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  1. 7heCub

    Are Scavs too OP?

    0.9 Scavs manage to do 1000m Shotgun shots at 02:30 A.M. on targets lying prone behind 4 trees and 10 bushes. Scavs are Gods with the worst loot ever!
  2. 7heCub


    NVidia highlights recording start too near at the death.
  3. 7heCub

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    experienced a teleport hacker today.., a PMC just teleported in front of my face and shoot me down. Somehow sad, they are coming back as we see! We will need further updates!!!
  4. 7heCub

    Good bye Escape from Tarkov

    I don't know why a Hardcore Game like EFT attracts so many People who should better rely on their mother's breasts... And just believe me to not trust every crying kid, whose ability to use some paint for a shitty graph, to paint something with all their salty tears about the status of EFT. IN FACT, those people cry more than they play. Those people just should lay down EFT and stick back to the old same FPS games you kiddies love so much. I can tell you, every post above which is flaming EFT, is overrated and not accurate. Flamers always overreact and try to put their salt everywhere they are moving to. For sure there are some hackers --> BSG updates their anti-cheat frequently and improves its performance, it's not stupid to make an own anticheat than rely upon BattleEye or similar tools, cause those are bypassed every day. Desync and Stutter-Lags are terrible -> For sure we had problems, espec on Shoreline and Customs, guess what! THere were 3 optimization updates the last 2 weeks! Glitchers are spreading the game --> yeah there are and were some, but in fact, most glitches get fixed as soon as they can, but don't believe fixing things is as easy as being the postman you are! Scavs are OP --> Cmon scavs got better at all, they don't just only head aim, they miss a lot they fail a lot, they seem to be as good as a mid-tier player. that's fine. they sort out the junk! EFT is too hard --> Yes it is hard, it is stated as "SURVIVAL FPS RPG" what do you expect? Hello Kitty?
  5. 7heCub

    Good bye Escape from Tarkov

    Don't you dare making us happy! Please just leave, because if you dont understand the term "Beta" you should first take your time and read some articles. A Beta is testing, like a Early Access you know. You cant blame a game you bought with the information that it is yet undone and afterward start blaming it? Seems like some schizophrenia things are happening there...Well if you play with the same mentality you wrote your post, i am pretty sure you just missed those 25 rounds, 4 shells at all. Happy to see you leaving, Noob! Greets, Cube
  6. Finds gut das du simpel noch ans Fair-Play prinzip denkst, aber allein wenn wir auf die letzten Olympiaden zurückblicken, wissen wir das gewissen Menschen einfach gern bescheissen. Hoffen wir dennoch darauf Es gibt auch auf verschiedenen Platformen Antistatische Klebebilder fürn Bildschirm als Fadenkreuz. Von dem her. und da in Tarkov die Mitte nicht gleich Mitte ist (Mann muss sich ja einfach das Barrel vor denken um die Schussbahn zu berechnen). ist ein Fadenkreuz sowieso senseless
  7. Danke für die ausführliche Antwort, das schätze ich sehr! Also könnte ich Sonic Radar theoretisch nutzen ohne Probleme zu bekommen? Weiß nicht wie Ingame Overlays (hat ja Discord auch) eingebunden werden, da sonic radar nicht die Spieldaten abändert oder liest sonder nur den 7.1. Sound 1 zu eins wie er gehört wird anzeigt. Wär ja theoretisch ein ziemlicher Vorteil für gewisse Personen.. Wenn du sagst einzelne Tasten heißt das sowas wie STR+T ist verboten? Nur um ganz sicher zu gehen^^ Da ich momentan auf meinen Macro Tasten z.b. Nightvision an aus eingestellt habe. oder scopeswitch was simple 2 tasten-kombinationen wären. Im regelfall werde ich diese sonst sofort unbinden um keine Probleme zu bekommen^^ Grüße, Cube
  8. Thema ist Inhalt und eher etwas mehr Spaß als Ernst: Ist es erlaubt ein Gewicht auf die W Taste zu legen um einen Autorun zu erhalten? Bin manchmal bei den langweilligen Hatchlingruns, am Serie schan und da wärs ja ganz nett irgendwie nen autorun zu haben
  9. Hallo liebes BSG-Team, da ihr ja euer eigenes Anti-Cheat baut und ihr sehr strikt bans verteilt so das man sich nichtmal mehr melden könnte. (Accountban,Forumban) Bin ich in Sorge das unausgereifte System, Treiberprogramme falsch einschätzt. Ich benutze und benötige zur Steuerung meiner Maus Rival 700 und Tastatur Apex 300 die Steelseries Engine 3. In dieser Anwendung werden die Treiber aber auch alle programmierbaren Tasten eingestellt. Für mein ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 benötige ich ebenso das Sonic Studio welches z.b. dieses Sonic Radar Plug-In beinhaltet, das Plugin lässt sich natürlich nur manuell de/aktivieren aber ich weiß nicht ob die Software im deaktivierten Status Probleme auslösen könnte, da dieses Sonice Radar Plugin den visuellen Sound als Radar auf den Bildschirm abbildet. Ich spiele ohne diesem Plug-In, dennoch ist es beinhaltet und bereitet mir Sorge. Da Macros meines Wissens bald bannbar sein sollen (zumindest Autoshot und so ein quark), bin ich dennoch in Sorge das diese Programme die zum Laufen der Hardware benötigt sind, zu einem Ban führen können. Nun ist schlicht meine Frage ob diese Programme im Anticheat berücksichtig werden. Es sind alles Produkte von bekannten Gaming-Marken. Daher erhoffe ich das dies keine Probleme bereitet. VIele Grüße, 7heCube
  10. 7heCub

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    Sorry if i got to tell you this, but if i want to i can simply farm the Registers in Interchange, this is in fact stupid and boring. Interchange gave us some economy thats right, but after grinding it allday i am sick of it. i never leaved with under 400k per Run. This in fact makes interchange worthy but takes shoreline completly out of the game (the 30% eco. nerf), because shoreline by far isnt that a place where you simply farm 180k per row of Registers, shoreline was much about Bitcoins, statues and all those shiny objects i easily made thousands with them (if you manage to get to all rooms you want to loot) after this, yeah ill just spend those 3 rounds i Play per day to brainfree farm on interchange Thats the Point of the game And by far i talk about fail-economy and dupers when you costantly meet with some 2 mio loadout People. Can you grind that amount on a daily Basis?
  11. 7heCub

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    this Topic is 80% cause of my 5 RL friends who left because of this. I stood, because i love hardcore ther difficulty even like this (It's fun to destroy some 1 mio. Loadout Players, with simply a GLOCK) but i rather would love have an active Player Basis (day by day there are lesser Players on EU) rather than a leaving Player Basis cause of all the Fails happened throughout the patch. This is my way to Keep them attracted even if the current üatch is broken
  12. 7heCub

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    This my friend is the reason why People leave atm. there are 3 Groups atm. The first Group Needs to carefully use their Money, cause the economy shrunk down to 30% of ist origin. the second Group are the well trained, always surviving masters of tarkov, they got 15m roubles, 100k euro 150k Dollars. Okay fine they earned it a fair way. And Group Nr.3 All dupers which got endless amount of Money. So how would this not bring back fun? If 1/3 received Money through bugabuse (it was bugabuse, otherwise they would have reported it earlier) 1/3 are good Players, 1/3 are simply uninterested to go in day by day to fight against OP juggernauts. whilst they probably just got an AKS 74 U. It's is a regular shooter atm, just not fair for everyone.
  13. 7heCub

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    You are right ist a beta test, we tried out the patch the last several weeks, got some good and some bad Hotfixes. Most Bugs got public. They try to fix them, but cant fix the economy afterwards. Now we are several weeks before 0.9, why dont use those days for some funny Events? It is just simply the wrong direction: 1 Step: Let People dupe millions, 2. Step lower the economy. If you can Count and read those letters you for sure can see some coincident in it.
  14. 7heCub

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    Sure sure they got to deal with it, but in fact this patch was the biggest mess BSG produced for a Long time. Servers already spread with LVL 50 Strenght Players (interchange glitch). Money Glitch still is a Thing and in my opinion ist not fair in fact. I do not have to cry.. i got a 1.48 KD and survive more than 90% of my raids. Thats fine, i dont cope with it. But i seen, talked and discussed with many Players who left cause of certain reason, as i like to listen to their words i put up this thread. Well i am not like thinking this at all.. you just stated this fact.
  15. 7heCub

    Traders Event until 0.9 Wipe!

    It is not about destroying it, it is about shaping it the same for everyone again. Well thats true, but they never had to farm as much as now to get the weapons they Need to even practice, whilst everyone else is full packed with RSASS and other Things which aren't that cheap, but if you want me to take you serious in any Kind, try to Argument instead of giving your phrases 1-2 words more.