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  1. awesome, absolutely awesome i would like to register my Team, Risen Coalition [AUT] TheCelL#7317 - RISE_TheCelL (Teamleader) Tibs#1412 - RISE_Tibs NastyMcFilth#3824 - RISE_Nasty Griffin#2327 - RISE_Dusty Striker#3942 - RISE_Striker
  2. Woods is hot right now

    ++ was thinkin exactly the same! and just for info please.. why is woods hot? i dun get it here really.. normal gun fights, normal people like every patch before? no more no less? O_o or am i missing something? help me pls if so
  3. What are your PC specs?

    Corsair Graphite 760T V2 Big-Tower X99 Godlike Gaming Pro Carbon Mainboard Intel Core i7-6850k, 3.60GHz Corsair Cooling Hydro H110i Watercooling Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB DDR4 Corsair HX850i High Performance 850W Geforce GTX TITAN X (12GB) Samsung 850 EVO SSD - 1TB Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit CableMod C-Series AXi, HXi - Green 2x Philips 24" Screens Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Headset Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X Mouse Mad Catz M.M.O. 7 Mouse Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Keyboard Corsair MM800 Gaming Mousepad SteelSeries i2 Gaming Mousepad i have no real desk atm -.- we had a big acciddent here my appartment got flooded and right now im livin at my parents house for about 1 more month planing on ordering the R2s Gaming Desk (not 100% sure yet cuz i would like an 90° desk more im some ways..)
  4. Fourth testing wave

    i received the e-mail hours after my profile went Alpha Rdy.. check ur Profiles (the one on the official homepage not the one here in forums!) and dont forget to check Spam Folders!! weirdo my e-mail was in spam folder..
  5. Fourth testing wave

    my buy date is/was the 8th august.. this month.. and im in now.. hope this helps GL
  6. Fourth testing wave

    im in guys GL to everyone and Gratz to everyone's in! Cu in Tarkov
  7. Fourth testing wave

    ohh twitter thx a lot smoke911
  8. Fourth testing wave

    how do u kno that 5th wave is out when there is no threat or somethin?! im on 8th august (buy date) so i should be in the 5th wave cuz the last was like until 2weeks before..
  9. Third wave, information

    true.. but in the end they gave us a lot infos about who will and wont get into.. its just a bit annoyin in my oppinion that it doesnt matter if u buy EoD or any other cuz ur getin still choosed bout ur buyin date.. but well.. its only a matter of a week or maybe less.. and No Man's Sky just launched.. so at least i got somethin to do meanwhile
  10. Third wave, information

    oh very cool thx very much sir
  11. Third wave, information

    does anybody know how long ur acces in the alpha will be? cuz it says its limited access.. would be curious bout it
  12. Third wave, information

    thx ! but in the end that wouldnt be fair.. just put the EoD buyers into the next upcoming wave (next wave seen from buyin date)
  13. Third wave, information

    dude wtf is goin wrong with u? i just mentioned my personal oppinion bout a dang 145€ supporter package.. which is also limited in ammount.. and all i say is that when u support the devs with the biggest possible supp pack (why should anyone greedy supporter who just wanted to be as early as possible be better than anyone else who pais like 5 times as much?! i can not follow ur point..) then u should be in the next wave automaticaly.. and once again what did i say to "sound like some entitled brats" only because i give my personal oppinion to this?! wtf where am i here?! old udssr without freedom of speech?!
  14. Third wave, information

    erm read the infos bout the alpha than ull know what u can do and not.. -.- and this is btw not my first alpha & beta test and 4sure not the last.. i know what they are there for.. runin actualy 2 other alpha tests beside..
  15. Third wave, information

    its kinda unfair to say someone who bought it earlier will stay longer only because i wanted to know more informations first before i spend 140+€ and i dont want any INSTANT invite or something else, but in my oppinion an EoD player should be in the next wave 4sure! (no matter of the date he buys it..) that is what i meant with special treatment! its a LIMITED edition and not somethin there for ever.. and probably one of the most expensive games ive ever seen (not mentioned any rare collectors editions) therefore u should get ur guaranteed alpha inv whenever the next wave starts off after ur buy date.. and thats only my oppinion.. so why all instantly SO offensive gainst me? oh and did i use any "hatespeeches" or attacked any one im my very first post in this forum? or who should watch for his language? erm and btw.. u dont have any access to ur "unique stash" or any of the other item.. at least in the alpha.. so why u mentioned that? i dun get it..