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  1. IfakUdont

    Spike in ESP

    Yeah from 2hr ago, game turned unplayable. I think cheats were off for like a day or two. Then they updated their cheats so now little rats have to get profit out of it. But....yeah, we became so bad players in seconds. There are no cheaters and the anti-cheat works just fine LOOOOL.
  2. IfakUdont

    New Years Gift contents? Hmmm?

    that was 2017 ny gift. By that time, those were best guns in the game so I doubt they give again the same gift. My guess is that it will be a R700 + HK416 and Thicc Item case.
  3. IfakUdont

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    It's only like 2 weeks before the end of the year, and you are planning to add a major update. That's either this week or next week. Don't get me wrong. I'm excited like everybody else but, we know how BSG manages the deadlines. And since we haven't got patch notes yet, I'd say we won't get a patch this week so....27th December? It's gonna be a hell buggy weekend. Don't get me wrong, you guys deserve holidays but it's not very smart to launch a patch so close to the end of the year but...hey.I'd enjoy as much as I can. Regarding the free trial accounts. Guys, be prepared to see a ton of BS those days. We know how this work.
  4. IfakUdont

    Second test season of Escape from Tarkov ratings

    well, easy, everytime you sell something for 100k less he buy it and sell later. Most of the trades were item cases and weapon cases. That gives you a fair amount of points. If you sell to a different players I think is like .5 point per mil. or somthing like that. Don't know.
  5. IfakUdont


    -Well. It's called maths. And if you ban 500 players every few weeks and there is a peak of 3000 players. Then you take into account that you are not banning more than 50% cheaters cause they are using paid cheats wich btw they are much more sophisticated that an anti cheat that's so useful that you can just %% and "damm is gone" .I'd call that pro-cheat. -Not saying you can see ppl waiting to get into a raid. Real ppl on matches. Try to get a full factory today. You won't get it unless you are 5 pussy squad of home-made navy seals. -The gear doesn't make any difference at all. That's how I know you haven't played a lot my friend. During those days of backpacks full of itemcases, ppl only used to run val, m4,fal.... That won't make you any better. In fact, what ppl hate is when you kill'em with an sks while entire of factory is wearing altyns and poo. Didn't say I was wearing it. But letting the ppl decide what they prefer was fun. And there were much better players than me playing with pistols and shotguns. Nothing to do with balance. If you say you enjoy playing patient an tactically, well, what's wrong with that? No need unbalance in that case. That's stupid. -Sure enough, I can post my stash if you want. And can give you video proofs of what I'm saying. -Well. Everything has a time and a place. And if you think that playing as tactic and as patient as you can will make you better player on a game wiht a huge peakers adv and so bad netcode, well my friend, where you've been???? Kid, go out and get a life.
  6. IfakUdont


    Let's finish this whit the last and greatest screwed up. Just release the patch BSG. Don't wanna waste more time. Just wanna try your latest BS and move on. We are like 3k ppl playing this game right now, with luck 75% legit players. Just release the content you're preparing. That poo is broken anyways. So let us play while you're working on it. That's the point on being a beta tester. Let us test. You wanna end with all this cheating BS? set everything to "dirt cheap" so we all (cheaters and no cheaters) can buy and try everything, and not care about any other BS. You know what. When they did the last event, I saw no cheaters and no BS. If there is so much lag and desync TM as ppl say, how come we play all raids fully geared and there wasn't any lag or desync at all? Remember lobbies were full. Matches were fun, and ppl were able to TRY this beta without the risk of losing 1hr of their time (that's what it cost farming 2mil apprx on shoreline for me) when dying to BS. And was a lot of fun to play against players again. So much fun. And all felt legit. Either I die or I kill. I miss that a lot. Probably you'd think I'm saying this cause I'm a ducking gear fear little guy with tons of guns on my stash cause I'm afraid of using them. Well, that's very not true. I'm sitting on a lot of money cause I know how to farm, and I don't care if I lose some gear. TBH, if you play on EU server you've probably killed me and I'm the only fool who are using thermals, vals,m4 and dying almost all the time. That's cause when I play, I play....not navy seal and if my phone rings I got to answer, if my girl wanna attention, disconnect and I don't care if my body is in the middle of the road. There is a lot of things more important than this game (and all games) mainly real life.
  7. IfakUdont


    Do you enjoy your hideout? what about those maps? Like them all? Love streets from Tarkov. One of the most incredible features is the one that we have from alpha, breach and clear. Grenade launchers are awesome dude. Love every attention to detail like the fact that you can tell every moment the position of an enemy just due to great sound positioning (sound flags and all are amazing). Yet the sounds doesn't convince me. I've fired plenty of weapons yet they sound much more different than I here in this game. A gun placed so close to you tends to deaf a little bit, that's why we use comtacs so we can hear 1mile away if you are opening a door with your key. Also, I've noticed the quality of the netcode, people got used to fight stand up but now, you can prone on contact and servers detect right away if your enemy's hitbox is where you are firing. The fact that every update brings more content and fixes it's the best. You can tell how much the game changed the last year. You may have 100 m4 that got obsolete in a minute cause they change recoil values but that's ok. And the most important thing, on an economy driven game, the fact that they got the cheaters away with the best in-house solution is amazing. Now you can walk the Streets of Tarkov without the fear of getting juantaped by an aimbot 2000m away. And they are building all of this from nothing. You know. You can't find the assets on other games like Hired Ops. Neither you can find sounds or another kind of things. Wait what? Hope I don't get banned or copyright strike btw.
  8. IfakUdont

    hack en factory

    Estos se glitchearon en la puerta de alado,la que une dos habitaciones... Les da el modo invencible. Desde que sacaron el video los indeseables estos ahora está todo el mundo haciendolo, lo mejor, llevar una granada y meterla siempre en la puerta que está a la derecha. Ahi es donde el servidor situa sus cuerpos. Caen al instante.
  9. IfakUdont

    List of recently banned players 26/11/2018

    Don't worry, they will make a profit out of that % of cheaters. Its a win-win situation (For BSG) but long term they are losing players so fast that it's sad. If there is 500 banned, and there is on avg between 2 and 3k players....that's a lot of script kiddies that go out there and get banned without using paid cheats.
  10. IfakUdont

    I swear there is more cheaters than players

    Well, lets see if I'd be retarded as you say or not. 1h 30 min playing a broken game to get 1mil (btw, that's your illusion but hey, let's pretend you are the best) so I spend 1.5h to get a mil. I do 20€ per hour at work, now I've lost 30€ just playing with a scav. So.... If I spend 1€ I'd save 29€ just to spend on other poo. I don't think is good to buy in-game items for money. But, taking into account the current state of the game...It's reasonable.
  11. IfakUdont

    I swear there is more cheaters than players

    Yeah I rather spend 1€ on a mil on tarkov just to do meme runs with saiga 12 + thermal scopes than pay 1€ for a burguer. First euro is for fun, second to destroy my health ;-)
  12. IfakUdont

    I swear there is more cheaters than players

    I think they have the legal obligation of telling us that their data has been compromised. Like EA for instance.
  13. IfakUdont


    There is a lot of ppl playing on EU servers at that time. Try to get into a EU server. But they are kind of trash right now.
  14. IfakUdont

    Friends form west help. Eu server.

    Try US servers, they are much more "usec" populated. Had the same issue. PM me and if I'm up I can help you out so you can kill me and a buddy so you finish that task.