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  1. I have been made aware the "visor is up" glitch is back and testing has shown me that if i dont hear the "mask breathing" the glitch happens up to 60% of the time, make sure that your guy talks and breathes like he has the mask on, if he talks normal its bugged and you must turn it off and on to activate it i have noticed a lot of ppl using altyns/fastmt with their shields up recklessly as i one tap them, now i feel their pain and understand why
  2. Ben1988

    Sherpas gear

    For me to sherpa you would have to compensate me, atm i run mp5sd with reapir and a rsass with 3-24 scope, it would be far more motivating if you gave an item that provided loot luck or charisma for traders making the game more enjoyable increases the desire to play it, and to "crack some eggs" while teaching the bambi how the world works, if i am going to compromise myself having him shoot without calling first, or "laying an egg" that blows both of us up it would quickly get expensive. Making insurance free is also a good idea, making the game less punishing for both trainee and trainer.
  3. I just got facehitboxed in 1 by an mpx using the fast mt visor thats one 9x19 caliber pistol round, i feel the visors need to be slighly more powerful, like i am fine dying to 5.45 or higher but anything below rifle tier shouldnt one tap someone using a visor, whats the point in the visor? is the altyn the only helmet that actually stops bullets in general? i mean considering the 5.45 5.56 7.62 m80 ...... the lzh zh1 and fast are just cosmetic outside the comtacs, i would like to see the visor upped to lvl 4 armor for life of quality
  4. Ben1988

    Add breathing heard from comtacs vs campers

    That was what i was thinking, you can hear a guy "prone"ing and ads or when you turn your leg makes this "turning" sound, but there is no idle sound or breath vapor which i think would greatly add to the game, atm i feel every engagement is completely one sided from me camping or them camping, and hearing breathing would enable you to nade eachother, with neither player stabilized a lot of movement skills would replace the camping, like how ghostfreak66 or veriitasgames play in factory, the problem is on big maps with too many areas to cover you cant play like that
  5. Ben1988

    Add breathing heard from comtacs vs campers

    Its more for when you chase someone and shoot at them but they get away, they might go prone to the right or left of the next corner and just wait there forever, or they might have ran away and escaped either way if you chase them its more trouble than its worth, which dis incentivizes face to face combat and encourages shoot in the back "combat". The healing animations slows down combat, the one tap facehitbox punishes people who dont camp and even fort cant hold more than 5 bullets from m80\m62\m61 so your timing window to react is 1 second, sound enables good players to angle their camera everytime in that window so it would make the game a lot more consistent for high end players.
  6. It would make the game far better if you could hear campers breathing up close, its really annoying when you wear comtacs and you are right next to somebody but cant hear them once i get skier t4 i just use reapir and stay away from any place campers can cornercamp its not unavoidable, but it would be a huge quality of life improvement and a really good reason to wear comtacs if you could hear the campers breathing.
  7. Ben1988

    Feedback for patch 8 novermber 18

    That is fine, when i get used to it, it will be like shooting mechanics, u cant loot n shoot at the same time I just wish theyd fix the memory leak, low fps, and make helmets useful
  8. After extensive testing there is a lot of room for improvement, i really like the new animations but i feel the white loading bar "applying bandage" etc should start when he starts searching for the bandage not when he applies it all the way until he has applied it, also you should treat meds animations like reloading animations and allow players to loot while applying meds as this is tedious and unnecessarily interrupts gameplay. I also think you should be able to cancel healing halfway through which doesnt heal the player but can save his life if he is jumped while healing. I realize there is a glitch that enables you to loot if you start right before you heal, but it should act the same way as when you are reloading imo. i would delay the blindness that comes from pain when damaged as it comes too soon and makes even being flinched by a shotgunscav completely makes you blind and interrupt gameplay forcing you to pause the fight, take painkiller, wait for the animation, then wait for the blindness to pass, it would be much better if there was a delay on the pain, enabling you to finish this fight then take painkillers as in real life adrenaline would dampen the pain, soldiers in war sometimes lose their arms and do not even notice until after the fight, same is true for car accidents. I know taking painkillers before the fight every game is a solution but that is a very expensive and wasteful bypass of something that i think was exaggerated to force players to take painkillers for pain as players would otherwise just ignore it, i agree to this but that it shouldnt immediatly interrupt the fight itself, but instead have a slower onset of 10seconds. On not so important matters, the game will crash after every game i play, the only way i can end it is with task manager and i have to restart it anytime i die or complete a raid, but i am sure you are going to provide a fix, i am more afraid long term of the insane interrupting animations and blindness when people barely graze me while bush/corner camping.
  9. Ben1988

    Where is the Community?

    Im a newcomer and i am using these forums to learn and contribute the little i can
  10. When my arm is blackened my aim droops so if i use a laser it will aim at the ground unless i ADS, before fighting i can prevent limping by taking painkillers but i was wondering if you can do something for the blackened arm drooping? i guess i can wear fort or the gen 4 assault but is there anything else i can do
  11. Ben1988

    How to make reap ir scope fullscreen

    These pas 13s seem really cool, might be a viable addition to tarkov
  12. Ben1988

    How to make reap ir scope fullscreen

    You are not wrong, but in the video when he presses ctrl + right click he gets fullscreen scope, when i do it i hear an activation noise but nothing happens
  13. Ben1988

    How to make reap ir scope fullscreen

    He controls it with ctrl + right click which does something now you hear it modify something but i believe the feature is bugged or removed Thank you for your service, the reapir scope runs normal 60fps in real life and is nowhere near as bad or expensive as presented in EFT
  14. In this video the player is able to make his scope bigger (closer to face/fullscreen) and smaller (middle screen) in my game it is only always in the middle of the screen and i cant make it fullscreen he shows it and says he uses ctrl + right click at 2:16 How can i do this in my game, did they change/remove this feature?
  15. Ben1988

    Connection to Server Lost

    This also happens to me, just won 19 rounds of factory and on the 20th it kicks me out, lost gen4 armor lzh and fullmodded ak to a guy using a sr1mp, the worst part is i headshot the pistol guy right before and he didnt drop so i figured it was server shutdown or smth but instead i loaded back into dying the frustration of earning 2 mill rubles thinking i only need worry about cheaters and then this happens, its really like you say russian roulette with the gear, i believe they simply changed the "connection to anticheat lost" error that was frequent last patch into "connection to server lost" to mask it, i have never gotten the connection to server lost message and be able to reconnect, but with the anticheat message i could.