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  1. k3rm0r

    Server went down, all gear gone.

    There is zero sympathy for people who makes a post only to complain. I dont really see how sympathy and teenager goes hand in hand. But apparently you know my age better than i do
  2. k3rm0r

    Server went down, all gear gone.

    And? You want a cookie? Report a bug if you haven't
  3. k3rm0r

    Bug or hacking?

    Could be yeah. Ah well. They will sort it out eventually. Found a nice ally to team up with(hatchling) that i killed the scav boss for so got him geared up. he died silent, so i was like uhmm.. WTF? then i died.
  4. k3rm0r

    Bug or hacking?

    Just suddenly drop health. from nothing. No silenced shot or anything.. Then suddenly i die. from a guy named ZhulikxD. No sound no visual anything. Just a sound bug or is it a cheat?
  5. k3rm0r

    Newbie friday is close!

    Did i miss the anouncement of the upcoming wipe? I will come by the discord and group up with anyone. Might have some weapons for the new guys tl try out aswell
  6. k3rm0r

    Armor progression?

    I do like the idea. Should be more a linear progression. On a side note. Finding and gaining armor is easy in game tbh. I cant remeber the last time i bought armor.
  7. k3rm0r

    Are players just being salty ?

    Everyone but me cheats, it's a proven fact.
  8. k3rm0r

    Dead after deploying, new bug?

    It was on customs so doubth it was a near spawn. might be the reason but doubth it
  9. I go in full geared, after deploy i get taken straight to this.. Awsome.
  10. k3rm0r

    Suggestion for looting mechanism

    Honestly i think this is a bad Idea. The mag reloading time makes sense in the terms of gameplay and the reason behind using bigger vest(wich mainly is to have more mags with you). So it has a place in the game. Checking armor and such seems like more a chore than needs to be. If every little thing you do should take time. You spend less and less time playing the game and more time micre managing everything atleast that is my opinion edit: on a side note. Please make us able to reload mags without having the inventory tab open. It makes no sense to stare at that while reloading
  11. k3rm0r

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the pmc at customs at gas station. There was something so rewarding yet cheap seeing you go to loot then throw a grenade and watch you desperatly try and get away. Thanks for a quick snatch and grab scav run.
  12. Pretty much that. I done this 3 times now. Have they made a difference in the quest/reward system that warrents a wipe? I dont see a reason to do a wipe unless it is the trader quest that needs to be tested or atleast some sort of economy change. If it is new map and new guns. Why do a wipe?
  13. I should have this OP on watch. Never fail to deliver popcorn worthy threads
  14. k3rm0r

    dehydration is BS OP

    I find it anoying that food(energy) is not a thing. If they sped up everything so hydration has a place in the game why not do the same to energy?