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  1. Arth0u

    Some new WIP materials

    Found it, Ars Arma A18
  2. Arth0u

    Some new WIP materials

    Ok so, FN P90 (couldn't find exact suppressor) SVDK M18 Smoke Grenade LSHZ-2DTM "Volcano" Helmet Looks like an updated model for the 6SH112 Scorpion ammunition storage/belt feed backpack The next vest has an uncanny resemblance to the Alpha, not exactly sure as to what it is Magpul Pro 700 Stock (Remington 700 tacticool folding stock) KS-23 4 Gauge pump shotgun SPHERE Wireless Exploration Device
  3. Arth0u

    Little update for you

    I'm just excited because I thought we were going to have to wait until .11 for the weapon.
  4. Arth0u

    Little update for you

    Wait? We're getting MP7 in 10.5?!
  5. Is it the Greyshop Killa helmet?
  6. Arth0u

    My Suggestions for the Mosin

    I agree with what you're saying but it's just not "fun" for a new player to get into the game. Bad first impressions and I feel that will be really bad on the open beta.
  7. Arth0u

    My Suggestions for the Mosin

    in a setting where every player is running around with Altyns and Forts you're telling a new player to just git gud? They go in with nothing because they have nothing. Those geared players should be able to defend themselves if they are using their gear correctly, not just by absorbing lead.
  8. Arth0u

    My Suggestions for the Mosin

    We desperately need an end game cleanup though. Sure the Mosin may not be "perfect" as it is (a fov nerf and accuracy seem wise) but almost 50k for a new player with standard edition (300k Rubles) is a bit too expensive imo.
  9. Arth0u

    My Suggestions for the Mosin

    Now let me get this out of the way. I love Tarkov and I appreciate the hard work that Battlestate is putting into their game, this post reflects my thoughts on the Mosin and the backlash surrounding it. I believe that the Mosin is perfectly balanced as it was first implomented. Due to the lowering frequency of wipes we're experiencing a sort of power curve crisis. New players stand no chance against long time players with high level gear. The Mosin is a perfect bridge between the demographic of new players and the heavily geared ones. Older players should run the risk of losing their gear always and play by skill and not by said gear. Of course we could go back to the wipe system but I believe introducing balancers like the Mosin are a more streamlined and fair approach.
  10. Arth0u

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    A faction based area of the map? USECs defending and BEARs attacking? FACTION QUESTS? Also why is there a spooky transparent ghost?
  11. Arth0u

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    1.) Improved spawns/exits on Interchange when? 2.) What exactly are you doing to improve scavs? 3.) Terra Group Labs
  12. Arth0u

    Ammo Chart Update

    Oh god I take it back