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  1. team vs. solo

    It's definitely possible. However, there is nothing in the game design that's going to actively work in favor of the solo player. The natural advantages are that a solo player has less of a visual/noise signature and you generally have much more loot available than you can actually take, so you can be somewhat choosy about maximizing your profits. Downsides are that you are massively disadvantaged in any gunfight against people plural with some modicum of coordination and there's nobody to (hopefully) secure your gear if you get killed.
  2. The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    Well this sucks. The people who will have the least negative effect are the ones hoarding everything in their stash. Likelihood that they bring that gear now that it's twice as expensive to replace..? The only real benefit here is being able buy IFAKs and AP rounds. I fully expect the numbers of scav players and hatchlings are going to skyrocket.
  3. Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    If people are complaining now that 5.56 / 5.45 has too little recoil, I can't wait for the M249 to show up and correctly have significantly less recoil than the M4, given that it's three times heavier than the M4 (22 lbs vs 7.5 / 10kg vs 3.4).
  4. Suppresors in This Game

    I agree in principle that suppressors should degrade in performance over time, but the current suppressor stat bonuses are atrociously bad, other than being absurdly quiet. Probably the most blatant offender - the MP-5's thread protector provides more recoil reduction than any of the 5.45, 5.56, or 7.62mm rifle suppressors, with the sole exception of the KAC QDSS / QDC combo. Ideally I would like to see significantly better recoil reduction from the suppressors and bump the sound levels up to more audible levels.
  5. EFT Predator Grammar inspection

    While I do really hope that the plan was to express something closer to "hey guys, we published a book - hit us up if you spot any errors or such so we can fix them for the next edition", the structure of the post suggested something much more along the lines of "hey, so, you guys helped us out with the translations in-game. Interested in helping us out with translating this book, too? But, you have to pay us money first before you help us out...". I don't mean this as an attack, but rather to hopefully clarify the impression that the initial post gave many people.
  6. Suppresors in This Game

    Relatively little. It's primarily the baffles doing the hard work, the wipe just gives the baffles a little more time to break up the wavefront. Baffles without a wipe = most other suppressors. Wipe without baffles is about as useful as any other similar rubber device placed over your muzzle.
  7. Suppresors in This Game

    Is it too unreasonable to assume they're just being run without the wipes?
  8. EFT Predator Grammar inspection

    300 pages, according to link
  9. Scav's Buffed?

    I think it's likely that we'll see scavs get faster and more lethal as they reduce the server processing load and free up more resources for the AI routines without making any specific changes.
  10. playing as Scav is pointless.

    From a milsim perspective I'd rather have scavs on zero timer without any adjustment to economy if it meant people would do scav runs instead of hatchling nonsense.
  11. Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    There's your problem. Stop playing exclusively factory, especially solo, and the number of hatchlings that you encounter will plummet.
  12. Unplayable after patch

    Yeah, that CPU absolutely has to go. If you want to stay AMD, Ryzen can keep up with Intel offerings if we're only looking at chips that cap out around the 4GHz mark, but the FX series is utter crap for this game. If you're willing to go Intel, anything pushing upwards of 4.3GHz or so boost clock will outperform the Ryzen chips as well.
  13. GTX 1070 FPS?

    I would expect: 120+ on factory 80-100 on woods 45-90 on customs 35-55 on shoreline EDIT: This is assuming you have LOD quality at 2 and all SSAO and SSR settings to off. Texture quality, shadow quality, anisotropic filtering, and the various post-processing options have minimal effect on framerate.
  14. Shot indication

    Even without silencers it can be incredibly hard to determine origin of gunfire. The supersonic crack of rounds passing by (within 5 feet, IIRC) measures at least 130db, which is nearly as loud as a gunshot when you're standing at the muzzle. At standard engagement ranges (around 150m), it's almost impossible to separate the supersonic crack from the muzzle report. I've seen anecdotal experiences from target pullers working the pits on long range rifle courses saying that it sounds like an unsuppressed .22LR going off in the pit with them.
  15. EFT Ammo table

    These are the best images that I'm working with: M995-ish (technically these are M993, which are the directly scaled up 7.62x51mm equivalent, but shows the construction, at least...) \ 7N24 / BS (bullet on the right; left side is 7N22 / BP - source):