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  1. JoeRowland

    Will that new WW3 game discourage battlestate games?

    Yeah I don't actually think there are any games at all out there that offer the experience that Escape From Tarkov does. I have been trying to get my friends to play but they "hate running simulators" It's like talking to a brick wall. I even bought my brother a copy of the game and he still hasn't played. They just assume Tarkov is a DayZ clone for some reason and won't play. I feel like Tarkov is more of a multiplayer version of the STALKER series than anything else. That's just the vibe I get anyway. I love it too.
  2. JoeRowland

    Scav on Scav killing - Will this be addressed.

    My issue here, is that I get killed by player scavs who are surrounded by AI scavs and the AI seem to be all fine and good with the player... Like nothing happened. old thread yeah, blah blah.
  3. JoeRowland

    Anti-cheat update

    Can someone tell me how I report this poo to Klean? It's very blatant and obvious. I was basically told that there are lots of false positives for cheaters... like come on, oh my god. It's not like I am even salty about anything, I was killed on a scav run by some loser with teleport hacks.
  4. JoeRowland

    Anti-cheat update

    This just happened to me. Don't worry there aren't any names shown. At first I thought I was seeing someone glitching out, that is another reason I didn't let it get to the "killed by" screen on at the end.
  5. JoeRowland

    Way To get Unstuck?

    Man I bet the throwing backpack technique would work. I didn't try that I just rage quit the game after 20 minutes of trying to get unstuck only to realise in my rage and my quitting I just forfeited my Scav xp... (Didn't know you could level your Scav stuff but mine seems to be) By rage quit I don't mean I actually raged and quit and threw a tantrum... I just left the game disappointed lol.
  6. JoeRowland

    Patch Estimated Time

    Don't worry guys the patch will drop in 2 hours and 14 minutes... wanna know how I know? Because that's exactly when I have to stop playing for the day hahahaha. Murphy's law.
  7. JoeRowland

    Anyone willing to drop me a Gamma?

    I mean I am going to get the EoD package at the end of the month, so I will give someone my 2x4 when I do before I reset to get my gamma.
  8. JoeRowland

    Anyone willing to drop me a Gamma?

    Yeah sorry guys, I didn't make it obvious I meant after the patch. I am more than happy to team up with some guys after patch to get those tasks done if you are up for it? They can drop it and reset account to get it back. I dunno if this is something that is allowed... I started playing less than a week ago.
  9. If no one can drop for me, then I will go for the container mentioned below. The Epsilon container is a 2x4 portable container, obtainable by completing the Prapor quest The Punisher - Part 6. ^ This is what I will be going for right off the bat otherwise, I just wanted people to know it's possible to get a large container by simply playing the game. I was worried it was going to be an issue and I'd be stuck with 2x2 forever. Just in case no one wants to/can be bothered to drop me a Gamma... Is anyone looking for a group to complete the prapor quests on server restart? Hope this post is allowed, if not just delete it and accept my apology.
  10. I eat bullets and WD40 for breakfast.

    I poo hand grenades.

    And I love running through the fire and the flames on Shoreline.