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  1. No thank you, I as many others don't want to be flooded in asian pingers or hackers. Enjoy your own region
  2. beddamischia

    Scav on Scav violence

    Yeah, mechanics like VOIP which would tone down the mindless slaughters are still missing too, yet it still it won't change the fact that player scavs are both rich in loot and dangerous to keep around alive, so killing them out of the blue will always be a reasonable choice in most situations
  3. beddamischia

    Scav on Scav violence

    The game still misses elements like bosses and other factions to fully balance scav experience, but scav violence will ALWAYS be tolerated since violence is the whole point of this game. If you can't stand it then I suggest you go play team deathmatch on csgo or bf or whatever. I never had this kind of problems, player scavs are very different behaviourally and you just need to keep an eye on them and never turning your back, just the opposite of what you yourself admitted to do regularly
  4. beddamischia

    Huge ban wave

    You're an idiot, and you alone are complaining about permanent bans. Everybody else (except cheaters) sees and approves the logic behind it, your argument is fallacious at best. If it were for me I'd have you permabanned as well just for sticking up for these cheating failures
  5. beddamischia

    Huge ban wave

    If any of you really got unfairly banned you would be mad with rage right now, you wouldn't be wasting time on this thread, you would instead be yelling at devs on tech support right now. You're as obvious as you're unskilled
  6. beddamischia

    Huge ban wave

    It will get better with less of you hacking ducks around
  7. beddamischia

    Huge ban wave

    Get your facts straight before you express yourself, are you banned or not? You just wanna create some confusion to shed doubts on devs, so maybe you'll get your cheater account back? Not gonna happen sorry, get rekt like the others
  8. beddamischia

    Huge ban wave

    You're a returning cheater, it's so obvious and pathetic. You're not the first fagg crying today with a 20 min old account, but know you're making my day with your loser tears
  9. beddamischia

    Huge ban wave

    You, sir, are the king of retards
  10. beddamischia

    Huge ban wave

    Then you got yourself a pathetic loser friend
  11. beddamischia

    friend banned

    AhhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahabahahHHahhahahahahahhahahHahHhhahhahahahahaggaagaggahahahahhaaahahah! Get rekt
  12. beddamischia

    0.10 patch WIP

    What is WIP supposed to mean? Incoming wipe or not?
  13. beddamischia

    Why do people Camp spawns

    Spawncamping is the norm in this broken alpha game, maps are 1000000m² but still devs can't figure how to evenly space pmcs out at the start. Spawn fights are the most annoying fights in this game and it makes no sense at all to be able to know other people's spawn. But obviously, some low skills players will defend this spawn system, why? Because they put effort in learning all possible spawns so they can camp on them.
  14. beddamischia

    unlocking/locking doors.

    Yes many times, no one ever came because it's not possible to localize precisely anything in this game based on sound, not even with sordins. Hearing a sound and knowing its location are two different things
  15. beddamischia

    unlocking/locking doors.

    I think you're trying at some form of sarcasm, still I can't seem to find any humour in it