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  1. The one time my report was followed up by BSG resulted in the player still playing to this day! They had me upload the video to youtube under the private setting and after some back and forth the communication stopped. But again must be some uneducated noob who has never played a game in his life right? Get gud?
  2. So a guy flying around the map like hes on a broom stick is me dying to some shooter from an unknown location? Your hopeless honestly open your eyes.
  3. Every thread containing evidence or even the mere mention of the cheating problem is being locked by the mods. I fully understand the problems that can arise when you start naming and shaming individuals but you cant cover up the extent of the cheating problem by locking threads alone. It doesnt allow us to defend our position against the claim that there is hardly any cheaters when our evidence is being removed. It looks really bad for the outlook on how the inevitable cheating problem will be dealt with upon release. I like this game bugs and all but this is just weak and short sighted i think its time we get some response from the mods BSG handlers.
  4. because the mods come in and lock the thread thats why were not allowed to share
  5. Zoanthid

    TT nerfed?

    Mine as well get good with your TT pistol because when you level up to max trader and you put on the gen4 it unlocks a whole new game mode where the PMCs take flight at blistering speeds and shoot down on you from the sky it might resemble a speed hack but have no fear there are no cheaters in tarkov. Its why they dont accept manual reports no need right this is tarkov?
  6. Zoanthid

    Scavs now have laser beam aim?

    Scavs are absolute trash this patch
  7. Went from a Turtle Beach 7.1 headset to a Corsair Stereo headset and noticed a mild improvement in terms of sound quality. The Corsair stereo headset is much louder which helps for obvious reasons and also has much clearer sound with surfaces like wood and metal. I can for the most part determine direction of shots, foot steps and bushes but I have trouble determining if a player is above or below me when im inside buildings on maps like Customs dorms, Shoreline resort and Interchange parking garage. I have seen other players and streamers address this so i know were not alone, just gonna have to remain hopeful as they make sound changes all the time.
  8. Zoanthid

    speed hacking streamer?

  9. Zoanthid

    Difference between AI and Player Scav

    The player scavs have the spot for the container and the AI scavs dont its very simple
  10. Last couple of times i have tried to play the servers have been absolutely horrid? I try to purchase something from a trader and it takes a long while to be processed it wasnt like this before did something change? Today on woods the desync was so bad i kept skipping along and shots did no damage. Overall i have had good performance never used to have an issue nothing changed on my end? anyone else noticing this or is it just my end?
  11. I was playing with a friend this morning on Customs when about half way through the raid he mentions a key he got off another player that is all red but opens any breach only door on Customs? We explored around with a few other friends with the key to see the unfinished rooms in some of the areas, some include loot but nothing special. Anyone else encounter this key? I have a video of some of the cool places we were able to get including outside the map ill post it soon.
  12. Zoanthid

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  13. Zoanthid

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Zoanthid#7084 Fochmodeengaged#7084
  14. Zoanthid

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread