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  1. ikr saying its a beta is an insult judging from the current state of the game
  2. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    haha holy poo the sarcasim in the here ^^
  3. Friendly Wiggle

    hmm with that logic BSG should just remove faction all together and just make it like dayz thats the problem people keeps comparing to dayz or other game like it but now that you mentions that game i got 4957 h in dayz 3465 in arma and the best fun i had was with friendly encounters , this kos mentality get is boring AF real fast, i might as well play CoD i dont have waste time looting instant action boom but that´s not the only reason why people play those games. this game is nothing like dayz and should not be treated that way and to be honest as usual people change the subject of the post , he is purely talking about people who engage in this flirting dance and then stab people in the back, he is not asking for advice on what to do or how to interact he clearly knows how to play , act like you know how annoying it is , if you dont want to then remember how annoyed you get when you die to desync hackers some lame bug glicher because thats exactly that same feeling he gets. ps a responds like yous blow my mind because you could have said something constructiv but you went the negativ way
  4. Creepy..

    well something interesting def happen here lol
  5. Female Escape From Tarkov Model

    i think you do care and dont want the dev´s to waste times as u put it but instead work harder to complete the game, just for your infomation its really not that hard to add a new female model to the game its the same as making a weapon file in the DB unless they want completely new animations but i dont care if the female model moves like a man i mean most women like that irl moves like men , pls correct me if i am wrong^^ . i feel like this is a very valid post the dev´s should have thought of from the start imho, but i do agree with Blanko they need to look the part rugged voice and scared face robust body type and not a model looking princess prancing around on tippy toe , for some resson i get a picture of that gaint russian bish in the movie kickass 2 ^^
  6. The Hideout announcement

    not sure base raiding is a thing in Tarkov at least i hope not because it would ruin the game for me and would make the hideout feature useless imho. but i do get it tho i love rust and games like it ^^
  7. Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    o man been waiting for this for a while the hype is real
  8. Major patch inbound

    i get having arena maps with more than 64m servers , but having normal gameplay with like 100+ is kinda stupid first off its not a BR game, its It's not supposed to be massive constant battles everywhere making loots ingame useless, since there would be tons of body´s all over the map with 100+ ppl. it doesnt fit at all with the EFT lore , maps are suppesed to be baren its an Apocalypse every map should feel like that and u dont get that feel with that many ppl on each map hell even all the maps in 1 is not even enough for 128+, we need a map the size of the current dayz map or bigger to still gives us(me)^^ that Apocalyptic feeling with that many players we need new maps tho i can play the 3 maps with my eye´s closed got like 2k+ on those maps i really need new terrain
  9. Details on the NDA lift on March 24, 2017

    i can def confirm some people have been lifted today who didtn have it yesterday 100% so his not lying and i find it silly to lift NDA for some semi big streamer the day before its lifted for all and not 2-3 months ago like that rest of the big streamers got
  10. Beta Timeline

    lol come on u know all alpha games is basicly just u investing in the idea they sell and hoping it will turn out like they say , and not like they have to deliver something u payed for i suggest u wait till its released and then complain about u not getting what they promised, then i would most def agree with u. but u know its alpha and u know better than to just call it a scam , let´s put it into context with a tattoo u want him to rush the danm thing and then complaing it looks like poo. and comparing to something like dayz which have been in development for so long 3y now even before that the idea of dayz was at least a couple of yea old prior to the release of the mod so from ur logic dayz have 5 years in alpha. ETF been open to the puplic since sep last year so thats about 5 months now and not 2 years as u claim yea the idea was probaly born 2 years ago but that doesnt mean we been waiting for sooooooo long , all of us have invested in the game we did NOT buy a finish product with buyers right to make any demands i do get ur skeptism doe, sometimes it seems like we are not the reel testers but i don´t know man i just want this game to perfect and not get ruin trying to please the community
  11. Delta Team recruitment complete!

    ill admit i have been very busy irl the past few weeks so i missed it but not at all complaining doe^^ thx a lot for the quick response
  12. Delta Team recruitment complete!

    ikr imo it seem like only russian speaking or people on vk who had the change or given knowledge about it
  13. Sherpas gear

    hmm i dont know about gear i prefer they have standard issue weapon´s if any since they can lose it , making them have a pre-loaded gearset would be kinda cheating where the rest of lose everything when we die. i think rather they have some sort of specific outfit/tag/armband
  14. Looking for a mentor/Sherpa!

    we need more people like u man
  15. Damage model

    they work as intended i´ve tested all the handguns 1 head shot is enough to kill any1 not wearing a helmet, but the p226 is better imo more shots and hits a bit harder less shots on scav´s and players