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  1. k3rm0r


    I have some of the best runs as scav when i see a friendly one. Too bad there is no voice com(yet?). Also as mentioned. The agro of npc scavs needs to be sorted. Can’t count the times i have had to defend myself vs a player scav only to end up getting agro from ai scavs after you win. Kinda sux. Only way out is to flee. If it wasnt clear. Yeah bring on rep system.
  2. k3rm0r

    Group Teamkilling

    I have a great time when teaming up with randoms, both before the match and inside the game(scavs). It is how i met most of the people i play with these days. PS! Just make sure it is just you two. as soon as there is another guy in there just leave.
  3. k3rm0r

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the 3 guys(won't name them) just now at customs. You guys are so bad you invite 2 people and try to kill them. the fact that i killed all of you 3 should speak for itself.. I was ready as it is allways a warning sign to team up with more than 1 other random dude. The fact you 3 instantly laid down in the grass and started shooting gave it away. Ditched your guns as it seems you need them more than me as this is your tactic at lvl 30+.
  4. k3rm0r

    Repair isn´t worth anymore

    Should do the same for guns
  5. k3rm0r

    Golden Zibbo

    Had no problem with the quest. Must be bad luck with connection
  6. k3rm0r

    Can you get banned for the factory glitch ??

    So you would rather there be no cheaters during beta. But an explotion of them at live? The fact people cheat provides BSG data. And a way to battle most cheats before it goes live.
  7. k3rm0r

    Can you get banned for the factory glitch ??

    I dont see a point in banning people for cheating/abusing bugs/glitches. All of those things help create a better game. This is beta... What i do hope is for hotfixes to be inplemented asap.
  8. k3rm0r

    Log in a match - question

    Also if you join as a scav. The round has allways started before you. The shooting while deploy sounds like a bug. You can hear sounds ingame. Like thunder, rain etc.
  9. k3rm0r

    Looking for a group (not clan)

    Basicly a clan usualy have rules about activity and what not. Were a group is just more of people who come on now and then and play together instead of looking for random people at the location screen that use the looking for group function. or something like that think of it like a football team. And just a group of people playing football
  10. k3rm0r

    Looking for a group (not clan)

    I am allways up for some team games.
  11. k3rm0r

    How Much Gear Do You Risk Per Raid?

    I dont risk anything as i know for sure i will get out alive. But i do bring a full setup most of the time. Untar armor etc 3 mags 120 extra rounds. Scav bp. Water. Meds and painkillers. And a fully moded weapon(m4,ak,mp or mpx, sks). Unless i feel like going in cheap style. Aka just a pistol and a few mags.
  12. k3rm0r

    Being accused of cheating...

    I wish someone thought i was cheating... i would take it as a compliment. They get so owned that they pull out the cheater card to justify why they lost.. best tears ever imo
  13. k3rm0r

    Weapon modding

    I find it hard to see what mods CAN fit what weapons. I know you can see if it fits any current weapon by selecting it and mouseover the text. What i am looking for is a way similar to the filter in game allready. So basicly a sub filter. When you choose to only highlight mods, can there be a sub selection to only display mods for a certain weapon? Or to only display mods that fits your weapon? When the traders are a certain lvl it becomes a nightmare. Atleast for me. A option is also to remove other items alltogether. So it’s not only faded? any thoughts?
  14. k3rm0r

    So am I the only one.....

    That incentive is there. But it is called teaming up from the start. Having a inventive to team up during a raid will be a stupid design and only create people who will abuse this to backstab you
  15. k3rm0r

    IM DONE !

    Not to sound like a douch. But nobody cares... i dont see the point in beeing a drama queen just cuz you quit playing a game....