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  1. mabarian

    sv98 sniping

    I guess you know you need to adjust the scope with the distance with Page Up and Page Down buttons, right?
  2. mabarian


    Note: If your mag fits in one cell, I think you can also have that mag in your pockets. But for, sure, if the mag is inside your pouch or container, you cannot reload with R.
  3. mabarian

    Scav weapon tables

    That is not the problem. The problem is to analyze why a scav can snipe and blow your head or legs away from far distance in one shot. This has been commented multiple times across the forum.
  4. mabarian

    Weird Encounter

    Such a young post about to die...
  5. mabarian

    Goldenstar doesn't work ?

    Ok selling my 6 goldenstarts right now...
  6. mabarian

    Tired of OOF FPS...

    Get a better computer and follow the hardware recommendations. End of story.
  7. You can check videos on youtube where it is proven that macros can reduce recoil, regardless this is the OP's problem or not.
  8. mabarian

    Magazines being lost when reloading

    It happened to me as well: I had room in my vest for the 2-size mag and I lost it when I reloaded, but.... NO. The vest I was wearing, I found it on a dead scav, and was not fully searched. It appeared as empty but it was full of junk once I searched in it. I guess this is not the root cause of your problems, since many people is experiencing the same. I guess at least one of you had his vest fully searched.
  9. mabarian

    Green Crates Unsearchable

    I am still getting this problem in Woods. I cannot loot any green crate in that map.
  10. mabarian

    Customs Office key

    Usually it spawns in file cabinets: The big red warehouse on the customs zone? There is a shack at the north east of that big red building (it is surrounded by one or two tank trucks). Inside that shack there is a file cabinet. Check it every time. Dorm stories: there are 3 or 4 rooms with cabinets. Check those. One of those rooms has 7 file cabinets where you will definitely find keys (maybe not customs keys, but it is the best location for keys and it will eventually spawn there)
  11. mabarian

    Exit campers are the worst

    Dude, once in a PMC raid in Customs, after killing like 10 or 11 scavs and 3 PMCs, I had to hobble while bleeding from injuries from the New Gas Station (the one thext to the 2 buildings in the woods that divides a road in two) to ZB-1012. Creepiest moments ever: hobbing, grunting, panting, red vision, bleeding out, dehydrating AF, I couldn't even aim if I had to. Luckily, I did not encounter anyone, but when I arrived to ZB-1012, it did not extract. That was like "cmon what the duck!!!"I had to go to Far Factory Corner. I swear i finish the raid 6 or 7 seconds before the end the match and with like 15-20 of health and totally dehydrated. I won 14K exp point and leveled up from level 4 to 9 or 10 or so. Amazing. Those minutes hobbing trough the boiler roads, not even hidding as it would have been pointless... priceless. Ah, the thrill...
  12. Well, macros help with recoil. That's what I read in this forum. People create macros of fast shots in single mode and they get way less recoil than using full auto mode. That or they have learnt to counter the recoil with mouse move.
  13. mabarian

    Do you think it's possible?

    Scary poo
  14. mabarian

    make fun of me for being bad

    I would help you, but I am based in EU (Spain). I ALWAYS play solo. Some things I have learned during these past 4 months: You learn much more when you play solo than with friends. You are in disadvantage yes, but you play smarter and quieter. Surprise factor is your only ally. In your situation I would play only Scav for a month and kill other scavs as I see them. This is a good training for your PMC with no risk to loose gear. Do not enter Factory. Play Customs for training. Factory is like Unreal Tournament. Follow the same routes and create a pattern of behavior (if that has any meaning to you). I found out that most of my deaths were due to not being outsmarting the rest of players. Now I fool them a lot of times and they do not surprise me much. When you develop a habit, everything goes smoother. Never enter a building without knowing all possible exits. Keep always in mind where they are. Print a Customs map with loot legend (reddit has a very good one) in an A3 paper and leave it next to your screen. Always visit the hot areas in Customs (Factory, Construction Site, Gas Station). Loot and clean from scavs. Do not trust any corner. Do not turn corners blind. Lean over the corners with Q/E while aiming and observe the area. Do not do this for more than 2 seconds. And then, turn the corner and repeat the same but looking where you came from. Maybe someone is following you. It happens many times. This should be for you like a knee-jerk reaction. Checking a corner, turnning the corner and checking your back. And very important as well: train in PVE offline mode with the gear you would be willing to risk, under the same conditions (meds in hotkeys or alpha container). Aim for the heads. Use the key B to switch to burst/auto mode instead of single. Aim for upperchest (practice this until you become natural). Aiming upperchest gives you some headshots in the best case and chest hits in the worst. Calm down. I remember I was usually shaking after fighting a PMC. Take it easy. Evade yourself and try to avoid CQC. You kill players as you chew gum. It is not important. Neither is dying. It's a freaking game Nowadays there are lots of hackers. We all suffer them. It is part of the beta (I hope). The most important thing: let your kills cool down for a minute. Don't loot them after killing them as most likely someone saw/heard the shooting and is going right now for you. He will find you as an easy kill. Set traps if you are confident. Kill someone with big backpack and don't loot him. Instead, camp on him. When a player comes to loot him, kill him. During a shooting, switch your position constantly: Shoot, run, cover, shoot, run, cover shoot. Although it seems you are just exposing your body, this strategy causes caos among enemies. If they are distracted they might think you are two players or they might miss your position. 1 out of 20 they will kill you when running to another position. You will find that your success rate in a shooting improves much more and is worth when changing positions. It is better to die trying to outsmart someone than rushing to kill him. You learn more. If you know 90% sure someone is hidding inside some structure, wait for him. WAIT. I have waited in customs for someone to leave the area for 15 minutes because my loot was worth the time. You hate yourslef when you know someone is there and you rush there to kill him ecause you are too impatient and then you get killed. That's very noob. This is not Overwatch. Rushing and being aggresive does not work unless you grouped with 4 friends. Stealthy does not work either. Being very static gets you killed as well. You need to find a combination. Move steady. Wait when you know someone's near and you want to ambush. But move normally always aiming where you think the threat is most likely to appear. Always look your back. It took me some time to aim my shots when I was under fire. Panicking under fire and shooting bursts to the enemy in the hope of killing him faster is proven to be less effective than taking 0.5-0.7 seconds to aim properly to the head and double-click (while receiving impacts). I have seen the youtuber Kotton to lay on the ground when he was engaged and wanted to fire back. This has never worked for me. I usually got killed before my chest touched the ground. Instead, i press Q and E while shooting at my enemy to dodge bullets to my head. Not sure if it has saved me or not. Most of PMCs are dead or extracted when there are 30 minutes left. Most of shootings take place when there are 45-50 minutes left.
  15. mabarian


    Oh, that's fucked up...