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  1. Is it possible to get a helmet early game?

    There is one more thing. You can´t buy armor anymore with money. If you have unlocked the traderlevel you have to barter for it. The items you can barter for armor are gold chains and gasmask filters - which are pretty rare too. I think overall its a good move to restrict armor in this way. because the armor spam was massive in the alpha. the only problem right now are the aimbot AI. If the AI is optimized players aren´t so depending on armor anymore.
  2. My Cat Fell out the window, mid raid.

    Get well soon little Kitty - we also need you in tarkov.
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    Company izhmash Type of weapon: AN-94 Company: Sawod imeni Degtjarjowa Type of weapon: AEK-971
  4. How old are you?

    38, Germany
  5. Die Entwickler wollen kein zweites DayZ erschaffen. Wenn du ein bisschen recherchiert hättest wüstest du wo die Reise hingeht.
  6. Will there be a zombie survival game mode?

    No Zombis - OMG! Play DayZ!
  7. Love it right away! Keep up the good work!
  8. Am ausgang Campen

    Hey Man! Don´t always complain about the exit campers. I was shot down a few times by them. But I have to admit, these guys were really tactical and pro in moving silently in good advantages shooting positions. Finally he/they got me. I say well played! If I had been more cautious i probably would have extracted. In such a game you have to expect this kind of behaviour. Thats the exiting part of it, to deal with those cruel situations. Insted of complaining about the playstyles others try to get better in your tactics and grill these camper bitches!
  9. SV-98

    This gun uses the 7,62x51R cartridge. The gun is accurate but snipergameplay is still peretty difficult on eft.
  10. 3rd Person has defenetly to stay out of this game. In my opinion it would take a lot of the intense immersion out of this game. would be katastrophic
  11. Couldn´t join online raids anymore

    yeah, I hope too. Would like to go in combat again
  12. Hey there! Since the last patch Ì´m not able to join servers anymore. Stuck in the matching que forever. Anybody same poroblems?
  13. Maus "Lagg/Sway"

    Ich habe so einen Fall schon im Englischen Forum gelesen - einer der threads antwortete mit der Begründung das die Mausbewegungen an die FPS des Spiels gebunden sind. Das würde das Eingabeverhalten bei EFT ganz gut erklären. Ich spiele auch gerade Hired Ops, was die selbe "Unity-Engine" wie EFT benützt - da ist das Ansprechverhalten viel direkter.