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  1. OutlawDog

    Can i pls have some ammo?

    So you want to pay 250k roubles for 400 rounds of BS wich will last you a single good raid?Come on these screenshots were just examples and after 10minutes the sp-6 was at 380 robules And that money will last max. 3 days if i would play enough
  2. OutlawDog

    Can i pls have some ammo?

    The new update brought alot of players back to the game and now the game turned (atleast for me) into a trade camping simulator.People do the same thing as they did when the ammo prices were dynamic..they buy out the max amount and re-sell it on the market,because all the good ammo (that you now REALLY need for the Raiders and all the geared up PMCs on the lab) is sold out in a few minutes and sometimes even seconds. I really hope they go back to the 1hour reset or make it so you cant sell any ammo on the flea market.Not being able to play a gun,especially the new ones is really annoying since we are here to "test" them.
  3. OutlawDog

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    Like you said.. "wipes are made only when they are really needed" not if someone wants to.It would be a shame if you would wipe after this short of a time especially now that you are going to add 4 new weapons and a bunch other stuff that needs to be tested.
  4. With the ammo prices being increased this high (for example the 5.45x39 BS is now 673 roubles per round) it also now buffs armor.Alot of players simply cant afford to spend 40k+ roubles for 1 magazine so they have to use worse ammo.I really hope they change this back soon or make it so ammo is not allowed to be sold on the flea market.
  5. OutlawDog


    Willkommen im Beta test..wieso regen sich Leute immer noch über solche Sachen auf?:D ihr verliert so oder so alles wenn der nächste wipe kommt
  6. OutlawDog

    Repair bug

    I dont know if this is already known but after the 8.6patch i cant seem to repair any armor in my stash.
  7. OutlawDog

    Punisher part 3. quest bugged

    Ok i did that too.Lets hope they fix this so i can do the other quests.
  8. OutlawDog

    Punisher part 3. quest bugged

    I did exactly as you said but i still get the error:" 703 - Quest not found" when i try to accept it
  9. OutlawDog

    Punisher part 3. quest bugged

    After the recent patch i cant accept the Prapor quest "Punisher Part 3." I think it has to do with the removal of the timed quests but the problem is that i dont get any other quest from him.How am i suppose to complete the quest line now? pls help