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  1. Pr8Dator

    I killed a guy, but didn't

    until they get rid of ghost healing, I am taking a break from ETF
  2. Pr8Dator

    Do you have your HUD turn on or off?

    I have it on only because i need to see where I am hurt and know my body position. Wish we can remove the top row of boxes though.
  3. Pr8Dator

    Comprehensive Armor Sheet for the 6b43

    based on this chart, it would take more than a 30 rd mag of Ak47 to breach the fort armor... doesn't sound right.
  4. Pr8Dator

    Where to find Gzhel armor?

    can buy plennty from Fence
  5. Pr8Dator

    Spawn Killing by Same Team

    I would love it too! LOL! I always love it when I do my 15 Scav kills!
  6. Pr8Dator

    Terminator Scav is REAL!

    IKR! LOL!
  7. Pr8Dator

    Terminator Scav is REAL!

  8. Pr8Dator

    Terminator Scav is REAL!

    Give a thumbs up if you like it hahahaha
  9. Pr8Dator

    Terminator Scav is REAL!

    I just killed one...
  10. Pr8Dator

    What Headphone's should I use?

    Well, the truth is, it makes little difference because this game does not yet natively support 7.1. I use a Razer Kraken and yeah, I just like it cos I can set up the EQ to play better (meaning, turn down gun sound, turn up footsteps! LOL!)
  11. Pr8Dator

    Spawn Killing by Same Team

    But seriously, so what if you get really bad Karma? Scavs all hunt you down right from the start? I don't see a game mechanic in place to deal with the consequences of karma.
  12. Pr8Dator

    scav too op after patch?

    Scavs definitely nerfed... they were missing me left and right even though I barely moved. I think you have to play REALLY BAD to get killed by Scavs now.
  13. Stop Standard and advanced editions and stick to only EOD edition. So if you want to play, you pay $140. I doubt many would like to risk getting banned on $140.
  14. Pr8Dator

    no more Hatchlings

    There won't be a wipe in the coming patch... its already been annnounced.
  15. Pr8Dator

    no more Hatchlings

    Why are you waiting with an empty stash when one simple Scav run in Factory gives you upwards of 100K per run? LOL! I literally never fall below 1million rub!