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  1. Weapon Zero

    you're right I know about nothing on the subject that's why I asked you why you kept saying yards while talking about zeroing in the first place. And stop getting salty, I care poo about your typos I just wanted to understand what you were saying
  2. Weapon Zero

    it wasn't a typo, it was many typos, and very consistent.. I was honestly confused by that, please keep in mind the rest of the civilized world simply doesn't care about the imperial system so don't expect people to know it
  3. SCAV are way too OP

    I love terminator scavs, they were walking loot before they made them OP. OP scavs are good to game health
  4. New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    Wipe is only for major updates like this one, about once every 4-6 months I think
  5. Semi Destructible Environment

    guys a destructible world would probably kill performance and increase desync atm, there's a lot of optimization ahead before putting this on the table. Notice that this one of the only games where EVERYTHING persists on the map until raid ends: corpses, tons of loot sparse or in containers, doors, cases, blood spots and wall shots (not 100% sure about the latter). On top of that server must compute different penetration coefficients for every surface that can be shot through with different ammo penetration values (for example, PP rounds are the only ammo with a 100% cover penetration chance, only with those you can shoot through trees and always hit what's behind). This is a humongous load on the server and that's why desync is already that big of an issue in this game. In factory around the office there's already a bit a destructibilty, and it is not coincidental that factory is the most performant and less loot abundant map.
  6. Bolt/Pump action system

    I didn't write automatic, anyway I now get what you mean, I misunderstood because of the R suggestion. Imo it would be very easy to implement, the most logical solution would be: no pump/bolt until LMB isn't released. This way it would be very easy to adjust scopes and you would be able to load specific ammo in the shotgun by pressing R without releasing LMB. Honestly I thought snipers already worked that way, I never cared to adjust scopes since long distance shots are rare..
  7. Bolt/Pump action system

    you want to manullay control any other movement as well? as manually reloading chamber, a button to drop mag, another to take mag from rig, another to put mag in.. Actions that irl you'd perform without ever thinking about it (like pumping a shotgun after shooting or putting first round in chamber after reloading) feel more realistic if automatized, because those are automatized actions irl.
  8. Map

    Every location has a map now, once you have those it's very easy to find an extraction
  9. is there a specific time for wipe?

    No amount of desync is going to keep me from looting hard
  10. New Users pls read

    That way it sounds much better, guess it will be pretty far in the future
  11. New Users pls read

    I found it discussed in some threads on the forum, always related to scav on scavs. I can't figure how could it be applied to PMC gameplay, aren't PMCs supposed to kill everything they feel like to?
  12. New Users pls read

    In the sense that scav-on-scav violence will influence the PMC luck with jamming and whatever, yes. None the less it is meant to address a scav gameplay issue, not PMC's
  13. New Users pls read

    yeah but the scav ai is broken at the moment, killing a rogue scav will still make you an enemy of the ai which often puts the honest scav player between hammer and anvil. Devs intend do implement a karma system so this means they're aware of the problem, although I don't know how much of a deterrent will this be. I'd much rather have a smarter scav ai that can discern between friendly and legit kill
  14. New AK variant screenshots

    You got it right dude
  15. Pasting crosshair tape on middle of screen...

    Absolutely not, hip fire is not at all accurate compared to ads, you don't need a tape to verify it, just shoot a wall