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    So I'll try and capture the video evidence of whats happening, then I'll look to file a report to the devs so they can hopefully heads up and look at the spawns over that side (oooh check me out actually participating in Beta, not just playing!) Yeah, soon as I'm done with task 3 for Prapor i'm avoiding woods like the plague, I actually find even factory a lot more fun (least there with a pistol you have a average to good chance of surviving) Also thanks for the advice on what to do with my issues both HappyCamper and DanEXERT!
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    To me thats the way all debate should be conducted, flaming gets you nowhere, a little courtesy and constructive thought will get you a lot further. On Topic: Yes i went through about an hour this morning with approx 7-80% Spawn Death, and much like the video it was Spawn in, litterally look left right, die and I'm hearing the cracks of gunfire as I drop. Now like you suggested it may be that my model is hitting the world before I am, for me though given that, like i said earlier, i'm no more than 30s late to the raid thats people spawning far too close for my liking. To further on from this though, I took a break for a few hours and came back, had couple of really good raids this evening, little to no spawn camping this time round, that said the action was ON! from the start the spawns are still very close. If you are trying to avoid PMC so that you can engage Scavs it's still very difficult, even more so if people actively go looking for PMC in the spawns DanExpert, for me the one map this has been happening consistently on is Woods (Scav Hut spawn, not so much at Old Station), I'm seeing the "Deploying in" timer on each run, I'm seeing a full raid timer when I do spawn, maybe missing 5-30s. I'm not grouped with randoms (I don't trust randoms as far as I can through them) and it's while i've been running solo, not had chance to see if it's a problem when I squad with friends. Constructive enough?
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    Yup, this. I've had this pretty constantly this weekend, I will note however it was far less prevalent during the week nights so i wonder if it's the type of player that plays during the weekend. If people aren't experiencing this, then that's awesome, but this weekend it's been happening to me 7-8 times out of 10, I'm a standard edition player so i just don't have the stash space to build a decent cache of weapons that I can afford to loose everything i take in seconds after spawning. Whats more frustrating is that I'm trying to complete Prapors 3rd task, so my choices are risk A LOT of gear to spawn kills in the hope that I can make it out of the spawn and bag a couple of scavs, or just hatchet run and hope I can get away quick enough, then kill a scav, take their poo and try an kill more scavs.