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    Phasing player bug or?

    I just died after 53 seconds of game start because even if I shot 4 times with my given shotgun a guy who was literally in front of me he did not die! As bad as my aim can possibly be there are no way he could survive given the dynamic of the "fight". Is there a way for you to check, perhaps via some files I can give to you? Because..really! This is definitely not the first time a situation like this happens and often I hear/see friends/streamers falling in the same embarrassing situation and it can't always be bad aim. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe we can help each other! Regards.
  2. Kraeyos

    Scavenger rogue status

    +1 agreed
  3. Kraeyos


    Totally agree. No just with pmc but when using a scav as well. They are way too precise and reactive. Just like machines.
  4. Kraeyos

    Unbreakable Scavs?!

    Just played another game ended in like 35 seconds because of scavs that won't die with a headshot plus a few more shots in the chest. Is it me or is this a known issue? Clarifications: had an AKM (base). Scav didn't have protection, just an AVS chest rig. I was maybe 1.5mt behind him? No more than that. It happens so often that no matter how many bullets we (same thing happens to my fellow friend) throw at scavs, they won't die. Now, I have no issues in admitting some bullets will obviously miss the target but I can actually see and hear them hitting the scavs (and sometimes players too) yet they still won't die. WTF?! Thanks, regards.