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  1. TheLegend01

    A little Scav party killed nobody

    Well guess this says more than words at all
  2. TheLegend01

    The new video "Beauty of Shoreline"

    Actualy a pretty nice video
  3. TheLegend01

    Welcome the new Junior Community Manager - ArmaSwiss!

    Congrates, and u deserved this as well i hope you enjoy your new position. Good luck out there ma friend
  4. TheLegend01

    The Shoreline Location

    This looks really awesome. I think this will be a great map to test stuff out and there are a lot of doors and new ways to explore for sure.
  5. TheLegend01

    Coming soon - Escape from Tarkov in-game events!

    Will there be a determined route they have to pass or is this going to be like the vip says which route he wants to take. Will it be possible to play as the Vip by the players themselvs later on to have more lobby's as i guess there wont be 100 devs to supply about 1000 player peeks i guess at top that are quen up. How will the loot look like? More mods or maybe sometimes a gun with some luck? or just simple cash ? Is there a "value" of the loot in the bags like loot avrage worth 50k rubbels or something like this? A lot of questions out there how this gonna be like haha But definitly an awesome idea. Looking forward to this