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  1. Simonov Semi-Automatic SKS modding

    Hey buddy. Don't mind the color as it is misleading. There are two diffent rifles ingame: The SKS and the OP-SKS. The OP SKS can have a mount adapter equiped that allows you to fit any dovetail scopes (PSO/OKP-7/Kobra; just like on an AK-74,AKMN, AK-74 UN etc...) If your SKS isn't the "OP-SKS" then it won't work. The second option for you is the SOCOM Rail that can be found in green/weapon crates or bought from Skier at level 3 if I remember correctly. The SOCOM Rail works on both versions of the SKS. Please mind the fact that the stocks are interchanbeable and do not matter at all.
  2. Les vendeurs

    Salut les boys! Pour augmenter la reputation, tu as besoins de 3 choses: Niveau Montant Depense (Achat ET Vente) Reputation (Ce dernier se monte UNIQUEMENT avec les quetes). Pour courage pour escape
  3. Closed Beta will start in July!

    It actually is - the release has always followed within a few days.
  4. Offer to the Devs

    I'm fairly certain that Russia 2028 would be what you're looking for