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  1. Granaten spamming

    OMG diese Vorschläge: Cooldown, Preiserhöhung usw usw... Vieleicht war es ein Team was dich wegenated hat... 2. Wie schon erwähnt ist es eine legitime taktik, jeder kann so asozial oder hinterlistig spielen wie es nur geht um zu überleben, es ist auch jedem selbst überlassen wie er das tut. Als nächstes sollte man einführen das man nur 60schuss pro Min abfeuern kann, da man ja sonst Kugel spaming betreiben kann mit 2x60er Mags und 600 schuss... Heult nicht rum, ist das Spiel zu Hart bist du zu Schwach... Vorallem sind die Granaten vom Peacekeeper so langsam mit der 5sek verzögerung und von daher sind 50$ ok
  2. ich kann den patch nicht laden

    Habt ihr auch 5min Matching oder mehr?
  3. Too much Fort Armor

    Real Talk
  4. Too much Fort Armor

    ok but why these Post makes no sense to me, when i always would rush the Factory office and loot the Safe i would find so much Goldchains too, he should play more Woods, Customes and Shoreline then he will lose hes stuff and then he is glad to find so many Defenders and Goldchains
  5. Too much Fort Armor

    why you cry? now its perfect and much better then before, just more fun, the last patch was too much Hatchet runners on the Map and that ruins the Game. i play the Game since August 2016 and for me is the item drop rate now ok, not every round have bots Helmets and Defenders and the drop rate is ok and much better the Patches before. I cant understand why People always cry, the last Patch you find no Defenders drop rate is 0% and now its too High? not everybody has a Defender, or use it every Round, and when you Kill a Bot with Defender you need first to leave the Raid to save it and if you cant leave lost it. And Finale i see you always in the Factory Looby and my friend see you too in there and we got diffrent work times, are you unemployed? if you got so much time to Play the its possible that you find so much Defenders then you are 24/7 in there, no joke. and now you there too... Friends and i Work and we have Familys and not every Day Time too play these Time intensive Game, so the Point is we Love Fire intensive Raids not Hatchet runner runs and then People need to have good stuff to fight and then we have all fun. And dont forget Finale ITS A GAME and NEEDS TO MAKE FUN!!! Maybe you wanna have a whipe for all??? Stupid Post of you sorry but make no sense... Watch Pic where is there in Looby? Right Finale.... Im Out And if you got so much Defenders why you dont use it and spend it other People?
  6. Fix the main EFT problems !!!

    28 time Hit one guy
  7. AI is to to weak on range now.

    i want the Real John Wicks Back, it was a lot more Fun...
  8. Fix the main EFT problems !!!

    best they make one shoot dead no matter where the bullet hits you? its a Game and its enough hard, next step you wanna have a real guy on your side that shoot you a real bullet in your head if you die ingame? omg so stupid ideas @pimba224 if like more realistic go to Syria or Iraq and feel the real feeling of Death
  9. FPS - Parameta ?

    ich hab auch ein 144hz monitor aber mit Gsync darum für mich jetzt kein problem aber ja mit einem 144hz lasst es weg, da bin ich mit dir einverstanden
  10. FPS - Parameta ?

  11. Tipps bei Probleme mit EFT

    Bei weiteren Probleme schaut auch im Englischen Forum da findet man auch viele Tipps