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  1. EktoSpektre

    I quit this game

    This game is dead
  2. EktoSpektre

    I quit this game

    I have been selled a broken game, i have been cheated and i want my money back. This game is filled with cheaters, desync and players griefing. They promised a hc survival, they delivered a dead game. If i would come from work to home and wanted to relax and a hackers kills me and i lose all my grinded funds, it is not fun.
  3. EktoSpektre

    Any new on Kriss Vector arrival ?

    thank you for your answer nice combo
  4. EktoSpektre

    Any new on Kriss Vector arrival ?

    Im waiting this fast firing weapon slowly coming to tarkov...
  5. Does how much overweight you are affect your strenght point gains ?
  6. What will the endgame be if this a rpgmmo ? Will there be more intensive quests ? This is labeled as mmo, and it is marketed as story driven so it cannot be left as a just typical pvp fps. The phare "you're a goddamn pinkerton !" is not enought to make this story driven mmo... Im not here to critcize, only to support you guys. What we see only is armor bugs lasting for weeks and and nothing changes and game feels dead after quests are done and everything is unlocked it's gotten really boring and every streamer that ive seen just resets his account to do the quests again and they invent "harcore" expample not buying ammo/mods to keep this game alive.
  7. I would like to play as usec, but since game only supports bear characters since m4 require 3 times more grinding to use... this games forces me to be bear... if devs wont listen to these requests this game will just slowly and quietly die... why there is even change for play usec if playing not supported at least ?
  8. EktoSpektre

    My gun is my gun, you're gun is your gun...

    Ok thank you for the feedback, still the issue of stays wich i think breaks the rpg side of the game... usecs with aks mostly...and adding new weapons wont solve anything, the game is at the state of much needed repairs and rpg elements being implemented that just adding new weapons seems to me a waste of time at this point...
  9. We need to drop prizes of M4 to have usecs use their own weapon, since now its just ak's for everyone. I know that the skills to use ar systems and ak systems will come later, but somekind of change should happen now to see usecs use their weapons and bears their weapons even at this point of the game progression. We should see ak's double prices for usec:s and M4 double prices for bears. Thank you for listening.
  10. Still its the gold vein of tarkov...
  11. EktoSpektre

    swordling - "coming soon" joke

    bear's have big head, and big claws...lol
  12. EktoSpektre

    swordling - "coming soon" joke

    My tribute to upcoming sword
  13. EktoSpektre

    swordling - "coming soon" joke

    M1 Tactical Sword Thank you devs for making my dream and also this joke come true
  14. im not like you who actually got banned, i had my graphics card break down. You can say what you want about me, but it is not anymore about this topic so please quiet down or make your own topic where you can criticize me. Well it most definetly dont feel that way anymore since i gave my oli shop key to my friends son... but belive me people drag unthinkable amounts of money from those cash's and quranteed lion and cat figures...