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  1. Patch Estimated Time

    Don't worry guys the patch will drop in 2 hours and 14 minutes... wanna know how I know? Because that's exactly when I have to stop playing for the day hahahaha. Murphy's law.
  2. Anyone willing to drop me a Gamma?

    I mean I am going to get the EoD package at the end of the month, so I will give someone my 2x4 when I do before I reset to get my gamma.
  3. Anyone willing to drop me a Gamma?

    Yeah sorry guys, I didn't make it obvious I meant after the patch. I am more than happy to team up with some guys after patch to get those tasks done if you are up for it? They can drop it and reset account to get it back. I dunno if this is something that is allowed... I started playing less than a week ago.
  4. If no one can drop for me, then I will go for the container mentioned below. The Epsilon container is a 2x4 portable container, obtainable by completing the Prapor quest The Punisher - Part 6. ^ This is what I will be going for right off the bat otherwise, I just wanted people to know it's possible to get a large container by simply playing the game. I was worried it was going to be an issue and I'd be stuck with 2x2 forever. Just in case no one wants to/can be bothered to drop me a Gamma... Is anyone looking for a group to complete the prapor quests on server restart? Hope this post is allowed, if not just delete it and accept my apology.
  5. I eat bullets and WD40 for breakfast.

    I poo hand grenades.

    And I love running through the fire and the flames on Shoreline.