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  1. Semi Destructible Environment

    penetration and wall banging already exist in this game but no, in show me in real life you make holes in concrete walls with your rifle butt haha... that's really RB6S's unique selling point but its really really unrealistic as buildings in RB6S looks like they are made of paper hahah
  2. Yup, as long as they are looting and having to keep those loots by escaping and surviving, its fine. That's not what hatchlings are doing currently. Hatchlings, knowing they can't survive long, simply abuse the alpha container... stuff it up quick and then die for free loot and no losses. That is the exploit that needs plugging to make this a hardcore game. As it stands now, I would call this game a "softcore" game rather than hardcore-hardcore game.
  3. Headshots

    I am sooooo looking forward to the face hitbox!!! So had it with operators not dying when I buckshot them in the face just because of the helmet hahaha
  4. US players?

    Playing alone is where the fun is... having to accomodate my actions to some "teammates" SUCKS
  5. Its already 19th Apr... what time is it dropping??
  6. Headshots

    Head is as big as it is. The hitbox should be as big as the head. Sorry if you can't handle realism.
  7. There has been plenty of threads teaching specific techniques you can use to survive as a newbie but I think I wanna touch on more fundamental issues that will help you more quickly get into the groove: 1. Understand that dying is INEVITABLE and losing all your gears is part of the design. Yes, because of this, don't be too attached to what you have, its no big deal losing everything, there are so many ways to get back up to speed again from zero. If you are afraid of losing your stuffs, you are not going to play correctly and you are going to die a lot. 2. Understand that even if you have no more gears or money to lose, its easy to make it all back! Scav runs, even the hated hatchet run, all can help you get back up real quick! 3. Understand that no matter how well armed or how skilled you are, luck plays a BIG part in this game. You can get unlucky and die in an instant even when wearing Fort terminator armor. So don't take it too hard and don't prepare too much thinking the more you prepare the more you will survive... thats just not quite true in this game. 4. Understand that cheap is better than expensive in this game. Expensive weapons and fanciful attachments do not significantly increase your chances of survival, so don't be too attached to the idea of making complex weapons. Go in simple like good old guerillas and you will do much better.
  8. Hatchling possible solution.

    100% support random loot and player spawn points. as it is now, this game is way too predictable and isn't anywhere near as "hardcore" as it ought to be cos I always know where the nearest player might be and therefore where he or she might be hiding due to the fixed spawn points.
  9. Hatchling possible solution.

    and there are players who just spawn way closer to the loot spot haha
  10. Hatchling possible solution.

    EXACTLY what I have been saying so far and so many people don't get it... the alpha container is the problem, not the hatchling. You are right there pal! Don't understand the rationale of an unlootable magic container in a hardcore survival game in the first place. Wonder what the devs were thinking... opens up a whole bunch of problems.
  11. Hatchling possible solution.

    There's been a few suggestions by myself and some major streamers on this issue and they are: 1. Make it that you can only take out of the alpha container and not put into it in a raid. This will make it a way to insure your most precious items but not help into getting free loot. (suggestion by a major streamer which means a suggestion the dev actually listen to) 2. Make it so that a trader retrieves your alpha container and you need to pay a price to redeem it if you died rather than escape with it. This will make it that the player, with no other choice should move on to playing Scavs instead and get loot and money the right way to redeem his container and loot.
  12. Hatchling possible solution.

    There has been a few good suggestions by major streamers and myself on how to fix the alpha container thing. We all recognise that it is ultimately the alpha container and how it works now that contributed to the hatchling phenomena.
  13. Hatchling possible solution.

    I call it an exploit because its not realistic and is widely used by hatchlings. With or without hatchet, rush into a game, load up the alpha container and just die and still get everything. Thats the basis behind people running hatchets.
  14. Hatchling possible solution.

    I call it an exploit because its not about the hatchet... its always been about the alpha container, a mysterious magical container which anyone can just rush into a game, stuff things into it and die quickly and get it in their stash. That is the exploit and thats the basis behind running with a hatchet in the first place. Fix this and you will see the number of hatchlings decrease dramatically as they will realise that its next to impossible for them to profit from doing so.