bit of a laugh! TO get involved just jump on our Discord server mate, if you like it feel free to apply for verification to be a full member - all the details you need are on our website https://www.bsbnetwork.com - Ill add you on Discord too and look out for you. Hope to get a few games in with you soon pal.
  3. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Welcome to the new guys joining this week!
  4. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Still active , still recruiting! Check us out!
  5. boxman80

    LFG UK - New Player - Casual / Semi Serious

    Hiya, you sound like you'd fit in well with our community. We have about 30 odd lads who play (not always all together) regularly and who are mostly UK and EU based. We're all adults and there's at least two to three raid groups per night and even a few through the day too. We mix games between new and experienced players to get everyone at about the same level eventually and help with quests and stuff. All we ask is members play fair, play as part of a team and like a bit of a laugh! If you're interested add me and hop onto our discord channel . Details are on our website at https://www.bsbnetwork.com
  6. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Please be aware that we do require those who wish to join us to complete a verification form. It basically checks you're a legit player. Details on website www.bsbnetwork.com
  7. wouild love to join a group new to the game an ok player

    1. boxman80


      Hi @vastpond4547  Sure, you're welcome to join us and get in some raids. We mix games between new and experienced players and will help you master a few key elements to teh game. It won't take long before you're caught up with the other guys! Hop on our Discord server when you're gaming  The address to our Discord is ono ur website www.bsbnetwork.com  


      You can also apply to join us as a full member there too. 

  8. boxman80

    Looking For A Group

    Hi, welcome to Tarkov! We're mostly UK/EU based but we do have some regular US members and we're all friendly, fair and cooperative gamers so you're welcome to come check us out at BSB Network. We have about 30 or so guys regularly playing Tarkov at the moment with at least two-three raid groups on every night (and daytimes too). We mix groups between new and experienced players to try and help new players, to distribute a bit of loot and to help with quests. Check us out, just hop on our Discord anytime and jump right in. Details of our website and discord are in my signature
  9. boxman80

    Looking for someone to play with

    Hi, where you from , how old are you?
  10. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Welcome to the guys who joined this week!
  11. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Always open for fair gamers who like playing as part of a team. UK/EU based, adult gamers! Check us out!
  12. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Hop on and join the games this weekend!
  13. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Still active, still recruiting!
  14. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Always open to UK/EU players who are looking to get in on some team games. All we ask is you play fair, be prepared to work as a team and have a bit of common sense about you. Not interested in loot gobblins, exploiters/cheats, selfish players or Rambos.
  15. boxman80

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Welcome Rob, good gaming with you last night (well before Tarkov went tits up!) . I should be on again tomorrow.