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  1. colourfultoasters

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  2. colourfultoasters

    Recent Trader Discount & Unlock

    It has been fun but currently waiting for the wipe since there is no point to play at the moment besides kill people.
  3. colourfultoasters

    How old are you?

    Hahahaha duck I remember this post I made I think. I can't believe I'm 17 now and it's been more than a year since I learned about EFT
  4. colourfultoasters

    The Escape From Tarkov Extended Alpha has started!

    Seriously what the hell! I have upgraded 3 times from standard. I pre-ordered back in last year December as well yet I am STILL not in the alpha and I have the prepare to escape edition and I upgraded to that BEFORE the extended alpha started. I've been completely patient but new people pre-ordering during a discount too and getting in immediately is REALLY annoying.
  5. colourfultoasters

    The Escape From Tarkov Extended Alpha has started!

    I upgraded to prepare to escape a few days before this announcement, should I be getting into the extended alpha because I haven't gotten a code or anything yet((
  6. colourfultoasters

    The plans for the remainder of 2016

    @Blackb1rdAny plans for BETA soon? I'm sure people would love news of BETA release.
  7. colourfultoasters

    Tactical tomahawk

    Again if it can be lost ingame, it can be taken by anyone.
  8. colourfultoasters

    Tactical tomahawk

    Well I highly doubt a weeb knows what they're talking about. What the purpose of including extra ammo in pre-order packages when you can just buy more ammo from vendors? Your points are therefore invalid.
  9. colourfultoasters

    Tactical tomahawk

    Yes you can. It's an added bonus that you get it early but if you took time to read the FAQ, everything that is offered in the pre-order bonus' are obtainable in-game. No where does it state 'Exclusive'
  10. colourfultoasters

    Tactical tomahawk

    You can get it without the 140$ package.
  11. I'm more than fine with someone yelling at me in VOIP. It's hilarious. Please don't get 'triggered' by it. Its a game with people you don't know.
  12. colourfultoasters

    Official answer about the stream

    I loved the stream for what it was. I was late and the ruskies were just salty as f u c k. A lot of people don't understand that a LIVE stream of the game doesn't go as planned because it is LIVE. Pre-ordered back in December than upgraded another 35dollars. Hopefully I get in alpha. Can't wait my friends. Keep up the good work!!
  13. colourfultoasters

    Just upgraded! NDA for alpha

    Just upgraded to the Left Behind Edition! Hopefully I get into the alpha :~)!!!!! My question is, if we do get into the alpha, do we get to at least talk about the alpha or is it completely mouth closed? Much love Thomas :~)
  14. colourfultoasters

    Similarities to The Division

    I can completely agree with you 100% that ubisofts track record is pretty shitty for server poo and games being pushed out wayyy too early. So far, I played seige and it did feel actually a little empty but I do know they're pushing out updates adding in new features, operators and more. FC3 and FC4 are quite nice games that actually came out really well, zero complaints from me. I never touched blood dragon because I never got a chance to but it could very well be it's own game with things here and there. Ubisoft obviously needs to get their poo together but I have faith in the division that they can pull off a decent game. :~) But I'm glad you aren't a cockhead like some of the other people calling The Division, quote, "This game is worse than my grandmother dying."
  15. colourfultoasters

    Similarities to The Division

    I do not find it very repetitive at all and the teamwork is quite well. The loot is whatever is in the beta which isn't very much. I find the game to be very fast paced and not at all boring as it keeps you in constant awareness (with the dark zone.) I have only encountered one bug and that's when I fell through the map on the first time I ever played. Other than that, I have had no bugs. There were exploiters in the dark zone because of the server to client side checking disabled for the beta. I have met many great people in the dark zone that help others and aren't complete asshats. You're bound to find people in EFT that will most likely try to cheat and will most likely try to duck with you. It's human nature to be an asshat and no one will be a good guy/girl all the time. I have always been put into 'populated' instances in the darkzone whenever I am playing. Most of the time you will find a lot of people. Also keep in mind that it's an RPG and people actually do like farming for stuff when they want to. (I actually do half the time because I find it enjoyable and time killing). Going rogue also gives you a bounty that others will go after. The Division wasn't marketed as a 'survival video game' so I do not know where you're trying to pull , "You aren't trying to survive from anything" from. This isn't a DayZ clone. If you do find the gunhappy 12 year olds screaming in voip, turn off voip and also deal with the fact you will have people killing you, that's the entire point of the dark zone, it's unforgiving. The chests aren't conspicuous either, they're well placed in their entirety. Vehicles are more for cover rather than looting from. Remember that The Division is a seperate game from EFT, it isn't a survival looter, its an RPG looter which means 'chests' and enemy drops. Destiny was published by Activision and made by Bungie and some other team. They're two different companies entirely. Ubisoft actually makes quality content for the most part aside from downgrades for the console players which, btw, the downgrade on console is pretty bad but the PC looks beautiful on ultra aside from soft shadows but ubisoft always has had soft shadows in their video games. In the end, this is just my experiences when playing with quality people and having a bunch of fun after 50 hours on a beta. I can't wait to see the rest as the beta has convinced me to pre-order because everything is very smooth. I love MMORPGS for the gameplay with friends but I also love Realistic shooters/survival video games for the gameplay with friends and the tactics and the tense moments. I am completely unbiased towards both these genres. I love them both and I respect them both. I have also pre-ordered EFT back in January on like the 1st or 2nd if that is what you were also going to ask. Edit : Also to prevent any bashing. I so far prefer EFT over The Division because it's hardcore and realistic. Waiting for EFT's beta for any further opinions, can't wait for March :~)