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    Willkommen im Beta test..wieso regen sich Leute immer noch über solche Sachen auf?:D ihr verliert so oder so alles wenn der nächste wipe kommt
  2. OutlawDog

    Repair bug

    I dont know if this is already known but after the 8.6patch i cant seem to repair any armor in my stash.
  3. OutlawDog

    Punisher part 3. quest bugged

    Ok i did that too.Lets hope they fix this so i can do the other quests.
  4. OutlawDog

    Punisher part 3. quest bugged

    I did exactly as you said but i still get the error:" 703 - Quest not found" when i try to accept it
  5. OutlawDog

    Punisher part 3. quest bugged

    After the recent patch i cant accept the Prapor quest "Punisher Part 3." I think it has to do with the removal of the timed quests but the problem is that i dont get any other quest from him.How am i suppose to complete the quest line now? pls help