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  1. beddamischia

    unlocking/locking doors.

    Yes many times, no one ever came because it's not possible to localize precisely anything in this game based on sound, not even with sordins. Hearing a sound and knowing its location are two different things
  2. beddamischia

    unlocking/locking doors.

    I think you're trying at some form of sarcasm, still I can't seem to find any humour in it
  3. beddamischia

    unlocking/locking doors.

    You think kicking in a door will give you away to the whole map? And that the "risk" would compensate for the luxury of opening a locked door without key? Ok...............
  4. beddamischia

    "Improved Shoreline"

    People blaming rigs still when even the lowest pig knows that it's mostly a netcode related issue. That's why fps aren't consistent across raids on the same map. That's why I got a 980gtx and my friend a 1080ti and nevertheless we get the EXACT SAME PERFORMANCES, same freezes, same stuttering and fps drops at the same moment. And can't you see the gameupd value being red low? That reflects server game updates and has nothing to do with hardware specs, so at least get a basic grasp on things before talking, maybe
  5. beddamischia

    Hearing weapon reloading while where is no one around

    Yes, it's pure and raw anxiety, I think this happenz only with comtacs
  6. beddamischia

    Hatchling butchering

    I usually shoot them but I never go out of my way to kill them. If possible I will avoid shooting entirely so to not give my position away, but I don't trust them and I don't want them to come near me
  7. beddamischia

    How to properly use a flashlight

    They don't react to lasers but I think they do with lights
  8. beddamischia

    How to properly use a flashlight

    To bait ai scavs
  9. Same, dying to bs takes up >50% of deaths, until now I coped by playing a lot more scav and dressing the PMC with superfluous gear only, but now that I can't even properly sell the stuff I get out, fun is officialy ended for me. This game was already grindy as it was, BSG must realize that most of their playerbase is over 30 years old, with wives and jobs, and stop listening to noisy kids that can only know fun when wasting themselves in their basement in front of a pc for 18 hours straight. Just look at the game on twitch, literally noone is playing it anymore
  10. beddamischia

    Blood drop on ground when bleeding

    Yes this has to be implemented, I'm sure it would be easy to code and it'd be a great mechanic
  11. Being skilled and playing a lot are 2 different things. Skill isn't needed at all to get rich to be honest, just running some low gear every raid is more than enough. Hell the richest players are probably the hatchet runners.. so maybe stop talking about money as if it was some unit measure of talent, because it only really measures how much time you're willing to waste in fron of a videogame.
  12. Yeah it happens once in a while, not recently though
  13. Yes, if the server runs smooth, if no desync happens, if no one is cheating, if noone is glitching god-mode, if looking into optic don't freezes your screen, if scavs don't aimlock your face, then a big gun and chest armor may save your ass a couple times
  14. beddamischia

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    Where's the notes of the recent updates? Because traders are paying much less now
  15. I think you're missing the point, traders all pay the same now, this is obviously temporary. And not everybody has time to grind 14M roubles. And if you didn't notice, choosing carefully what weapon/gear to bring in is the ultimate waste of time with the actual state of the game