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  1. CaptAmerica

    Trailer patch 0.9

    nice!!! Can't wait!
  2. Yo depende de donde venga... Si es gente que tiene experiencia en FPS los meto a factory para reirnos un rato. Lo del scav army lo he intentado varias veces jajaja pero en el momento en el que ven un ak por el suelo o en algun cuerpo con buen loot quieren abandonar la partida como si se estuvieran cagando jajaja. El tema del scav a mi me gusta para calentar...de vez en cuando tengo alguna potra que flipas y me cargo a alguien pertrechado (si le piyo de improvisto o con muchos mas scavs conmigo normalmente escondo sus cosas xq me parece un poco jugada sucia, y de momento juego para pasarmelo bien no para acumular cosas que luego vendo por no tener espacio). Me gustaría jugar mas shoreline pero como se me da mejor CQB, en el Resort no muero, o en factory normalmente tampocom, pero al aire libre caigo casi siempre jajaja. En el proximo wipe mi proposito es jugar mucho mas en woods y en shoreline.Menos factory. Y hacer mas partidas con gente, que veo que ir solo está bien pero jugar con gente que tiene otras habilidades te complementa mucho la partida.
  3. Muchas gracias por el pedazo de post kalurosu! Que ganas de que avance el juego. La verdad es que la idea de compartir el hideout ni se me habia pasado por la cabeza pero estaría muy pero que muy bien. Tener una especie de voip para poder hacer drills de tiro... La verdad es que es una pena pero para enseñar a alguien a jugar hoy en dia tienes dos alternativas. -Llevar al pollo a customs donde o muere el o te ve morir -Llevartelo a Woods donde ambos estais muertos jeje. Este juego es duro y para enseñar a alguien los controles o le enseñas en combate o no hay manera. Y he tenido ya dos o tres que cuando ven lo brutal que es se tiran dos meses jugando offline. También estaría bien un modo offline cooperativo para enseñar a la gente a jugar. Un saludo.Nos vemos por Tarkov.
  4. CaptAmerica

    A great way to deal with cheating

    This is the method that uses a lot of games and software developers like pubg.(if you think 2 years is a lot, try X-Plane flight simulator and its expensive but hugely complicated add-ons) And test servers don't solve the problems either. Usually bugs end up on the regular server. And due to the lack of test servers, a huge part of the community don't get involved so I don't think it's a good idea plus, we are the testers here. I don't mind to find bugs and report them. As long as they are bugs,no other ppl exploiting the game. We are here cause every server is test server. Hard but true. Let's BSG do their job, and enjoy as much as you can of this game. I was so fed up with the cheater's situation that I stop playing but I realize that if I don't play, my friends and other ppl are going to see that there is fewer legit players son they will think "oh my god this game is so so full of cheaters"... And don't get me wrong, it's full of cheaters, and bugs, but it's progressing slowly but progressing. PS: I'd suggest to go and try Fear the Wolves (If you are lucky you get access now, then in a week will be open beta) It's not near Tarkov in terms of gun mechanics etc, but while you can enjoy a different title, you'll see why you loved tarkov in the first place. Take a break from tarkov is always a good idea. Come back later and see what improvements there are. Also got a friend that pledge for Star Citizen. Like a major part of the community, he invested no only at the game but also buying expensive hardware over this tame, and we are talking about 2 o 3 computer builds. It took 6 years to be able to maintain 60fps while playing at the open world. And remember him ragequitting a lot. A few months later come back and say, hey they've improved that and this...Again ragequit. Now, he is enjoying so much the game that he doesn't even pick up the phone ;-) Enjoy tarkov while you can! Sorry for my bad English.
  5. CaptAmerica

    A great way to deal with cheating

    The problem goes beyond one tap deaths. I mean, right now you can kill someone with a pistol....and they may believe you are a cheater. Aimbot is a pain in the ass. We've all experienced a player who starts to spray before seen you (that's a legit move also, knowing where the people spawn I tend to prefire a lot on factory) but smart cheaters (they are smart cause they want to be those rat boys with top tear gear that they deserve cause you know,aimbot is so hard to use....don't understand them) won't use "juan taps" and god mode. And even fewer speedhacks. The bigest issue for me on maps like Shoreline is ESP. Ppl knowing where you are. At least for me. I used to play slower than I played last time. On factory, for example, I never stop running unless my stamina drain. If you see their cheater's sad forum they all complain about aimbot feature. It's not like CSGO aimbot, and combined with lag, they sometimes have trouble to shoot you while moving. So, just try for a couple of raids to be a much more aggressive. This is what I've found watching a lot of top tear players and streamers. They tend to move fast, react fast.Loot, who cares. The thing is I don't use snipers cause is a trap. The moment you stop you're dead. PS: It's not ads but, one of the best streamers who plays so aggressive is YoungSaulz. Recommend his playstyle.
  6. CaptAmerica

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    It's so sad to trying get more people to "beta test" this game and all you hear is: that's cheater infestation. Please BSG, consider the fact that your anticheat it's not working against those paid cheats,and get BattleEye asap otherwise EFT will fail before even gets released. As a suppoerter of this game, want to know the reason of why this is not implemented yet. You don't need to see the logs of a raid where there is a pmc killing the entire map by headshot. In this case, outsourcing it's very good idea, then you can focus on netcode instead of having a dedicated person watching the logs to eventually ban a buch of ppl.
  7. CaptAmerica

    M4 Recoil - The hard truth

    I love m4's. Just the sound...but I think most people don't use m4s for the same reasons I don't use them: -Price VERY high (Can make 3 fully modded 74m) -Too loud (they are afraid of loose'em cause it's like "predator mode on".No matter where is he, you wanna kill the m4 guy hehe) -Ammo's not very good. I mean, M856A1 it's pretty good but like a lot of people right now, can't use M995 so...I feel naked against armored targets especially now with fort situation. -Correct me if I'm wrong but you get 800 RPM only if you are getting 120fps or more. Don't know if they've fix that. Last time I checked on Shoreline with 30 fps you would get only 450 RPM. -Recoil isn't too high but you'd expend a lot of money just to get 186, while on AK74M it's just like 40k to get lower recoil. So that's why I don't use it.
  8. CaptAmerica

    Just switch on battle-eye

    Yeah...they would get rid of cheaters plus,they won't waste their and our time with this anticheat joke.
  9. CaptAmerica


    Tienes que resetear la cuenta manualmente.(Perderás todo lo que tengas hecho,y todo el stash).Se hace desde el launcher
  10. CaptAmerica

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    I couldn't say better. Hire better programmers. Less 3D please. Pay attention to your community.
  11. CaptAmerica

    This game is not fun in its current state. I quit

    It's hard to see this game dying. All my friends quitted while ago. And I'm about too. Just wating to spend all the gear (I want to test in raid a VAL and couple helmets) and that's it. You wont see me and my friends over here. Sad but that's enough. Unplayable servers over EU. Too much desync, fps drops,packet loos wich always results in one of us dead. Hard to say but, this game won't be alive by the SCUM's realease. The good thing...All cheaters will have their stash full of gear and no players to play with.
  12. CaptAmerica

    is selling to traders nerfed again?

    That doesn't make any sense. Cheaters can go into a raid with a pistol and get out fully geared.
  13. CaptAmerica

    is selling to traders nerfed again?

    I think the wipe it's gonna be at sept or something like that. But they should leave like a good month with all traders open or somthing like that. Reduce the price a lot.
  14. CaptAmerica

    Terminator scavs officially approved

    LOL, I've seen this guy outhere. There is one that's called student or something like that ;-)
  15. CaptAmerica

    Peacekeeper level 3 M4 Build

    yeah M4 is just trash. I use this ak74M Investing 40 or 50K on mods that makes a weapon 5% better it's....